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I absolutely love SEGA's sprite-scaling games of yore - AfterBurner, ThunderBlade, Space Harrier, OutRun et al, so have to say that this definitely looks like you hit the nail right on the head. Superb stuffage.

Keep us informed :)

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-18 »
I love the Commanda OST. Jamers Horner also did great work in several other films that I enjoy, including (especially) Aliens, cocoon and Willow to name just a few.

Speaking of Vangellis - I watched (the first hour) of Bladerunner 2049 the other day and the lack of the famous Vangellis BR OST really let it down!  :D  :rant:

I seem to recall this from a while back. :)

I really need to find time to get back on the horse :(

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-16 »
Cool. I have to admit, it is one of my fave pieces of music (and not just because I'm a Star Wars fan). John Williams is a musical God, IMHO :D

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-16 »
You're not wrong! :P

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-15 »
Here's one that does exactly what you mentioned, erico.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

I have seen/heard another, properly programmed music from "loading", although it wasn't ever an actual program - it just used the data code specifically to play music as it loaded. I can't find that right now though. :(

Here's one - not the I was thinking of though -
<a href="" target="_blank"></a> Strangely enough it's another Imperial March!

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-15 »
It's certainly clever getting music out of a machine without a soundchip and it has a catchy beat, but then have you heard the Imperial March played on a floppy drive?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

See what I mean, when you master something, you can do the (seemingly) impossible!

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-14 »
To me the SID is a very mixed bag - some SID music (like AY and any other - electronic or physical) is fecking awful. The SID masters though can make it really sing (as can the AY in good hands), when done properly. To me though, the melody of a piece is more important that what it's being played on. A good tune carries far - whether played on violin or piano. ;)

Off Topic / Re: Baba´s Palace CPC game
« on: 2018-Apr-10 »
@Erico - I downloaded it when it first came out. It's a really nice puzzle game.

I do try to keep up with CPC/C64 and Speccy homebrew development, even now. It's getting harder actually as more and more games are being released every year.

2D-snippets / Re: TTF - True Type Fonts
« on: 2018-Mar-27 »
Thanks Gernot :)

GLBasic - de / Re: Valentines Destroyer
« on: 2018-Feb-17 »
I didn't get it either erico.

Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2018-Jan-13 »
Yeah, I was a CPC guy too, but I still have a soft spot for the speccy and C64.

I totally unerstand you here and agree. The mobile goalposts have just kept moving and devs are constantly having to play catch up, for very little reward (if any). The days of small indie devs making a big buck on any of the mobile stores is probably long gone.

Anyway, you've done a fantastic job of maintaining GLB and the mobile platforms for so long. Well done.

I'm glad that STEAM is working out for you and hopefully you will indeed stick around to help others with that.

Cheers :)

To one and all, Happy New Year. May 2018 be your best year yet.

Off Topic / Re: Whats Santa bringing you?
« on: 2017-Dec-27 »
I got given a couple of Switch games - Mario Odyssee and Fire Emblem Warriors, two 3DS games, a jigsaw puzzle, a model triceratops (I have had a fascination for dinosaurs since I was about two), loads of edible bits; many from other countries - some of which I can't tell what they are! BluRays, a Lego-ish Yoshi (hits two highs here - it's a dinosaur and it's YOSHI!!!! <3 <3) a couple of books (8Bit Kids and The Walking Dead) and no socks!

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