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The 3D Object can been nill (crash) when not used (search & replace in the c++ file)?

__g_pRbow3D->SetShader(-1); should been to if(__g_pRbow3D) __g_pRbow3D->SetShader(-1);
__g_pRbow3D->DoShadows(false); should been to if(__g_pRbow3D) __g_pRbow3D->DoShadows(false);

Those make sure 3d is not used in SHOWSCREEN/VIEWPORT if 3D should not exists.   

GLBasic - en / Re: Android - has anyone tried yet?
« on: Yesterday at 10:39 pm »
hmmm the 3 of the crashes you sent to me was in SHOWSCREEN command, but im do more think the main issue can believe in the VIEWPORT command?

Im got a crash with a emulator when im set SetOrientation(-1) too early in the GlobalInit in SOME emulators for some reasons. Here its simply just crash on the line __g_pRbow3D->DoShadows(false); in the VIEWPORT command as its seen.

If im remove that line, the app runs again in that emulator include that wrongly placed orientation command in the init.

Im wonder this could been the issue? This is just a shoot.

I'm checking the follows days what it's happens on the surface on some devices (SHOWSCREEN) . Etc its might try to draw on a destroyed surface, property due orientation or something like that. But is not home before tomorrow.

It's the app popup I'm talking about in the app its self and not a system popup. Its annoying to dismiss its seen. Which emulator did you tried to use? Im need to reproduce it first what it happens.

PS. The font can been too small too read on a small screen? But the emulators can also screw up sometimes.

Also make sure to use key(1) for back and eventuelly quit the app. And the popup on start is annoying to dismiss.

oddely its works nicely here on a Android 5 and a Android 9 phones when im run it directly from Android Studio while connected. This is only that im have tried. Have you tried that to run it directly from Android Studio?

Howover there is a bug in SETACTIVEMOUSE, which is a easy bug to been fix. See the bug section.

Not sure what it happens in glb_showscreen_init_next_frame as its diddent crash and then not sure which command that do it.

you can do try in around line 20184 in lib_glbasic.cpp (search after for(int i=0; i<5; ++i)) do this (not sure its was that throught, but im do thinks its might call too early on some devices):

Code: GLBasic [Select]
#if !defined(ANDROID))
        for(int i=0; i<5; ++i) {

There is a bug in SETACTIVEMOUSE()

the SETACTIVEMOUSE() is a out of array bug and does not checks for that as GETMOUSECOUNT is more or less dynamic now.

Its actuelly a little bug as the function does not checks about it as the windows version does. The crash was property on GetNumMice which is not used on Android.

Here is the fixed code (lib_glbasic.cpp):

Code: GLBasic [Select]
#if defined(ANDROID)
    int imax = android_get_mousecount();
    int imax = pDXin->GetNumMice();
if(i>=imax) i=0;

PS. Im will nill any comment in this thread as im want this thread to been clean with no comments. Hence im lock this one, but im do might post in this one if found more,

im want to have your project as im might have used some depreacted feature used that must been skipped on older devices. Im do NOT need the glbasic source code, just the Android Studio Project with the project cleaned.

Howover Its looks like on Samsung Note 2 does runs, but fails for some reason. So could this been a copy assests/creating folder issue in the startup?

If its that, try to do something like below start in your code to manually build up the folders:

Code: GLBasic [Select]
                IF DOESDIREXIST("Media")=0 THEN CREATEDIR("Media")
                IF DOESDIREXIST("Media/levels")=0 THEN CREATEDIR("Media/levels")
                IF DOESDIREXIST("Media/music/ogg")=0 THEN CREATEDIR("Media/music/ogg")
        SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // seperate media and binaries?

This is something im have NOT state in the readme, but should have do that, if its that bug?

PS. Android 4.3 and below os out as least. Im wont support and no idea if its a graphics issues in Android 4.4 throught, but want to see the app first.

Bug Reports / Re: Enable Mouse Pointer
« on: 2019-Aug-14 »
Not a bug.

We use a Windows 8+ feature here if present.

The compile error you see is a message from glbasic source code and is not from compiler. The code is just skipped on Windows 7 as im see in the code.

Need the logcat when connected to pc or the full project (except the big build folder).

The previous log did not started its has started the app at all. If it's a Java issue, it's should have been launched anyway when tried to call it from glbasic.

Androidextras stuff was howover not touched or checked and javacalls its self mehod has not changed.

The app name can also been set in strings. Xml

The Package in manifest goes for the package name java and C++ using and when the code communicate between C++ and Java ( So if you changes it, Android Studio and Android simply just wont launch it at all!

Also again, checkout the readme file where to find unique id and more. The unique app id is in a grandle file, where you also set the sdk as well.

Android Studio emulators is also supported, but crash when running in Android 4.2 and below. here im wont fix it, they are too old anyway and is now unsupported.

Also this version compiles to 4 binaries (amd 32/64bit and intel 32/64bit).

Im can do nothing about the project size, this is just how Android Studio works and the NDK can been very insane biggie. But as long the apk is its self is small im would not mind. You can also clean up that build again when you are finished using it. This is no wonder throguht its can take some minuttes to build (can take 3-4 minuttes here first time).

Also do not ask me about ads in this version as its has not been implemented yet as im have not looked into that. Howover implementing google ads in this version would not been compatible with the previous version as this version would works a little bit different.

Also if its crash, then Android Studio should point to the code where its crashed, if you using the debug version.

Did you checked readme.glbasic.txt? Please checkit out.

do not change the package name at all! leave it to package="" <- this is for the executable file, not the app name package! Android Studio cant simply find the exe at all and then fails.

im have been quite away and havent even checked this that much. but yes, the Android Studio compile with full source code and does not use any precompiled so files. So its can compile to any platform its support. But im could not get watches to work as they quite different effort.

But Android TV, 32/64 bit is supported and with Intel/ARM cpus binaries.

Android Studio do should download all eventuelly misses components if required before you can compile it to a emulator for testing.

Bug Reports / Re: Many strange Bugs.
« on: 2019-Aug-10 »
This is not a glbasic bug, its a keyboard hardware ghosting issue you is seeing.

This is very common in many keyboards as well, if not all.

This is depend how the matrix have been setup in the keyboard.

This is why im newer use spacebar for the main button by default.

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