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Announcements / Re: Zombie Manor LOWREZJAM
« on: 2016-Aug-16 »
Wow just tested it now by using setcurrentdir( "Media" ) only and it loads my assets from the apk :good: :good: :good: :good:
Thank you so much guys :good:

Still I need to think of something for the onscreen controls, right now the game is centered in the middle of the screen which means
I am going to put the controls left and right from the game area. On the left there will be a joystick and on the right side two buttons.
Not sure if holding a strafe button and pushing the fire button at the same time
will be user friendly when using touch controls.

Announcements / Re: Zombie Manor LOWREZJAM
« on: 2016-Aug-16 »
I tried an android compile,

upscaling using CREATESCREEN works  :good:
I still have the problem that i dont know which path I have to obtain in order to access the apks media ( images ) files.
You have to load media using absolute paths in android and cant use SETCURRENTDIR, so how do you obtain the absolute path to the media inside the apk?

Announcements / Re: Zombie Manor LOWREZJAM
« on: 2016-Aug-15 »
Excelent News mr plow thx :good:

Announcements / Re: Zombie Manor LOWREZJAM
« on: 2016-Aug-15 »
Mobile wont be possible because the virtual screen issue on mobile platforms.
Maybe I could Work around this, I have to look at the Code again to be sure.
There is allready Support for other Tiles and different Colored lights.
I wonder how this will be playable using Touchscreen controls, because of the strafe walking function.

Thx Kanonet, I will try this. :good:

Basically the problem results from the solution method you used for the not working z-buffer.
When sorting all objects this way before drawing and some objects should not use light but others do,
I have to turn out the lights for those objects, turn it on again for others, etc.
The problem is that switching the lights on and off again and again will be quite costy on the performance.

So no shaders on mobile because only GLES 1.1 is supported, thats pretty hard to work around.

I will focus on the PC Version then and hope the z-buffer issue will be resolved someday.
By the way the same z-buffer strangeness can occur when running the wrong gpu drivers on the Pandora.
Maybe the Z-Buffer is addressed incorrectly for the Android OS GPU drivers?

Hm good Call kanonet.
This was the way i did it before.
With this method objects without light have can not know objects behind them if they are transluscent
Edit: also the android zbuffer problem would still remain unsolved for my project..
Maybe I could brighten objects using a shader?

K thx. :good:
This should also erase my transparency Problems with non light affected objects

Hi I want to rewrite my drawing routine, so that all drawable 3D Objects are sorted by the distance to the camera first and then drawn in that order.
Mainly I wanted to improve the rendering on android, to avoid some of the z-buffer problematic.

In the old draw routine I drew objects without light influence before light was enabled,
but if I sort every drawable object by its camera distance, I have to find some other way to disable light for certain objects.

Can light be turned off and on again for not lighting affected objects?

Announcements / Re: new retro breakout
« on: 2016-Jun-04 »
Shall i share my vector font code? It works smoothly on android and has a pretty solid kerning

Announcements / Re: Zombie Manor LOWREZJAM
« on: 2016-Jun-04 »
Thx for trying erico.
I need to spedk to my music guy again. It seems he has forgotten me. :(

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2016-Jun-04 »
Count me in at the closed beta, O have been waiting so long to play this.

Announcements / Re: New Puzzley Thing-ma-jig
« on: 2016-May-18 »
Tried it and it is a nice idea.
The only trouble i had was that the possible moves counter only fills up after the combo time is over.
But with a little getting used to it, it was fine.
The only improvement that popped in my head while playing, the possible moves counter could be a Bit larger so it pops right into the eye for New players

Announcements / Re: New Puzzley Thing-ma-jig
« on: 2016-May-15 »
will try it when I got time. Of course I will also rate it :)

I am not at home anymore today,
I will send you the Loading part then SF thx
For having a look into this in advance

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