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Off Topic / Re: Happy Christmas!
« on: 2020-Dec-25 »
maybe late but still Happy Christmas to everyone, and I wish You and Your families a lot of health, this is the most important thing in current situation. And hope this upcoming year will be better for a all of us :-)

GLBasic - en / Re: 3D and GLB
« on: 2020-Aug-12 »
I'm not expert in 3d are of GLB, I mostly use it with 2d, but basic 3d in few situations are useful, if I would need to use advanced 3d and need to use Inline or something to achieve that it would be just more straight to use other tool that has needed features.

For tutorials You should use only pure GLB code (at least at start), to show all features and just to explain all concepts, for beginners using inline may be confusing in my opinion. But as addition in more advanced tutorials will give wiser possibilities.

eh.. I forgot that X_SetShader doesn't work on Android :>

GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D released 2.4.0
« on: 2020-Aug-12 »
It looks that I missed few base64 encoders, Moru (dead link?) and Marmor (forum link) created some, I will check it, but as there are no issues with sending raw binary files not sure if I'll use it.

Generally GLBasic has some issues - mostly bugs/compatibility related, it's quite lightweight without ton of libs, on other hand you need to put all of this by yourself, and for most time it's overkill for small projects/visualizations/prototyping. In core there is nothing wrong, but just other tools and technologies evolved so much, for 2d specially JS and WebGL engines, for prototyping it's much faster - no recompile = instant preview, and that's crucial now days. If you have working mechanic and need speed GLB is a good solution in comparison to some other tools.

Some good tutorials would be helpful for possible new users, or maybe showcase with newer projects, being mentioned in such media as GamesFromScratch also would help gain some user base. But for that few thing probably should be fixed/changed.

GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D released 2.4.0
« on: 2020-Aug-10 »
So tell me now where are those updated bindings for GLB? :D
That's good YT channel, always some useful, few days ago I also saw that grant for RayLib from Epic, and I was curious what status of Your wrapper?
btw. Do You have some base64 encoder code for GLB? I don't want to use Encode$ as it make encoded content much longer, need to upload image in Post request.

edit: got it working with
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
Content-Type: multipart/form-datawith pure binary file data, it was needed to upload screenshot/image with GLB to web server. But still if You have base64 encoder don't hesitate to share ;)

GLBasic - en / Re: Android build issues
« on: 2020-Aug-06 »
Not sure how access privileges now work in Android but easiest way to verify that would be trying to save any kind of file with OpenFile / OpenIni in that directory, that's first thing to check, even double check for other directories like mentioned Documents and so on.
Custom saving sprite function - as bmp is simple, but as png wuld require to work with some compression library like zlib.
Another solution could be using directly Android API to make screenshots, that would be in Java and called from GLB.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android build issues
« on: 2020-Aug-04 »
Didn't use Android target for a long time, but be sure to always set current dir (probably to 'Documents') before each SaveSprite command,
If that's not an issue, does it affect both *bmp and *png saving? v16 has some bugs, maybe this is some new one :/

GLBasic - en / Re: Compiling to html5?
« on: 2020-Aug-04 »
GLB and HTML5...  an old old question/problem never really solved.
Yes, at least for me, I wasn't able to compile something more complicated than basic tutorials/projects, not sure what was problem, PolyVector, RenderToTexture or maybe something else, but just alywas were some errors. Now new standard gains popularity - WebAssembly, maybe this would be possible with GLB..

those errors like:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
em ++: error: Attempt to set a non-existent setting: 'OUTLINING_LIMIT'mean that command line arguments for compiling are specified for older version of emscripten, current version (that You have installed) doesn't support them. Even if You will fix proper batch files/commands new issues will appear, related to same thing - html5 target configured for old emscripten. I one of my previous post I mentioned that, but I didn't play with it further, just because it has no point for me (putting to much time in that), and not sure if all GLB stuff will work in html5 target (as mentioned above) and hm.. let's finish on that :-) But it would be very appreciated to have html5 fully working.

