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V16 includes an x64 Windows compiler.
For Mac and Linux I'm working on a cmake project.

Ignore it. It's because one lib has a version info, so the resource compiler gets confused.

GLBasic - en / Re: Multiple poly vector shapes
« on: 2019-Oct-17 »
Polynews is faster than start/end.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic
« on: 2019-Oct-11 »
Yes. I'm back on a Strato server. Moving was a pain, but on the long run, this is a good descission. They have robust servers and good backups. No need for me to care about the Linux.  I'm relieved now.

Announcements / Re: Server change
« on: 2019-Oct-10 »
The site is now running on the new server. Test UTF-8: äöü

...somehow the old attachment images are broken!?

Do you have code fragments or something? Pictures, maybe?

Announcements / Server change
« on: 2019-Sep-20 »
Our webhoster quits. I have time to the end of 2019 to move to another hoster.
I amy very anxious about the email/https certificate after the move.
On the other hand, I can move to a hoster that cares about the linux backbone, so I don't have to care about this anymore. It caused my so much headache, since I'm a total noob when it comes to this.

Just wanted to let you know.
If anyone if good at that stuff, please let me know.
I would have to:
-move the php sites (easy)
-backup all email (4 accounts. I use thunderbird. I plan to pull them all local and then copy back. Would that be OK?)
-move 3 data bases (yes, this forum too!). I have no idea, but I hope something like mysql-php offers that option...
-point the domains (3) to the new server (I hope that one is a quick one. My new hoster offers a GUI for that).
-What about the certificate for the https/email accounts?
-Anything I missed?

It's released and on sale now.

Bug Reports / Re: Enable Mouse Pointer
« on: 2019-Aug-14 »
What Windows Version are you using?

Starting tomorrow, there will be a 12% price off summer sale!

GLBasic - en / Re: GLB Editior Styles
« on: 2019-Aug-11 »
It should use the same styles. They are in the registry.

Fixed. It should be '\0'.

Sorry. PM was sent.

Yes. The V16 from STEAM creates a fully featured Android project for you and opens Android Studio. You have every single piece of code as C++ in this project (a bit scrambled, but it compiles!).
So, you even could build for MIPS or whatnot exotic platform.

The version sounds like nothing special, but indeed, this update brings:
I took some time, yesterday and finally fixed what was due for years. I am so sorry for the delay. You will love it. It makes work so much easier, if you use TYPEs.

Also, DDgui was a bit polished and the new toast messages look quite good. (See my 2nd G.A.C.K. trailer on STEAM - sprite editor, where I copy/paste an image).

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