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Title: iOS 7 Beta
Post by: aroldo on 2013-Jun-12
Hello GLB Community,

Today I had a chance to test the iOS 7 Beta on the iPhone 4S.
So far all my GLBBasic apps ran without any problem.

As far as the iOS 7 Beta there are some small bugs, but overall it it a nice OS.
The new iOS 7 SDK has ne APIs and will allow pier -pier WiFi communications, that's what the new Air Drop uses

One thing I notice is that the new multitasking features reminds me of the WebOS because it is similar, you can flip throught the applications and then remove then like the cards in WebOS.
More info here: (
Title: Re: iOS 7 Beta
Post by: bigsofty on 2013-Jun-12
A lot of the new features are, em, "borrowed", from other O.S. as far as I can see! :P
Title: Re: iOS 7 Beta
Post by: MrTAToad on 2013-Jun-12
So no problems with GLBasic then ?  That's good, although I wonder if the submission process with change...