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Announcements / Book
« on: 2019-Nov-08 »
Hi Guys

For any of you that like to read! *prepare for shameless plug*

My book is available on all the best online bookstores :) And is a popular Gift Item in the Game Programming categories...

Aimed at those who grew up with Micros...

Bug Reports / Netwebget$
« on: 2019-Oct-31 »
For those that might experience this issue in v16

I notice strange block chars appearing in my highscore tables at the start and end of a netwebget$.
It must be unicode issue or something...

Below is my fix for the issue..

Code: (glbasic) [Select]

// cleanup string
LOCAL mstr$
FOR x = 1 TO LEN(scoretable$)
  IF ASC(mstr$)<32 OR ASC(mstr$)>96
      IF mstr$="|" THEN newscore$=newscore$+mstr$

Bug Reports / Enable Mouse Pointer
« on: 2019-Aug-13 »
I get this when I compile:

!!! EnableMouseInPointer() not found in user32.dll. If this is >=Win8, you get no mouse messages.

Is there a simple fix for this?

GLBasic - en / GLB Editior Styles
« on: 2019-Aug-11 »

Is there a simple way to copy styles from GLB vX to GLB v16.?

GLBasic - en / Android - has anyone tried yet?
« on: 2019-Aug-03 »

Just wondering if anyone has tried the android studio update to build 32/64 versions of GLB apps for mobile?

Can't seem to find any docs on it - how to start / steps involved / etc.

Hi Guys

Looking for one that works without needing seedrnd?


Bug Reports / GLB v12.308 and v14.01 SEEDRND
« on: 2019-Jul-29 »
I know I am using an older versions of the GLB at the moment - I need to for my android apps (for now)
But my issue is that SEEDRND seems to be broken on it.

Is that the case or is there a workaround for it?

both version generate completely differently results for a seed.
Is it possible I am placing it in the wrong position in the code - does that factor into it?

Off Topic / Goodreads reviews
« on: 2019-Jul-28 »
Hi Guys,

For anyone that ready any of my books, I am looking for reviews on goodreads - they don't require anything other than reviewers are goodreads members. If you add to the shelf-tag of "Video Games" - that would be a bonus.


GLBasic - en / IDE question
« on: 2019-Jul-05 »
Does anyone know how to disable the 'clean project' icon?
I just clicked on it and undid tons of custom changes for me...

Luckily I had a backup but I want to avoid doing this again...

I have managed remove dy disabling the 'toolbar' panel - but ideally I just want the 'cleanup' icon removed.

GLBasic - en / A bit rusty!
« on: 2019-Jul-05 »
Hi Guys

I am having problems getting shift+wasd keys working to detect if shift was depressed...It must be something painfully simple that i am doing wrong....

my code looks like so

keyLeft =key(30)
keyshift = key(42)

if keyleft and keyshift then do something

GLBasic - en / Error compiling...
« on: 2019-Jul-04 »
Hi Guys

Anyone know why this is appearing...what could cause it?
The app in question was compiling fine recently.

     [echo] Project Name: glbasic
  [gettype] [Fatal Error] :39:1: Content is not allowed in trailing section.

C:\GLBasic_v123\Compiler\platform\android\android-sdk-windows\tools\ant\build.xml:407: org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 39; columnNumber: 1; Content is not allowed in trailing section.

GLBasic - en / Older version question...
« on: 2019-Jul-02 »
Hi Guys
On older compiling platforms which is for MacOS Desktop? OSXuni or OSXx86?

I need to know for a steam update

Announcements / Colour Asteroids
« on: 2019-Jun-09 »
Colour version of Asteroids
Some custom particle effects etc.


Planning to add extra gameplay features...

GLBasic - en / Fullscreen fix
« on: 2019-May-23 »

Just wondering if anyone has a solution for setting the fullscreen on GLB
So if a fullscreen fails then the screen window stretches to the desktop width and height...
tried with setscreen but not working for me.

Announcements / Geek Audiobook out now!
« on: 2019-May-14 »
Hi Guys!

Some free codes.
Two US Audible codes for my new audiobook!


Plus 1 UK Code (use

Anyone else can get a FREE copy via the Free Trial or their Audible Credits (UK) (USA)

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