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guess im out with my zelda clone! I've gone through two artists who said they'd help out then bail on me.

very helpful to me as I wasn't aware we could use functions inside a udt.  Makes GLB a little less BASIC and a little more OO.

Beta Tests / Re: Legend of Zelda
« on: 2010-Oct-16 »
I haven't done anything with enemies yet, just randomly throw them up on the screen to give me something to test the sword and boomerang with.  The AI is last on my list for the Overworld stuff.

What do you mean by confused in the woods?

There can be an issue when transitioning between screens if Link hits an enemy as the screen is shifting. You will shift back but the map could be offset and mismatch the collision. This is only an issue until I do proper enemy placement.

I've finished the "stores", even the secret ones, but still have to record all those free coin shops. And until I add the bomb and fire, you can't quite access the secret stores yet.

It might be quicker if I just update my map editor to let me set store locations in the file as part of the map itself. Then it'd be much faster and easier for me to record all these hidden spots.

Beta Tests / Re: Legend of Zelda
« on: 2010-Oct-12 »
Cave stores partially implemented, but download has been updated if anyone wants to try it out.

Beta Tests / Re: Legend of Zelda
« on: 2010-Oct-07 »
I would guess space is left over from an early test to exit the program? :-)

As for the movement, I've already been refining it. I read an article about Link's movement.  As I understand, he can move 1 pixel, but when changing directions then it will align to the nearest half-tile.  Maybe he does move more than 1 pixel at a time, but the tile-alignment does seem to work this way when I looked at the original game (in an emulator for way too many hours).

I've added the shooting sword animation and boomerang, download isn't up for that yet.  I'm bombing the condo so I can't quite go home yet...... Umm, maybe I'll have to, I forgot the stupid cat in there!

Beta Tests / Legend of Zelda
« on: 2010-Oct-07 »
This was suppose to be for the retro competition, which I think was over at the end of September.  I actually started writing in DarkBasic first because I'm more familiar with the syntax (should be after 10 years of using it), and then I would port it over to GLB.  So it's currently behind where I'm actually at with the DB version, but the more I use GLB the quicker I'm able to copy stuff over.  The only major difference between the two codes is how I manage animated sprites.

Haven't had any real trouble writing the game until a few nights ago when I attempted to handle the map secrets, the ones where the screen loops until you go in the correct direction (up,left,down,left  to get to the graveyard).  After a few hours of just thinking, finally got a clean working system for it. Last night I had a thought about a more efficient way to code it merely due to GLB having certain features DB couldn't present me with at the time.  You can walk into some of the caves but can't interact with them yet. Another day or two and should have basic animated enemies, drop items, bombs, whistle, and a sword that actually shoots.

I'm open to suggestions on how to approach the AI.  I know it's pretty basic, but it's where my experience starts to fall behind a little.

Controls are arrow keys, and X, Z for the A, B buttons respectively.  Enter is the start button for bringing up the HUD.

Download is about 1MB.

GLBasic - en / Re: sound doesn't play anything
« on: 2010-Oct-07 »
I'm not sure what the problem was, but it's working as expected now. Strange.

GLBasic - en / Re: sound doesn't play anything
« on: 2010-Oct-04 »
as i've already said, the wav files work fine when in the root directory, so it's obviously not the format.

GLBasic - en / Re: sound doesn't play anything
« on: 2010-Oct-01 »
My sfx folder isn't in the media directory it's off the root directory the application is in, which is the current working directory. So i dont see a need to use setcurrentdir. 

I tried both types of slashes before just to make sure.

GLBasic - en / Re: sound doesn't play anything
« on: 2010-Sep-27 »
Found the problem, it doesn't seem to like sub-folders.  The files were in the app directory, but I had a sub-directory called 'sfx'.  I tried loading the sounds like: "sfx\stuff.wav" but that wouldn't work.  If I remove the files from the sfx folder and just keep them in the root of the app folder then I can load them fine.  Any insight as to why I can't load them from sub-folders?

2D / diffuse sprite
« on: 2010-Sep-22 »
Unless there's already a way to change to the change the overall tint of a sprite.

JPG at 95% quality is still way smaller than PNG, without apparent degradation in quality.

I must be the only one who prefers PNGs because they almost always seem to be smaller than JPGs with better quality. That's why I typically only use PNGs for web design.  After a certain size a JPG might be smaller, but for mostly what I've done PNG has been smaller.

GLBasic - en / sound doesn't play anything
« on: 2010-Sep-21 »
I've tried loading an mp3 for music and wavs for sound but can't get either one to play.  No errors, just no sound.

So how's everyone's progress so far?

I decided to go with zelda on nes.  I don't have any enemies walking around yet, but I can at least run around the overworld and walk into the caves/stores.  Hopefully, there's nothing against using a previously made tilemap editor for building the huge overworld map, which took me at least 4 hours of solid mapping.  Can't promise I'll get all 9 dungeons complete but I'm hoping to at least have the first dungeon playable.

Few years ago I tried to remake Blood Money but had to scrap the project because I just couldn't find the media from the game. All I managed to find was the title music and a few tiles from the first level.

The original Mario Bros might be worth a try. Super Mario or Zelda might be a bit steep if you're completely new to GLBasic

New to GLBasic but not to programming. I might do some prototyping with another language first, just to get an idea of a basic framework.

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