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Off Topic / Happy Easter !
« on: 2014-Apr-20 »
Happy Easter  to all .

Off Topic / Build your own i2c devices with ..
« on: 2014-Jan-27 »
The Famous Micromit !

Micromite is a 32 bit Pic controller with
Inbuild MMbasic .
Runs on max 48 mhz and have 19 i/o Ports
The mmbasic interpreter provide the i2c protocol
so you can build your own Devices with.
Its a little bit the Picaxe but much cooler !

If anyone will join the Beta and have no pickit3
Send me a Pn and i send you some IC for the
Real price from

My first start is to switch a Led , programming
In MMbasic.
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Now i can expand every board with my personal
Chips , i think this is real cool so i open this thread .

Micromite :

1: got my beaglebone black and it starts in ~ 1 min the angström linux.
 next step is installing android and test glb with gpio ......

2: got my pickit 3 to make some cool toys for i2c expanding chips programmed in MMbasic !
    after fiddeling some newbie Errors i can  put my c programms also on the pic32 !!  :-*

@ Ocean  ive got some fine parts for my cnc ....  :whistle:

ps: only rings , MrT and i in the Chat !!!  :noggin:

pps: is anyone familar with the beaglebone black ?

GLBasic - de / box2d , rope physic and .....
« on: 2014-Jan-03 »
kann ich mit box2d eine seil Physik erstellen ?

läuft box2d eigendlich auf ios und android ?
und hat jemand nen tipp für mich ?

ja ich habe gegoogelt aber fand nur wischi waschi.

Off Topic / LG G2
« on: 2013-Dec-12 »
Hi ,

A Friend of mine shows me his brandnew
Smartphone , a LG G2.

Its really smart , a little bit like Note 2-3
and its really fast.

Antutu over 30000 points.
Also the display looks great.

If i have a bit moore time i rund the spritespeed tester .

GLBasic - en / Glbasic - Mac PPC 10.5.8
« on: 2013-Dec-08 »
my Glb apps compiled for osx uni will not working .
can anyone confirm ?

Off Topic / Birthday gift ...
« on: 2013-Nov-25 »
After Amazon , Media Markt , itune Card  ive found this

What a Fun !

Maybe i buildt my own , but bigger

Off Topic / Beaglebone Black /Android+ Gpio
« on: 2013-Nov-13 »
unfortunately Gernot has no time to create a Glb Part for the Beaglebone Black.
so i ask here for help :

is there a way to trigger the Gpio from the beaglebone in Android .
maybe some java calls ?

Off Topic / rotoskopie?
« on: 2013-Sep-28 »
Hi ,
after poking the www for a free programm i think i need to ask here.
anybody knows a source to get a programm for rotoskoping ?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

found this ! dunno if this will work with other devices !????


hi ,
wimax kill his service in my town , unfortunately we cant get dsl from any provider here so we
search for a solution .
my first choice is lte from telekom but the contract with the highest content have only 30GB.
(up +downstream max 30 GB)
now i found
what do you think about ? anyone use this or know anybody who use this ?
i found not much pro or cons about.


GLBasic - en / OUYA Compiling Help
« on: 2013-Aug-04 »
hmm after all downloads and new installed sdk and ndk and new files for the android folders i get so many errors , iam confused !

i have read all the forum threads but cant solved the problems.
i use 11.414 .
so please can anyone show me a step by step tutorial for developing for the ouya ?

Off Topic / metal slug
« on: 2013-Jul-29 »
a friend of mine shows me Metal slug on ouya !

wow what a game !

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