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Standard GLBasic functions don't let you write apps, as there is no pause/play, or jumping to a certain point in mp3 so can't code an MP3 player or audiobook player etc etc
Also even for games it's nice to be able to have more advanced code to have music fading or changing depeding on zones or what is happening, all in one file and being able to jump to certain points, fade betwen parts etc so no fps drop whilst loading another mp3.
Mainly though as I say, I want to code an MP3 player :D
Tis library really looks to be essential for those not just wanting a gaming language, I always think of GLBasic as being ideal for coding applications.

It says this attachment was deleted by Admin, is there any reason? I could do with better control of audio than normal basic commands and this library looked perfect.

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Posted: 8 January
GLBasic can be used for traditional software development, not just games.

There are many sample files in the Samples folder for reference.

The shortcomings are also obvious. The IDE is too simplistic, and it looks like a product of the 1990s.

However, the price is very cheap, and the combination is still very good value.

After all, you can't find the second tool on the steam that can both play games and make traditional software.

It would make sense so we can post positive reviews from seasoned devs.
I made a post on twitter about the release.

hopefully get lots of retweets if i leave it at top for a week ;0)

Announcements / Re: Moon Dogs Arcade
« on: 2019-Jan-08 »
Thanks dreamerman, i used to love Camtasia but it got so expensive so i will take a look.

Thanks MrPlow, the trees and mountains yeah, the sky is digital. The level itself is pixelled with a cloth texture then blurred. I use an orange layer with tranparency to kinda try and tie it all together as it looks really bad before filters.

Announcements / Re: Moon Dogs Arcade
« on: 2019-Jan-08 »
I will hopefully be able to make a video soon, my current laptop isn;t powerful enough and haven't decided on capture software for new laptop.
It has a lot put into the movements being fun, and the cats get in the way rather than being "enemies". There's lots of little surprises but yeah at heart it's a straight collect 'em up with scores, timer and replays :D

Announcements / Re: new book
« on: 2019-Jan-08 »
The cover looks ace, good luck with it.

Announcements / Moon Dogs Arcade
« on: 2019-Jan-08 »
Been working on this since 2014 and thought it a good time to post, it's a pixel engine game and in the style of the old single screen arcade games. Working on editor now.

I don't have any video but here's a picture of Moon Dogs Arcade.

With raindrop shader i mentioned here years ago.

Thank you and also for all the great work you've done, i'll make a post.

I wanted to say good luck and how exciting this is. Never dreamed GLBasic would be on Steam, i hope this gives it the push it needs to let many others know what a powerful language it is.

I don't have any video but here's a picture of Moon Dogs Arcade which is coded in GLBasic.

With raindrop shader i mentioned here years ago.

GLBasic - en / Re: Hey
« on: 2013-Nov-13 »
Thanks again, I'm sure I will be asking many questions over the coming months and hope toshare some routines if anyone can make use of them (currently working on a raindrop routine using alpha sprite and magnification code for background pixels) :)

P.s. your english is very good I was just tired when I first read your post ;)

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GLBasic - en / Re: Hey
« on: 2013-Nov-13 »
Thanks you mentalthink :)

Sorry about the delay replying, I'm coding full time for the first time since 1995 and my sleeping pattern is very weird at the moment, hehe, so  I haven't felt able to reply 'til now.

I've just reread your post and took in the part about being able to hire a coder perhaps for specific things, that interests me, I'd noticed the new section but had only thought about seeing if there were any projects I could take on myself (to make some money :D), and not thought about the other way around, so now I see that offer of paying for feature rich plugins could perhaps be aimed in this way... thanks :)

Yes I come from/through the Spectrum, Sam Coupe, ST, Amiga, GP2X, Pandora and now finally wanting/needing to try the indie route and hit Steam and mobile. I'm finding GLBasic very easy to learn, although I'm a simplistic coder still needing to learn about the more advanced features of modern programming (I'm still using Go To's and loving it, lol)... it's nice to be able to pimp some programmer art up with a bit transparency, lighting etc, that's a big relief when art assets are always such a massive worry.

Thanks Hark0, cheers  :booze:

Thanks erico, yes I'm a proud GP2X F200 owner and also own a broken nubb'ed Pandora (but the batteries dead too :( ), I remember playing some games by guys here on the GP2X, a Christmas game most especially I liked, but never got any code out myself, I'm the guy that was coding the e.a.s.e. desktop system, but took ill, that was coded in an earlier version of GLBasic, also had a game I wanted to get out too, been working on that since 2007, which I've been able to start work on again... feels so good and natural to be coding again :)

anyhow I'm sorry for the ramble, I'm just excited to finally join the forum.

GLBasic - en / Hey
« on: 2013-Nov-09 »
Hey folks :)

Been lurking here for what must be about 4 years nearly now and thought I would pop my head through the door and say hello.

I'm an old coder from the 8 and 16 bit days but still very new to GLBasic, loving coding in Basic again and thoroughly impressed with how friendly the language is to use and also with the skills of the community with many of the programs and topics I've looked at.

The one worry I had (well not the only one, but the one keeping me awake, yikes) was with to do with In-App Purchases for android and ios, and am so happy to see the sterling work that SpaceFractal has done, I cannot express my gratitude enough dude   :nw:

This leads me onto my second reason for posting, I remember back in the days of AMOS on the Amiga there used to be people both releasing extensions for free and also paid for (usually of a higher complexity/development time) there any such thing for GLBasic, I came across some code for bezier curves that really looks cool and something that I would have been frightened to attemp but will probably need in future projects so thanks for that :)

There was also an entity system (something which I know little about) that I noticed and I remember the auther/coder thinking about selling this as an extension, so I'd like to add my voice as one more that would be happy to pay say £20+ if this was developed and released.

Thanks also to Gernot, I simply do not know what language I would be coding in if a good friend had not introduced me to GLBasic, I never would of thought that the days of a true simple BASIC would ever come about again, it means soo much. Thank you  :booze:

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