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A 3D hexagon (or hexagonal prism) is just a particular cylinder.
If you use this function with slices=6, you normally get a hexagonal prism (I have not tested).

CreateCylinder(0,  16, 16, 16,  6, 1,  RGB(255, 0, 0))

Code: GLBasic [Select]

FUNCTION CreateCylinder: num, baseRadius, topRadius, height, slices, stacks, col
LOCAL da, r, dr, dz, x, y, z, i, j
LOCAL x1, y1, x2, y2
        da = 360 / slices
        dr = (topRadius-baseRadius) / stacks
        dz = height / stacks

        X_OBJSTART num
        FOR i=0 TO slices-1
                x1 = COS(i*da)
                y1 = SIN(i*da)
                x2 = COS((i+1)*da)
                y2 = SIN((i+1)*da)
                z = 0
                r = baseRadius

                // Bottom lid
                IF baseRadius>0
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX 0, 0, 0,  .5, .5, col
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX x1*r, y1*r, 0, x1/2+.5, y1/2+.5, col
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX x2*r, y2*r, 0, x2/2+.5, y2/2+.5, col
                // side
                FOR j=0 TO stacks
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX x2*r, y2*r, z, (i+1)/slices,  j/stacks, col
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX x1*r, y1*r, z,  i   /slices,  j/stacks, col
                        z = z+dz
                        r = r+dr
                // Top lid
                IF topRadius>0
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX x2*r, y2*r, height, x2/2+.5, y2/2+.5, col
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX x1*r, y1*r, height, x1/2+.5, y1/2+.5, col
                        X_OBJADDVERTEX 0, 0, height,  .5, .5, col


GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-13 »
currectly im heard he is more focus on the HTML5/Javascript port, which is ace. Its a platform that got more more supported by various devices. Etc easier to ports really.
Hmm, I remember we talked a lot about this famous HTML5/Javascript port  ;)
Like you, I always thought it was the best and simplest solution (although for 3D, there will be big difficulties).

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2019-Oct-13 »
Damn! How did I miss this? :|
Thanks (late) for this discovery Bigsofty, I didn't know at all.

Thank you Bigsofty's daughter :)

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-12 »
In fact, I'm still afraid that Gernot can not continue or worse, that he gives up because of the lack of interest of new users (I really thought that the Steam version would attract more new users, and maybe Gernot too).
This is also one of the reasons why I launched a 3D demo (yes I know, a lot of delay :P the return of the holidays is more difficult than expected at my job), hoping to show with this demo all the power, despite its simplicity at first glance, of GLBasic to motivate new users.

In any case, it's very good news that everything works for new servers :good:

GLBasic - en / GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-11 »
GLBasic is a strong language, if Gernot can not continue one day for several reasons, I will assure (but probably others) that it will survive ;)

This is for me a new standard of the basic language.

Announcements / Re: Server change
« on: 2019-Sep-24 »
Normally, if you have a good new hoster, he does it for you after giving him access to your account.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2019-Aug-28 »
Very interesting but unfortunately not at all appreciated today :(

About the idea of ​​point-and-click game, this idea came to me when I looked at your making-of and more precisely these images.

-display problem, see attachment-

Mix a pencil-style background with colorful characters controlled by the player who must find a puzzle every time.
The puzzles could be hidden in the background in pencil and therefore difficult to see.

Well, I don't know if I'm very clear (not easy in english) but I hope you understand me =D

Beta Tests / Re: Beta test 3D demo 0.1
« on: 2019-Aug-27 »
I didn't work as planned, but I will start again soon.
Thank you for your support :)

Maybe something like that :

Code: GLBasic [Select]

DIM x[44][1]

DMA(x[], 4)

x[0][0] = 506
x[10][1] = 10
x[7][2] = 1004
x[25][3] = 99
x[42][4] = 2019

PRINT x[0][0], 0, 10
PRINT x[10][1], 0, 20
PRINT x[7][2], 0, 30
PRINT x[25][3], 0, 40
PRINT x[42][4], 0, 50

DMA(x[], 2)

x[1][5] = 52
x[37][6] = 308

PRINT x[1][5], 0, 70
PRINT x[37][6], 0, 80


        LOCAL s1%, s2%

        s1 = BOUNDS(a[], 0)
        s2 = BOUNDS(a[], 1)

        REDIM a[s1][s2 + n]


Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2019-Aug-23 »
Yes, give up the parsing system, the majority of modern players don't like that.

Beta Tests / Re: Beta test 3D demo 0.1
« on: 2019-Aug-23 »
I will take a look at it. Thanks.

I haven't followed the whole story, but I understand your frustration. IOS and Android are boring me a lot right now :sick:
I put aside mobile development because of that.

You have my support Spacefractal.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2019-Aug-22 »
Hey!! Really Nice !!
It reminds me of Game & Watch games and especially this one :

In addition, your making-of is awesome, you have a really nice and special graphic style, you never thought to make a point-and-click adventure game ?

Beta Tests / Re: Beta test 3D demo 0.1
« on: 2019-Aug-22 »
Although it is actually easier to code, I don't really intend to do a flight demo, but a more general demo.

For WW2, my idea would be a WW2 Doom but with the ability to switch between first-person view and third-person view.
For Fantasy, your idea of Rygar is a very good idea, but I'm having a big problem with 3D graphics :( Especially for monsters.

I think I'll start with a WW2 style and if it doesn't work, I'll come back to the idea of ​​Fantasy in the Rygar style (because it's true that the current hero could be in a game of this style).
I will try to make a 0.2 test version in WW2 style for this weekend ... with (yet) another key for the jump Ian :)

Thanks all.

Note : My dream would be to build a Refractor 1 style engine, so your idea Erico of ​​flying is not too far from mine, because in RE1, players can use cars, trucks, tanks and ... planes ;)
Unfortunately for this dream, the 3D rendering functions of GLB will no longer be sufficient and I should code mine (and the code will probably not be 100% portable :().

Beta Tests / Re: Beta test 3D demo 0.1
« on: 2019-Aug-20 »
Seems to work well, but seeing as my laptop doesn't have a Right CTRL, I can't jump! :P
Damn ! I still have to work on that :P

Erico, first of all thank you for your support  :good:  I hesitate between a fantasy style demo or rather a WW2 style.
I would like your opinion before continuing.

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