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There is no point in supporting Mac or iOS now - they've deprecated OpenGL/OpenGLES completely and all targets must now use the Metal (2) framework for MacOS 10.14 and up.

I tried it on two Android devices - phone and tablet. Both worked, but I didn't get sound or music. Also the on-screen help text is tiny and unreadable to my aged eyes.

I also notice that there appeared to be something behind the countdown timer - maybe it's a graphic, but again, to my eyes it just looked like a corrupted square image. And the time text is small too.

Played OK though. :)

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-25 »
There were good and bad ports for CPC; same as the C64. Loads of slow, shite C64 ports too. They all depended on the person/company doing the port and time give to complete it. The strengths and weaknesses of each machine were often not the reason a game was crap for a particular machine.

As for sound, SID was not always the best as has been clearly stated before.

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-25 »
Amstrad had a number of games that played muic while loading too - Thrust, Harvey HeadBanger, Spiky Harold to name just a few. There were also games that played a mini-game while loading too - After The War was one that I recall off the top of my head. There were others that showed a real-time countdown too.

I really don't get how Namco fought and won the patent about mini-games in loaders; must hace just been a console thing, as computers were doing that in the 8bit days, loooooooong before Ridgeracer, Tekken et al  did it on PSX.

Gernot (Hello KItty) did a C64 shader a looooong while back IIRC.

You'll find a real-time example about half-way down. Don't know if this will help or not though! :P

I absolutely love SEGA's sprite-scaling games of yore - AfterBurner, ThunderBlade, Space Harrier, OutRun et al, so have to say that this definitely looks like you hit the nail right on the head. Superb stuffage.

Keep us informed :)

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-18 »
I love the Commanda OST. Jamers Horner also did great work in several other films that I enjoy, including (especially) Aliens, cocoon and Willow to name just a few.

Speaking of Vangellis - I watched (the first hour) of Bladerunner 2049 the other day and the lack of the famous Vangellis BR OST really let it down!  :D  :rant:

I seem to recall this from a while back. :)

I really need to find time to get back on the horse :(

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-16 »
Cool. I have to admit, it is one of my fave pieces of music (and not just because I'm a Star Wars fan). John Williams is a musical God, IMHO :D

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-16 »
You're not wrong! :P

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-15 »
Here's one that does exactly what you mentioned, erico.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I have seen/heard another, properly programmed music from "loading", although it wasn't ever an actual program - it just used the data code specifically to play music as it loaded. I can't find that right now though. :(

Here's one - not the I was thinking of though -
<a href="" target="_blank"></a> Strangely enough it's another Imperial March!

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-15 »
It's certainly clever getting music out of a machine without a soundchip and it has a catchy beat, but then have you heard the Imperial March played on a floppy drive?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

See what I mean, when you master something, you can do the (seemingly) impossible!

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-14 »
To me the SID is a very mixed bag - some SID music (like AY and any other - electronic or physical) is fecking awful. The SID masters though can make it really sing (as can the AY in good hands), when done properly. To me though, the melody of a piece is more important that what it's being played on. A good tune carries far - whether played on violin or piano. ;)

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-10 »
@Erico - I downloaded it when it first came out. It's a really nice puzzle game.

I do try to keep up with CPC/C64 and Speccy homebrew development, even now. It's getting harder actually as more and more games are being released every year.

2D-snippets / Re: TTF - True Type Fonts
« on: 2018-Mar-27 »
Thanks Gernot :)

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