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Great to hear you liked the lifload function and upgraded the program. :) But I redownloaded the file from the showroom, and I don't know how to load a lif-file with the windows executable (I don't have a GP2x) and the source files seems to be missing too.

Also, all files are in the same folder. I think it would be better to put the font.png in the folder "media" and put all *.lif files in a separate folder.

I saw "Life", the latest showroom entry and I thought it was pretty cool.. :good:

Unfortunately, it always starts with a random pattern, so I've written a little function to read in *.lif files. These are relatively simple files (plain-text) used to describe and exchange Life pattern. You can download these kind of files from many websites, for example here. I've also created a glbasic.lif, it display the GLBasic logo. 8) (see attachment)
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
FUNCTION lifload: filename$
// load and interpret a Game of Life pattern file (*.lif)

LOCAL str$, px$, py$
LOCAL x%, y%, scrx%, scry%

// clear
FOR y%=0 TO heigt%-1
FOR x%=0 TO width%-1
  pl%[x%][y%] = 0

// get middle of screen
GETSCREENSIZE scrx%, scry%


// open and read file
IF OPENFILE(1, filename$, 1)
// read next line
READLINE 1, str$
str$ = str$ + "\n"
// command
IF (MID$(str$, 0, 1) = "#")
// P = position command, for example "#P -3 -1"
IF (MID$(str$, 1, 1) = "P")
str$ = MID$(str$, 3)
i = INSTR(str$, " ")
IF (i <> -1)
// get positions
px$ = MID$(str$, 0, i)
py$ = MID$(str$, i+1)
// string to int
    x% = INTEGER(px$) + (scrx% / 2)
y% = INTEGER(py$) + (scry% / 2)
// TODO: display comment lines on screen? "#D blah bla"
//IF (MID$(str$, 1, 1) = "D")
// cells, for example "*...***"
FOR i = 0 TO LEN(str$)
IF (MID$(str$, i, 1) = "*")
// not out of bounds
IF (x%+i >= 0) AND (y% >= 0) AND (x%+i < scrx%) AND (y% < scry%)
pl%[x%+i][y%] = 1
NEXT //i
y% = y% + 1

and in the sourcecode (provided in showroom download) you can replace "GOSUB rrand" with "lifload("glbasic.lif")"

It was written by someone only known as Goos (who is dutch I think, looking at some of the code), no e-mail or anything, so I hope he will read this topic.

[attachment deleted by admin]

GLBasic - en / GLBasic and MacOS..?
« on: 2007-Jul-04 »
I'm new to GLBasic and just started to check it out, but I'm very impressed. Easy coding with awesome game results. :) I tried the Quantum game and looked at the code, and it runs great. I especially like the built in net-support for online highscore tables, and with only a few lines of code.

My question, will GLBasic have MacOS support at some point? Or is this not planned? I currently program in BlitzMax (newest BlitzBasic IDE) which has MacOS support. No MacOS support is for me the main reason not to use GLBasic. :|

Don't get me wrong, I know this is not a small thing to do, adding a completely new architecture/OS support to a compiler. But MacOS has a large userbase, most people play games on their mac. And Linux and GP2X seem, at least to me, relatively obscure platforms.

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