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FAQ / Re: Debug Mode
« on: 2013-Mar-03 »
 =D Thank you for the info - I will now recommend the program to a friend of mine  :)

FAQ / Re: Debug Mode
« on: 2013-Mar-03 »
To use to Debug features you must to compile the app with debug activated. Then you can put breakpoints, wich are when you want to stop in the code execution and examine what's happening there. You can execute the code until you reach the breakpoint. You can see the values of active variables in the debug tab of the editor when you stop in a breakpoint. You can continue the execution, or you can go step by step watching the instructions executed and the variable values. This is very useful if some routine not works like you want or returns an unexpected value.

Here you can see at the margin of the code a breakpoint (in red) and the current execution point (in yellow).

Yes I can see the execution point and the breakpoint but how do you insert the breakpoint?

FAQ / Debug Mode
« on: 2013-Mar-02 »
Hi I am new to GL BAsic but do not understand how to use the GUI debug mode other than to hit the debug icon and then compile the program. How can I then step through each instruction? :nw:

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