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GLBasic - en / Re: The limits of GL Basic
« Last post by JohnnyB on 2019-Jun-02 »
3D isn't really my goal, I prefer 2D most of the time. :)

I did a "quick and dirty" RTS prototype in some languages, in C#/XNA which ran pretty well, but in Monkey-X it already wasn't as smooth (again, I thought since this is also compiled in C++ it wouldn't) and my attempts in AGK were just not playable.

GLBasic - en / Re: The limits of GL Basic
« Last post by Snoopy on 2019-Jun-02 »
With INLINE functions there is no real limit to GLBasic.

By cons, if you don't use INLINE, you will be a little more limited (especially in 3D), but you will be sure that your code is 100% portable.

Without INLINE functions, with a lot of work and talent, you can make a "Warcraft 2" with GLB, to make a "Supreme Commander", you will have problems with 3D (but it is not impossible, you will probably a retro rendering but that may please many people).

In summary, with or without, you will have no limit for a good game logic in real time and therefore a good AI (only the limit of your work and your talent).
For all that is calculation, once compiled, GLBasic is really fast (unlike the AGK-Basic which is interpreted and poorly optimized).

If we have to program them, it means they are missing.
I know something about it because I programmed it for one of my 3D games (and it was not so easy). In addition, it must be fast and multi-platform.
My routine was not 100% complete but was sufficient at the time.

Good Luck Hemlos !  =D ;)
GLBasic - en / The limits of GL Basic
« Last post by JohnnyB on 2019-Jun-01 »
Do you think GLBasic can handle large RTS game real-time logic and AI like "Supreme Commander"?

Yes, I know the obvious answer is that it depends on skill of the programmer.  :D

In other words, how does GLBasic compare to C# Monogame, Unity, Libgdx, whatever... Not talking about C/C++, Rust and the like. It's obviously much faster than AGK (that is only interpreted and not very efficently it seems).

Great tool, got sick and tired of C# and Java and Python. Stuff I have to use for my work. GLBasic is much faster and more fun to work with. It is so intuitive. Syntax is also better than AGK or the other Basic languages. There is really no reason why AGK is so big and GLBasic is not, quality-wise.
Thank you Gernot, GLBasic is an outstanding product, and worth every cent.
BTW 3d sound is not "missing", it is something you need to implement with orientations and positions in 3d.
This might be a snippet i work on in the future.

In theory, this algorithm will consist of inputs for; a receiving position, a source position, and a pointto orientation, and general volume.

The output will be a "balance" and "loudness", which is derived from left/right/forward/backward/distance relative 3d positions.
The best thing to do would be to create a wrapper for a library of sounds like, because it's a cross-platform library.

Strange, i didn't delete it. :blink:

Snoopy is correct, MCI is win32 only, and is not compatible with anything except windows.

Competitions / Re: GLBasic Contest 03: the Console Demo
« Last post by WPShadow on 2019-Jun-01 »
Just by the way: this time I also will join the contest...  :D
Competitions / GLBasic Contest 03: the Console Demo
« Last post by WPShadow on 2019-Jun-01 »

here we go again:


Create a Console Demo program in GLBasic. Like they were in the good old days.


  • Write the whole program only in GLBasic
  • use whatever you want (third party libraries)
  • the program must be a console!!!
  • Make the result look impressive


Impress everybody with your awesome console result.


Post your code or add an zip - fil, so we can check your result.

Closing Date


Poll Date

The poll will open after the first submission and will be open until 31.07.2019.


In this Youtube - Playlist you can see a list of old demos.


This is a fun contest and there is nothing to win... Nevertheless, together we can choose a winner...

Good luck and have fun.
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