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Basically what I want to do is draw some sprites (pieces of ground to walk on). I've got that covered.

I draw my character and let it walk left and right on the ground. When there is no more ground it has to fall down.

Can this be done with a sprcoll, without doing a sprcoll for every sprite the character can walk on seperately?

The example is done in a totally different way which i don't really understand.

I just need some pointers for this, without try-ing to understand a piece of sourcecode that is 100 times more complex than mine.

Beta Tests / Re: Jnr Platform Example #3
« on: 2010-Jul-29 »
When I try to compile this, I get an error. There is an error in the syntax around line 37.

Hi. I've beel fiddeling with glbasic a few years ago on the gp2x and made some really basic bames.

Now I have an Open Pandora and want to create some games for that platform.

I want to create a jump 'n run game. I have a totally working control scheme for walking left and right, jumping and bumping into enemies.

Now i want to create some levels (or one level to start with). But I need some info on something really basic. Do i create a bunch of sprites which i can just put in a level at different places (ground, palforms, etc)? How do I make my character walk on top of the ground for instance?

Can someone give me some pointers as to making this happen?

Thanks guys...

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