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GLBasic - en / What is that?
« on: 2019-Jun-21 »
Gernot what is that?
It's awesome!

GLBasic - en / Just an idea
« on: 2019-May-24 »
I have an idea (the others: "Oh my god ! Snoopy has again an idea" :D)

Why not program an open source game all together that would be offered for free on Steam with GLB?
This game would mix 2D and 3D so that all the talents here (and they are numerous) can do what they want. No?

GLBasic - en / Question...
« on: 2019-May-17 »
I don't have the power to make a poll, so I ask :

Are you interested in a version of this beautiful language (but with a little more advanced possibilities, especially in 3D) only for Mac, Linux and Windows but not on mobile?

Thank you for your answers.

Off Topic / 80ties
« on: 2019-Apr-28 »
When I was young, there was a battle between the demomakers (pirates?): Bladerunners and Replicants.
I make a small passage in the past to finally say the truth: Replicants were the best!



3D-snippets / Impact Wrapper -D3D9 Wrapper-
« on: 2019-Apr-28 »
A wrapper for this good old 3D engine in directx.
It's not 3impact, but 3DRAD 6, with some tips that are not described in the documentation of 3impact.
In addition, something important for collisions.
If some are interested, I continue to work on it.

GLBasic - en / Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-Apr-28 »
Just a question, do you have problems with this language so that it stays cross-platform?
I don't think it's good to keep this problem internally.
There are competent people on this site to help you  ;)

Hmmm :| I should have sent this message privately. It was so that everyone could participate, but in fact, I'm not sure it's a good idea, at least not for the moment.
A moderator can remove it if he wishes, I would see no problem.

GLBasic - en / The power of GLBasic !
« on: 2019-Apr-22 »
I take a moment to thank Gernot, I'm testing a lot right now the INLINE function, DLL and the interaction between the GLBasic and the C, and that's great.
All functions and variables of GLBasic can be used directly in C (I already knew it but I had never really tested it, it's amazing of ease).

I even wonder if a version of Basic reserved for Windows (using DirectX) would not be a good idea.
A future DXBasic?

You did an amazing job Gernot, I congratulate you  :good:

Sorry if my English is not perfect, it's hard for me, a lover of the Basic and the C since a long time (a little less for the C++ it's right  =D) to explain that with the good words in english.

Off Topic / Interesting promo.
« on: 2019-Apr-14 »
For fans of retro 2D platform games, he currently has a very good promotion on GOG for 3DRealms games.
For about 4 euros you have.

-Hocus Pocus
-Secret Agent
-Realms of Chaos
-Cosmo's Comic Adventure

Moreover you have :

-Wacky Wheels (racing)
-Bio Menace (free, platform too)
-Stargunner (free, shoot 'em up)
-Shadow Warrior Classic (free, very good first person shooter)

This could give ideas for remakes in GLBasic  ;)

Bug Reports / DDgui is cool but...
« on: 2019-Mar-23 »
DDgui doesn' t have copy / paste function?
If it's normal, it's too bad  :(

Normally, GENX_OBJ() only returns -1 if there is not enough memory but that is not the case.
It seems that GLBASIC don't allow more than 4096 3d object.

In fact, the GENX_OBJ()  function gives 4095 at the beginning and decreases with each call, it has nothing to do with the memory, this function is probably just in relation to a memory array of 4096.
It is very restrictive that the maximum number of objects is not related to the available memory (as the help says), but only with a precalculated memory array, because a 3D world can often contain more than 4096 objects  :(

Beta Tests / Test 3D software
« on: 2019-Jan-29 »
I'm not sure it's in the good topic..

It's just a 3D engine sotware with 3DS file.
Move the topic if it's not in the right place (or delete it)

But could you give me the FPS have you have?

Thank you in advance  ;)

Off Topic / just a topic for laughter
« on: 2014-Apr-30 »
I just realize that GLB = GLB (gay, lesbian and bisexual) it's fun no?

shit , it's not serious ... :(...

the game programming must be boring :(

Off Topic / Remake
« on: 2014-Apr-24 »
A remake for mobile devices of this game would be really a good idea... no?

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

GLBasic - en / md2 to ddd
« on: 2014-Apr-20 »
Why the difference in size is so important when converting a .md2 to .ddd ? (for example 1.5mo  MD2 --> 8.5mo DDD   :blink:)

I think the converter doesn't convert only the keyframes, but convert all.
But i'm not sure  :(

GLBasic - fr / Raytracer pour GlBasic
« on: 2013-Nov-03 »
je travaille en ce moment (a coté de mon prog principale pour android) sur un raytracer pour glbasic .
je l'apelle GLBR ......... GLB  + R (pour raytracing)

je ne sais pas trop si ca interesse quelqu'un , c'est du genre :

GLBR_screen(400, 240)
GLBR_camera_pos(5.0,  -3.2,  2.4)        
GLBR_camera_view(-0.6,  0.0,  0.8 )        
GLBR_camera_aspect(16.0,  9.0,  6.0)       

c'est en mode beta pour l'instant , mais bien avancé...........

en resumé je fais un raytracer qui peut etre totalement controlé par glb et qui affiche le resultat dans un sprite de GLB
je sais pas trop si ca peut interesser ...  :(

et je ne sais pas trop expliquer ca en anglais (je parle pas assez bien anglais)
peut etre que Ocean qui parle mieux anglais que moi pourra l'expliquer  ;)

sinon tant pis , c'etait sympa a faire  :)

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