As this problem is still an issue..
Anyone tried to implement zip/7z or some other compression libraries? Mostly to protect graphic assets, so they can't be easy copied, or maybe some other encoding functions?

Bug Reports / Re: V11+V12 Beta bugreports!
« on: 2020-Aug-03 »
hm.. from what I see generally html5 games doesn't allow to change resolution, or if they do, then it's done by changing canvas size, and in such situation GetScreenSize should be sufficient.
Ofc. problem may be urgent when trying to do some iOS/Android cross platform html5 app.
Some workaround could be writing JS function to check desktop resolution (not sure if it's allowed in current JS standard) and calling it from GLB, it should be possible in some way, but way that html5 target works doesn't make it such simple :/

What is COCO, something like PICO8 or I'm missing something :D
This meant to be some kind of Double Dragon/Final Fight style of game? Looks very nice in 8 colors ant that retro style, in mentioned games player was able to pick different items/weapons, like knifes and so one, You planning to add something like this? As this may be harder to recognize item with such art style. It feels literally as it could be made with some Basic interpreter on 8-bit machines ;)

GLBasic - en / Re: Voxel - Visibility
« on: 2020-Jul-26 »
No, that isn't advised, generally best solution is to use as low texture count as possible, just by packing all separate files into atlas sheets, same goes for 2d and such 3d graphic. Consider that You would have 10 different block types, so during rendering (depending on block position and so on) current texture could be changed hundrets of times, that's not good. It's different for 3d racing game where is one texture for world/track and other for car, as it isn't changed so often while rendering. There are also texture arrays, but for that You would need to use inline OpenGL directly from what I remember. So simplest solution is just to put as many textures/sprites into one large texture - atlas.

Not sure what are limits to texture sizes now but 3Dfx cards had 256x256 limit, Riva TNT2/first Geforces had 2048x2048, iPhone 3g had 1024x1024 limit, newer phones have higher at it should be at least 2048x2048, quick look at it looks that Unity and Android OS support's max 4096x4096 so this should be the limit. If You would need more, then texture arrays would be solution, but this is already huge. For some minecraft style project You can use 64x64 textures for cubes in one atlas and have separate atlas for UI stuff and so on.

GLBasic - en / Re: Voxel - Visibility
« on: 2020-Jul-20 »
As it was in my area of interest I kept it in my archive, not sure if that's latest version that You have uploaded but here it is ;)
Something could be modified, but it should be easy to track and change after digging in all those posts.

Off Topic / Re: The Colour Maximite 2
« on: 2020-Jul-14 »
I watch most of that video but from some reason I missed that info about memory :D
Yeap that's enough for almost any kind of old school stuff, specially with limited color palette. Another great thing in such micro comp (and old machines) is that you were coding for one particular resolution, pixel perfect placement, didn't bother with scaling UI as so on, less code for that and always crisp graphic.
It can run even wolf3d demo :-)

Yesterday I didn't found it, so I needed to dig a bit deeper in my archive, but with a success :-)
Game was called: Cosmic Invaders, this is original topic on Allegro forum
this looks like most legitimate download, and it works: download
Something like this in portrait orientation with for example 2 rows of turrets would be great.

Off Topic / Re: The Colour Maximite 2
« on: 2020-Jul-13 »
Looks nice and showes the power of BASIC :D :nw:
one thing is strange:
The CPU that powers the Color Maximite 2 is an ARM Cortex-M7 32-bit RISC processor running at up to 480MHz with 2MB flash memory and 1MB RAM
Extremely fast with 516KB of program memory and 5MB general purpose RAM
So how much RAM memory it has? or maybe CPU has only direct access to some part of it and rest is reserved for sprites or something, because from what I saw there are some nice demos like Final Fight that may require more than 1MB..
The market for such small form computer and emulation boards has grown so much in recent years, so many Pi-kind of devices, and handheld that are more powerful than old consoles.

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