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Also es ist noch annehmbar mit dem Lichtkegel ( Bilder sind im Anhang ).

War da schon jemand fleißig beim setzen der Light range?
Eine Beispiel Szene mit einem solchen Licht wäre bestimmt ne gute Motivation das
Entity System zu nutzen.

Ich zeichne Grundsaetzlich nur im sichtbaren Bereich.
Ist ein Licht ausserhalb des sichtbaren Bereichs wird es auch deaktiviert
(ich hatte es davor nur aus der liste geloescht).
Man kann fuer jeden Objekttyp einstellen, ob es eine "Lichtquelle" sein soll, sowie Farbe
und "Groesse" des Lichts bestimmen.

Die Szene sieht jetzt so aus wie ich mir das vorgestellt hatte. Zwar habe ich nur ein grade von oben nach unten scheinendes spot light, aber das reicht mir schon aus.
Ein point light waere vermutlich schoener, aber dazu muesste man irgend eine Licht Intensitaet, oder Reichweite eingeben koennen. 

Ich habe einen Fehler beim Aufruf von X_Spot_LT. Ich habe den Richtungs-Vektor mit dem End Punkt der Licht Richtung verwechselt...
Habe auch feststellen müssen, dass Lichter nicht automatisch verschwinden, wenn sie nicht mehr aufgerufen werden, wenn man Lichter löschen möchte, so sollte man ein Licht mit einem ÖffnungsWinkel von 0 grad daraus machen.

Thx for the x_line hint.
I allready thought, that the light effect changes depending on the camera angle, but
I had no idea, that this effect would be visible to such an extend.

If I move the light up, this side effect starts to disappear, but also the light effect I wanted to achieve does too.

Hallo, wollte für mein RPG Projekt Objekte testen, welche mit einem Licht verknüpft wurden.

Ich benutze die Nummern 1 - 7 für meine x_spot_lt Aufrufe

Die Position der Lichter sowie ihre Richtung ändern sich nicht
(sie bekommen beim Laden fixe Positionen und Richtungen zugewiesen ).

Wenn die Kamera sich nun von der Lichtquelle entfernt, so scheint sich die Lichtposition auch zu verändern.

Sowohl .ddd, als auch Nutzer generierte Objekte weisen dieses Problem auf.

Hier mal ein Video von dem Verhalten:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>

GLBasic - en / Re: weird fluid like behaviour
« on: 2014-Apr-24 »
I like grids, and I like this, it´s a very nice effect.

For my Terrain I created one object per square and use a single Texture on every square.
I also use multi texturing through different UV mapping, i e. when using Auto connecting textures like ways etc. the correct tile is selected by altering the UV data of the plain ( Walls are also multi textured by different UV coordinates, where one Wall object has 4 Polys ).

I also do the "Animation" of the grass by altering the UV coordinates.

It would also be possible to draw the entire visible Terrain including walls as one object and set the UV coordinates accordingly.
With this, a new bmp has to be created at the start of each Level, containing all the tile Textures in the Tileset used for this Level ( and this BMP has to be a square. ).

I think drawing every Side of a cube 6 times is always Overkill.
It means that you call Draw orders for at least 3 sides, which aren´t visible.
Also calling all the rotations is more math than simply use the fixed coordinates provided by a mesh.
Also Splitting a texture by using different UV coordinates gets you a more Slim code.


Announcements / Reggie World ( Pandora , PC )
« on: 2014-Apr-21 »
So the Server went down 
and all my Posts are gone:'(

But this GLBasic Project won´t die  =D

3D RPG Engine

Latest Version:
<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
I Tested this with 12 Enemys, collision with statics was always correct, but when the Player pushes towards the enemy crowd, some Enemys switched their places with adjactant enemys. I hope this sorts itself, once pushing non static objects is handled correctly.

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
This just Shows the circle collision with static objects, also the 0.2 rain Version, which has been updated already ( the Problem with rain was getting it nice looking without loosing to much Frames on the Pandora ).

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
This Demos the Day Night cycle and the 0.1 rain Version, which behaviour is closer to the updated 0.3 rain

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
Here are the first steps I have done on the Event Editor, a very early Version of it.
Since then many more Actions and conditions have been implemented.
Like animating objects, moving the camera, adding Items to Inventory and set Variables.
Also ANDing up to 5 different conditions for one Action.

The following Videos are very early phases I went through with the Level Editor:

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
( Multi Textured Walls )

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
( connected tiles, like a path )

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
( First real Editor Setup )

<a href="" target="_blank"></a>
( Only a simple, undeveloped Engine test on the Pandora )

Current Status ( This will be updated as the game Progresses )

Collision Engine: roughly 4/5 done ( works good, but has some issues when non static Objects let themself push themselves away without a proper weight handling )

Vegetation Engine: DONE ( Stomping down grass and rainy grass work, but I Need to make some new BMPs to really Show it off )

Level Engine: DONE ( Scrolling is calculated ressource greedy and works at any movement rate, diagonal Tiles, Multi textured walls, create new tiles... )

Static Object Engine: DONE ( Animateable rotateable, almost freely positionable and tilebased )

Enemy Engine : roughly 1 / 5 done ( Spawning Enemys, calculating enemys to some extend )
-> Next here is the Enemy Kind Editor.

Item Engine : roughly 3 / 5 done ( Create new Items, rename them, select an item-sprite, edit the stats they will alter and set them to usable, equipable or just to carryable ( for keys etc. ) )
- > Next is designing and drawing the Inventory.

currently working on
Item Engine.

Thanks to

All People who are posting on this great board, despite its unstableness.

Extra thanks to the super moderator Kanonet who got me to rethink some of my strategies for the better, by giving the right hints.

An extra extra thanks goes to Gernot, who spended and spends so much time for developing this awesome Piece of Software called GLBasic.

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