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GLBasic - en / Re: Using old compilers
« Last post by Bluepixel on 2019-Dec-09 »
@Ian Price
Hi there, thanks for your reply! :good:
So if more versions of GLBasic are installed at once, how can i switch to another?  O_O

(And btw, i'm using the steam version, in case that matters)
GLBasic - en / Re: Using old compilers
« Last post by Ian Price on 2019-Dec-08 »
Using GLBasic V10 you can still compile code for GP2X, Caanoo and Wiz - I have all three and created loads of GLB games for those platforms. Be aware that while other versions can do the same, there are issues with some commands in later versions - to me, v10 was the most stable for the handheld platforms.

BTW You can have multiple versions of GLB installed at the same time, without negative consequences.
GLBasic - en / Re: console program - on exit?
« Last post by Darmakwolf on 2019-Dec-08 »
Implement atexit:

HelloKitty - I am not very good at INLINE and implementing C++ stuff. Could you or someone please show me how to make a SUB that is called when exiting?

Thank you so much <3
GLBasic - en / Re: Using old compilers
« Last post by MrPlow on 2019-Dec-07 »
I believe SpaceFractal said that HTML5 is in beta and soon to be rolled out.

I too am waiting for HTML5 platform.

Android is working too - but you have to learn about Android Studio as well.

I haven't tried RaspPi myself so can't help you there.
GLBasic - en / Re: Using old compilers
« Last post by Bluepixel on 2019-Dec-07 »
Hi there, thanks for your reply.  :good:
While i would want to compile to HTML5, i had problems doing so, i asked the forum for help, but after a while people stopped responding, leaving the probelm unsolved.
I have tried almost all v15 compilers and up until now, none of them worked.
I think the biggest problem with this is that GLBasic still advertises itself with these compilers, and if these compilers are unusable, this is misleading.
I have also tried compiling to Raspberry Pi, however this too did not work, i got a couple of error running the .bin file, but after installing GLES, SDL, SDL2 and OpenGL i was still stuck on the same error.

Anyways, back to topic, i think that either the compilers should be renewed and fixed, or the GLBasic site should be updated, because being limited to only one platform is quite concerning.
I am currently running a site with a domain for 13€ per year so i could compile my games to HTML5 and display them on my site, i bought a Raspberry Pi Zero W for 15€ and 28€ of hardware to get the pi to work, just so i could compile for the pi, also another €15 and 2 hours of travelling time to get an IPaQ so i could compile to WinCE. And because of the problems with the compilers i have not been able to compile for any of these problems, while theyre still fun consoles, still a €71 wasted.
GLBasic - en / Re: Using old compilers
« Last post by erico on 2019-Dec-07 »
I have a GPH CAANOO and older versions of GLBasic works fine with it, I haven´t tried the STEAM version with it yet though.
Some users here do compile for the wince, so they might shed a light on this issue.
GLBasic - en / Re: Using old compilers
« Last post by Youkaisan on 2019-Dec-07 »
I had a GP2X Wiz, it's a wonderful little device for pocket gaming (although you can get much better devices like Miyoo or RG350).

However personall I just think it's time to forget those platforms and focus on Win32 and HTML5.

If you still need those platforms, you can try use the V15 compilers at and see if them works (possibly not working, but I didn't try that myself).
GLBasic - en / Using old compilers
« Last post by Bluepixel on 2019-Dec-07 »
Hi there, recently I got an Ipaq (windows pocket pc), mainly for 2 reasons, 1. because it's an fun and interesting device, and 2. so I could create apps for it using GLBasic, however I soon came to realise that the WinCE compiler is outdated (i think). I was also interested in getting a GP2X Wiz, however, the Ipaq was already a huge letdown.

GLBasic is still being advertised with support for these platforms on the site, so when I got GLBasic this was a bit of a letdown :zzz: . I thought that instead, I could switch to an older version of GLBasic; but currently I havent found out how to do so, or if that's even possible, especially because I am using the Steam version of GLBasic.

After only building applications for Windows, I was really hoping I could build to another platform, but no luck as to of now :/

If anyone can help me with this, please let me know!  :good:
its untested and havent tested it under my apss or something like that, just some java code here. The main issue is how the main activty works and the admon works as its should pause the main activty before shows the ads.

You do should get some logs if you have called it correct.
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