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Pérdona hardyx que no entro como antes al foro... ando con C++ y me roba más tiempo que la leche.

Si lo que comentas ya lo he visto en algún libro de C++, pero me referia a cosas como valgrind que te da el tiempo o el debugger.
GLBasic tiene la opción de profiler, que me han comentado en el foro inglés que te saca los datos, pero a mi me da un error, no se si es porque uso GLbasic virtualizado en VMWare que va de maravilla, no se si es eso o un bug de GLBasic.

Gracias de todos modos y lo voy a probar a ver que tal.
Saludos y me alegro de verte por aquí , quedamos pocos soldados españoles en pie  =D =D =D =D
Announcements / Re: Humble Bundle 2d graphics 8 bits.
« Last post by mentalthink on 2019-Jun-12 »
MrPlow and Snoopy thanks for your kind words.  :good: :good:
Announcements / Re: GLBasic V16 news - Android for the masses
« Last post by erico on 2019-Jun-11 »
Great news Gernot! <3
Announcements / Re: Colour Asteroids
« Last post by bigsofty on 2019-Jun-11 »
Looks good!  :good:

Don’t have an Android device to have a go though.
Announcements / Re: Colour Asteroids
« Last post by MrPlow on 2019-Jun-11 »
Just downloaded...  :booze: :good:

Cool - let me know what you think :)
Announcements / Re: Colour Asteroids
« Last post by mentalthink on 2019-Jun-10 »
Just downloaded...  :booze: :good:
Announcements / Colour Asteroids
« Last post by MrPlow on 2019-Jun-09 »
Colour version of Asteroids
Some custom particle effects etc.


Planning to add extra gameplay features...

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Announcements / Re: GLBasic V16 news - Android for the masses
« Last post by Moru on 2019-Jun-07 »
Good job! Will upgrade directly. And don't feel bad for asking for money every 15 years... :-)

Not superfond of Steam personally since it forces us to buy three copies of everything if we want to do something together in the family. We buy most stuff on GOG.
FAQ / Re: Getting a Linux GLBasic program up and running
« Last post by Parv on 2019-Jun-06 »
OK, the current update (the setup with Caanoo support) has this fixed now. I hope the dependencies are "just" SDL_mixer on most systems now. A shame that ubuntu does not ship this on default.

I got my app running on MX-Linux 18.3 32 BIT, Great  :)

I have a phone with Ubuntu Touch OTA-9 (UBports), (the app did not run on this, of course it's an arm7).

Will there be a build for this environment?

The SDK available for Ubuntu Touch, since the linux build is on 8086 hardware and 32Bit, I think it would be possible to do the build on arm7 with the SDK from UBports

GLBasic - en / Re: The limits of GL Basic
« Last post by Snoopy on 2019-Jun-05 »
I have always wanted to do a RTS and I too had made a prototype (a long time ago), so if you need help to solve a particular problem, don't hesitate to ask JohnnyB.
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