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Off Topic / Re: The Colour Maximite 2
« on: Yesterday at 11:04 AM »
I watch most of that video but from some reason I missed that info about memory :D
Yeap that's enough for almost any kind of old school stuff, specially with limited color palette. Another great thing in such micro comp (and old machines) is that you were coding for one particular resolution, pixel perfect placement, didn't bother with scaling UI as so on, less code for that and always crisp graphic.
It can run even wolf3d demo :-)

Announcements / Re: Classic Arcade Style Vector Shooter
« on: Yesterday at 10:45 AM »
Yesterday I didn't found it, so I needed to dig a bit deeper in my archive, but with a success :-)
Game was called: Cosmic Invaders, this is original topic on Allegro forum
this looks like most legitimate download, and it works: download
Something like this in portrait orientation with for example 2 rows of turrets would be great.

Off Topic / Re: The Colour Maximite 2
« on: 2020-Jul-13 »
Looks nice and showes the power of BASIC :D :nw:
one thing is strange:
The CPU that powers the Color Maximite 2 is an ARM Cortex-M7 32-bit RISC processor running at up to 480MHz with 2MB flash memory and 1MB RAM
Extremely fast with 516KB of program memory and 5MB general purpose RAM
So how much RAM memory it has? or maybe CPU has only direct access to some part of it and rest is reserved for sprites or something, because from what I saw there are some nice demos like Final Fight that may require more than 1MB..
The market for such small form computer and emulation boards has grown so much in recent years, so many Pi-kind of devices, and handheld that are more powerful than old consoles.

Generally I don't like asteroids kind of games :D but it's ok, that green filter and graphic style gives feeling that user is playing on old TV. I played it only a few minutes and didn't found any bugs that would be visible in short session.
As You have already experience and framework with such kind of games consider something more complicated: many years ago I saw some unfinished/early stage project made with Allegro game library and pixel-art graphic - combination of Space Invaders and Tower Defense genre, something that was used already by many other games. You build different towers on ground to protect Your base from invading aliens, that are moving like in SI games, there are boss fights, you get $$, can upgrade towers and so on. Something like this would be perfect for mobiles :)

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2020-Jul-13 »
Hey, I noticed that You are working on next game Power of the Ancients, and it will be made wit GoDot. From start please don't get me wrong on this, I noticed that GoDot is lately heavy promoted in many ways, on gamedev videos and so on, but still. I hope that You are coding it at least in C# - cause GDScript was utter unoptimized **** as I last checked it, maybe something changed in last two years but just there is no point for me on checking that yet again. Just don't feel into that high requirements indie games category - small, simple games that require good >1GB dedicated gpu to run, as they are running on poor engines with ton of unnecessary effects. And since this is early stage of project development you should already consider some proper touch controls and design to simplify future port to mobiles.

Honestly good luck with it ;-) I like RTS game, and also small ones but just to many fall short and are rather one time/run experience :-)
ah btw. there was some expansion 'Power of the Ancients' for Dungeon Defenders 2, so check if that title isn't covered by trademark or something.

Bug Reports / Re: Win64 compiling
« on: 2020-Jun-25 »
Just checked mp3 with beta and normal release, and looks that both are playing my mp3 without problems. hm..
maybe that's some other issue, for example shoebox is bugged, do mini project and check if problem still appears, maybe something related to particular mp3 file with that 64bit version or something..

Off Topic / Re: NES Emulator
« on: 2020-Jun-23 »
I saw it lately on some YT video, and I'm not sure if I missed it or just forgot about it, as it's avaliable from last year - as VR specific app, now they are re-releasing it as normal app so all users can check it out for lower price. It looks that all NES games needs to have specific configuration files to have proper 3d effect (I was curious if they do this automatically or need to tune it manually), and now there are 69 games supported with 3d mode, emulator has also 2d mode that will play other roms. That 3d looks really nice in NES games, and gives some kind of voxel-kind similar look (I know that those aren't voxels but that limited color palette and resolution gives such feeling). Maybe some other 8bit machines will get similar emulators (oh my sweet Amstrad CPC) or 16bit Sega with blast-processing :D

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2020-Jun-23 »
Generally game logic shouldn't be dependent on the monitor resolution, only some simple games like FlappyBird may do that, also puzzle games (or other single-screen based games) can also recalculate collision rect and part of logic depending on tile/block size. In 2d tile based with scroll-able map (any platformer, strategy, more advanced games) games screen size should matter only for how much of map is visible and zoom value in a way to preserve originally designed viewport for the game. Specially with GLB as You can use all kind of tricks: OpenGL scale, render-to-texture and so on, as those mostly aren't available in some popular gamemaking tools that limit's game made within them to a single resolution.

