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I wish I could afford/justify it as it does look very nice indeed and probably one of the cheapest ways to get a (decently specced) tablet.

Has someone tested createscreen - and drawing to a created screen on an asus transformer? I still have someone telling me my game doesn't work right. I wish Android wasn't spread so thin across so many very different devices.

I've tried everything I can think of and played with the manifest too but no joy. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but if I am then I don't have a clue what.

I will have a look.

Did you know you can click on a reviewer name in iTunes and see all the other reviews they have left? Just saying...

Announcements / Re: Update
« on: 2011-Oct-31 »
I try to update and it says I'm already using the latest version. Is today's update not live yet?

Announcements / Re: Update
« on: 2011-Oct-30 »
My game runs about 10 times slower and the graphics are not centred now for some reason, when they were before. Oops.

Did the newest version of the fix work how it was meant to?!

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic for HTML5???
« on: 2011-Oct-27 »
Are there any news?  :happy:


Anything? *poke*

Awww doesn't sound promising at the moment then. Fingers crossed that it can still be sorted and that the Asus Transformer has the tech to handle this command somehow.

My Android phone is an Orange San Francisco (re-badged ZTE Blade) and it's pretty nice even if it's not amazingly powerful.

I've run a few GLBasic projects on it without much in the way of problems. :)

As far as Chinese Android stuff goes I thnk ZTE are some of the nicer ones? :)

Code Snippets / Re: ZXScreen viewer
« on: 2011-Oct-19 »
A Spectrum style framework would be cool - if that is a logical next step...

Commands to draw UDGs and text with attributes etc.

It's a shame there is no pitch commands for sound in GLBasic so it would make it hard or impossible to make a BEEP command. :)

Code Snippets / Re: ZXScreen viewer
« on: 2011-Oct-19 »
Very cool. I still love the ZX Spectrum and have mine safe in a box to preserve for future generations. :D

Please let me know when the update is out. I have someone who can test my code on his Asus Transformer and tell me if it's better and if the fix works right.  :nw:

I hope you did find it Kitty, good luck.

Fingers crossed that this will fix the CREATESCREEN command on some Android devices too? :)

I hope it's a easy fixable problem in the createscreen command rather than something that is hit and miss across devices because that would kind of put a dampener on things. It seemed like such a good way of supporting lots of screen sizes with the minimum of fuss. :(

This code I sent you works on my tablet Coby Kyros 7024 2.2 as in Windows.

I changed the project settings Android screen size from your 9999x9999 to 2000x2000. Try setting up your real device resolution...

Yeah everything is working fine in windows.. but unfortunately not on this asus transformer tablet :/ I tried changing the project resolution to 800x1280, but it does the same thing.. I think the resolution is being set up fine, as I can see the drawing commands I'm doing to the backbuffer and they seem to be in native (tiny) resolution. It's just the CREATESCREEN part that I think isn't working on this particular device

I used the sc() function for scaling in my project and I've just got a 1 star review saying that on a Asus Transformer no graphics are displayed. Does anyone know how to get around this or if there is a possible fix while still being able to scale the graphics easily up or down?

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