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GLBasic - en / gradual alpha gradient
« on: 2010-Sep-12 »
Is there a way to use gradual alpha channel?

Currently, as far as I see, alpha channel is just YES or NO (255,0). Can a gradual alpha channel be used?

I want to cast a gradient shadow.

GLBasic - en / Re: DATA statements?
« on: 2010-Sep-12 »
Oh, the old good days, copying endless lists of datas from magazines on the c64, with "out of data" when you miss a comma, or change it with a dot... So hard to find...


GLBasic - en / Background pattern
« on: 2010-Sep-11 »
My game has a border, so I loaded it with "loadbmp".

But inside the border, there is a moving background, made with a 24x24 pixels pattern.

What is better, draw/move around 100 24x24 sprites, or create a 600x400 (zone inside the border) background with the pattern on photoshop an move just one big sprite?

DO I explain myself? :)

whatch this video, the background when playing to get the idea...

You can easily show a 4:3 game on 16:9 monitor.

Open desireed 16:9 screen and add a XOFFSET to every x coordinate in your program (xoffset=(screen width - game width)/2 ). Same with YOFFSET.

The problem is that currently GLB dont know if the user screen is 16:9.

If you want to do iPhone/iPad/iPod stuff it MUST be an Intel Mac.  If you wont be then a PowerPC one will be fine as GLBasic creates Universal applications.

As for minimum speed & RAM - the lowest spec Mac Mini is 2.4Ghz with 2GB RAM.  If you go the PowerPC route, 1GB is fine (and quite useable) with, I think around 1.5Ghz.  Most processors are more efficient than Intel ones - which partially explains the lower clock speed.

OSX 10.4 is Cheetah, 10.5 is Leopard (must get all the updates for this as the default version is rather buggy) and 10.6 is Snow Leopard - never used it (and have no need to upgrade to it).  GLBasic works with 10.5 and 10.6, and it should with lower versions as well.

Just to clarify, as I am in the same exact point: I need a Mac just to compile for iPhone. Nothing else. Ok, maybe later compile the same apps for Mac.

-It has to be Intel. PowerPCs can not compile for iOS.

-Is MacOS 10.6 a must, or 10.5 would do?

-If PowerPC can be used to compile for iOS... a G4 with 10.5 can be used? (they are really cheap)

-MiniMacs at 2.4 (2nd hand) are expensive for my pocket. I imagine a 1.xx mhz would do, slower but will. Also most 1.xx comes with 1gb. Can I upgrade to 2gb/4gb easily?

-If I bought with no keyb/mouse. Can I use standar PC Keyb/mouse, or has to be Mac (and expensive) ones?

I like MiniMacs, as I can have it hidden in my desk (too many things there right now), but any Mac should do. Am i correct?

Yes, I am limited to 300€, and even so, wife will kill me. Not the best moment for "wasting" money...

NeXT 20th sept my iphone4 should come, but first i need to get a Mac, and as I read here, descend to the hell, survive and go back.

Bug Reports / IF...THEN bug
« on: 2010-Sep-10 »
The folowing code

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
IF a=0 THEN PRINT "1",10,10; PRINT "2",10,50
PRINT "3",10,100


When it should be only "3"

Maybe it is not a bug, but the way GLB is, but as old as I know, all basics I have learned, only prints "3"

I am planing to make my game for 2 resolutions

480x320 (Iphone 3)
960x640 (Iphone 4, Retina Display)

I also was planning to sent Retina resolution to IPad, as I see a waste of time/resources to make gfxs for so little gain in quality (1024x768), as it is just 64 pixels.

Can it be done?

I have seen that Retina Resolution is not available... can it be done?

GLBasic - en / Re: Messing with projects
« on: 2010-Sep-10 »

Well, I'll have to be used to this...

GLBasic - en / Messing with projects
« on: 2010-Sep-10 »
I have been always a guy of one source per project.

On BlitzBasic, if I make a game and needs a level editor, I can have both programs on the IDE, saved on the same directory, and just running the one I want just pressing F5.

Now, GLB is over me. It seems that if I created a new window/program on IDE, it is not an independent one; everytime I press F5, the first/main program is executed.

Sure I am missing something.

Can I have independent programs on the same dir/project, and run the one I want just pressing F5?

GLBasic - en / Re: We want a Spanish forum :)
« on: 2010-Sep-10 »
Esquirol  =D

Correct me if I am wrong.

On iPhone, touching the screen is the same as on PC moving the mouse AND clicking left.

If you do not touch the screen, mousex and y return the last known mouse position. Of course, on PC, mousex&y are updated even if no LMB is pressed.

Can we have a menu on IDE or a metacomand in GLB, called "TOUCHSCREEN ON", so only mousex&y are updated if LMB is pressed?

This way, we will not make this mistakes when programming for iPhone.

Just an idea, maybe I am wrong...

GLBasic - en / We want a Spanish forum :)
« on: 2010-Sep-09 »
What about a general spanish forum?

It seems we are legion here  :enc:

A ver si nos ponen un foro en español, que estamos aquí como tontos hablándonos entre nosotros en inglés!

Really, I dont see anything bad about thios "programmer recruiter".

Also, I have not been in this forum as long as mostg of you, but I really dont see the problem.

Maybe he has not shown us what kind of work he needs, so some of us are out of target (not enough programming skills, or not want to be on his kind of project). But out of this, he has been good enough for me.

GLBasic - en / Re: Documentation?
« on: 2010-Sep-07 »
I am one that likes to start with a language reading all the commands, from A to Z, but I encounter very anointing not to find such document.

The chm file seems to be a bit outdated, and to read online, pressing back and forward is a thing I do not like.


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