Are You planning to release it on Android, such normal game without micro-transactions would be really nice on that platform.

I saw that game one year ago or even more, and it was quite interesting, such idea of small, fast strategy-action combination seems attractive to me, and due it's graphic style fits good also for such shows. That's good in, so many good concepts/projects to discover out there, and that bundle was good way to jump in that. Sadly that You missed it out, I could write about it in pm :>
Yes, that bundle made quite some money, maybe similar bundles will follow, but more astonishing is the amount of people that bought it, it's more that 800k.. it may have some impact on Steam Sale in both ways, people will focus on larger games not small ones, because they already will have +1500 games on itch, but on other hand if some game was good enough and was in that bundle users may be interested in getting it's Steam version due additional features like scoreboards, multiplayer with friends and so on..

GLBasic - en / Re: More Speed Compiling Code
« on: 2020-Jun-14 »
Not sure if I get everything right on this build system, does it scan for file changes and re-build only those files that were actually changed? So how this differs from IncrediBuild method that's currently used by GLB? Or maybe it's doing something more behind. Those benchmarks that are included show only comparison with pure 'make file' so no direct compare to GLB.

As we know current racial situation in USA is tense, maybe due that or it was planned earlier but is running now a 'Bundle for Racial Justice and Equality', goal was to reah $5kk, already exceed that amount. Regardless the reason, beside helping this noble goal it's good opportunity to dig on for some interesting stuff. In short words, for at leas $5 You can get content from 1320 creators -> "Buy 1,657 items for $5 Regularly ~$9,193 Save 99%!". It's running from some time but will be available for next 3 days.
Ofc moslty contains game projects, but also some tileset's and other 2d stuff like animations, sprites and so on.
link to bundle

Some time ago I saw one quite original concept game, it's in this bundle so I decided to make a hint about it:
Quote from: dev description
LazerGrrl is a fast-paced pvp strategy game. It combines the fury of Bomberman with the strategic depth of an RTS. Find the right balance between building your own base and blasting your opponents.

If You saw some interesting project, great art or original concept don't hesitate to write Your opinion ;]

GLBasic - en / Re: Compiling to html5?
« on: 2020-Jun-12 »
Yeah, I could be more precise and write some background for it as You did :-)
So generally in v15 everything for html5 target was in one package, just unpack, instal some Java SDK and it's ready to go.. emscripten was included, no separate tools.
But v16 package contains only few config and *bat files that from what I understand are configured to work with proper emscripten installation in system - that needs to have python, git and possible other tools installed. Didn't saw any special info about that html5 target so I assumed that now proper way to use that target is to have all those tools installed in normal way as they should be. And here fun begins, as mentioned in previous post various problems appear during that - config files set for older emscripten installations, and GLBasic lib itself built with old commands.
Maybe my assumption was wrong and I need to copying v15 platform to current v16 directory
and do some reconfiguration or something, really I don't know as I didn't found any info about that, or I missed something :/

GLBasic - en / Re: Compiling to html5?
« on: 2020-Jun-07 »
Hey, Qedo but what version of Emscripten and Python are You using? That's the issue.
As I mentioned, html5 target in GLB was set to use old versions of those tools (from couple years ago), and it just won't work on their current versions. So in short - You have small chances to get it working on fresh machine, or do a lot of digging to found proper old binaries, and other thing, it would be beneficial to use newest versions with all possible fixes, optimizations and so on.. Do fresh installation of emscripten, latest python and all other tools that are needed and You will see that it just doesn't work, with all issues mentioned in previous my post. :/
I would really like to have this as it's much easier to show possible demos for wider audience.

Hi, generally as You can download GLBasic source (it's >2GB with all stuff) so there are no secrets in any function :-)
GLB is using ISSAC method and 'rand.c' implementation (or whatever it should be called properly) by Bob Jenkins. You can found original code here:
It was little modified to work as GLB part, but core is same.

Sadly I don't have to much free time, and can't participate in this at moment. This is a great example how to use C++ inline and external libraries, I'll need to take a deep look into it to see better way of using Steam API if possible.
Quote from: Schranz0r
no need to wrapp the whole thing in a gbas file, simple direkt calls...
This way you can say to the compiler to use the Raylib:: and not the __GLBASIC__:: namespace for this functions
So Your saying that there is a possibility to override all standard GLB functions this way and use this as alternative? Very interesting, and may be very useful - in case of bugs/instability in core GLB, testing performance and as final build target. From what I saw on raylib webdoc additional libs may be needed in case of need for additional stuff like rumble effects - SDL2.

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