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GLBasic - en / Re: Android Studio Progress......
« Last post by MrPlow on 2019-May-30 »
The best news I've had this month!
Thanks Guys!
GLBasic - en / Re: Android Studio Progress......
« Last post by spacefractal on 2019-May-30 »
its might also download addidation componests first time. the glbasic Android Studio project it self is very small, under 20mb. But Android Studio is VERY big like xCode.
I've got good news and bad news. Good news first.

Compiling for Android no longer is a pain (for you). The kids got older and I start finding some more time for GLBasic, slowly. Spacefractal and me, we took the long route to recreate the Android build totally from scratch. Starting with a new template project based on SDL2, we adjusted and expanded this project to include all the GLBasic sources and thus compile all stuff only using Android Studio, now.
Then, we wrote a program in GLBasic, that prepares and updates this project in your project's distribute folder and starts Android Studio for you.
You just press "run" and really, you project runs on the emulator or your connected device.
You need help with some Android specific stuff? Google/Stack Overflow answers will perfectly work for your problem.
Joypads were always a pain on Android. Spacefractal remapped them for you. You can produce KEY() codes and/or GETJOY... codes.
The Android TV remote control? Works out of the box.
Google requires your native code (NDK) to be built for several platforms, now. (x86, ARM64, ...). It's all done for you. Even the SDL2 code gets compiled, so we can bring important updates just in time. Even YOU can do this - you are completely in control of your project. We're ready for any changes Google requires from us in the future.
The update will be on Steam, soon.

Which takes me to the bad news.
GLBasic V16 will from now on only be available on Steam. If you don't have a Steam version yet, please consider getting one. It's cheaper than the V1-V15 original versions, and honestly, you got free updates until now from day one. That is nineteen years! Do you know any other software, like that?
See, many game devs using GLBasic made more money with their games, than I did with GLBasic. I am happy about that. GLBasic gave me good money to always buy testing hardware and keep the servers running. It still is - don't worry. But it was always a hobby, never a commercial success. That might be, because I'm an engineer, not a business man. And that's often what makes a great product, isn't it.
So, if you want to support me further, get the Steam version. Otherwise be welcome to stay here with your V15 support.
Also, if you are on a social network, don't hessitate to post what you did with GLBasic or what you like about it. I, again, am not good at that kind of stuff.
Yikes. That's some work to do. I'm so sorry.
Bug Reports / Re: Profiler broken?
« Last post by Kitty Hello on 2019-May-30 »
Fixed in next update.
GLBasic - en / Re: Android Studio Progress......
« Last post by Kitty Hello on 2019-May-30 »
It's running. We're fixing just a few tiny issues. In the meantime, you can download Adnroid Studio. It might take a few "minutes"  :D
Standard GLBasic functions don't let you write apps, as there is no pause/play, or jumping to a certain point in mp3 so can't code an MP3 player or audiobook player etc etc
Also even for games it's nice to be able to have more advanced code to have music fading or changing depeding on zones or what is happening, all in one file and being able to jump to certain points, fade betwen parts etc so no fps drop whilst loading another mp3.
Mainly though as I say, I want to code an MP3 player :D
Tis library really looks to be essential for those not just wanting a gaming language, I always think of GLBasic as being ideal for coding applications.
Hi gp2xboyuk,

Why do you need this (old) library?
The standard audio functions of GLBasic are now sufficient (only 3D is missing).
You can play wav, ogg, midi, mp3, ... and of course, multiplatform, not like this library.
It says this attachment was deleted by Admin, is there any reason? I could do with better control of audio than normal basic commands and this library looked perfect.
Woah!, I just realized that it's my message with Obama's "Can you do it? ... Yes, you can!!!" that made me go from "Mr. Polyvector" to "Dr. Type" :D
It's cool!  :good:
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