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Well after some experimentation, it seems it's MOSTLY the .xms that are affected. I could just basically use .MOD/.IT and stick with that for now. Major problem though: No matter what I try, I can't get music to loop.

hmmm wait, maybe there is more to it.
I tried such on android and it was all fine, check this thread:

Maybe there is a way to use it on PC?
There was a discussion about it some time ago, but I canĀ“t seem to find it.
Maybe someone else can help this front?

it doesn't work on PC because it's using libmikmod in the android version. So apparently on desktops unless you have a MOD codec installed it won't  "just play." If someone could help me wrap bass.dll or the newer fmod / fmodex I could get accurate chiptune playback... I'd appreciate the help.

GLBasic - en / Including C headers/libraries
« on: 2015-Apr-06 »
Can I use header files and just use C source files with my game? In particular, I want to support a large array of music formats in my game. The FMOD DLL included with the examples folder does not play MOD files accurately... there's no echo, and it sounds pretty lame compared to an actual mod/xm/it player. Erico stated that GLBasic supports MOD/IT 'out of the box' but PLAYMUSIC is doing nothing with those... I don't know if I'm doing it wrong. Anyway, is it possible to statically link FMOD or something similar? I just want to be able to have my game play tracker music. as it is, it's using the examples-folder fmod 3.75 dll but the sound quality is just off. Help?

using PLAYMUSIC I get nothing with any of my MOD files. Special way to handle it?

GLB currently plays MOD and IT out of the box, why do you need fmod I wonder?

.............................................. wait what? why was I not informed of this... uh. 1 sec. I feel stupid now xD

Does anyone have any experience with importing DLL functions and want to help me get the latest FMOD working? I think the version in examples is super ultra old...

Oh, the memory-function for last attack is nice! Maybe reset the last attack if you change pet so it doesn't try to attack with a second attack the new pet haven't learned yet.

I'll patch that in. Also.... hmn. A friend of mine has a point. When I play these chiptunes in XMPlay or VLC, they actually sound W A Y better than in-game..... this fmod.dll that comes with the glbasic samples folder... is this an ancient version?? huh...

There are a few word wrap functions around the forum, just search for "word wrap" (Just make sure you go back to the start-page of the forum before you search).

Explanation for #3:
3. Load/quit/get back to menu - button in game so you don't have to press the X.
- There is no load button in the menu, only save. If you get stuck and want to load the game again you have to shut down and restart the game.

The game looks very good so far!

Oh! Will do!

That's really good :)

I played it for about 15 minutes, managing to beat a couple of the other trainers and picked up items etc. without problem.

My comments are mainly referencing the differences to PokeMon, as if this was a brand new game and PokeMon didn't exist, they wouldn't be issues, so bare that in mind :) Also, I won't mention the text wrap problem ;)

The only issues I found were -

1. You can (and can try) capture a trainer's Blobomon - the real game doesn't allow that. I do like that capture system idea though :)

2. Sometimes when you are offered a choice of YES/NO the highlighter doesn't appear straight away. I'll try to identify exactly when when I get more time.

3. In Pokemon the early trainers only hold one Pokemon, whereas in this game they can hold two or more - you can't run, so you get wiped out after a battle or two if you have no potions - which happens with Kiddo when you first walk straight out of the Bloak's Lab.

4. In one round my fainted Blobomon appeared to gain EXP from battles. A non-combatant Blobomon also gained EXP. IIRC.

It certainly captures the look, feel and gameplay of PokeMon. The jokes are good too :)

I'm loving it so far. Keep up the excellent work.  :good:

BTW This was V0.56 - you posted your update while I was typing! :P

Indeed you're right about the exp problem - I just fixed it. Next release will have it. Basically the type variable "didBattle" wasn't being reset, so if it was a participant in one battle, it would be in the next even if it were dead... sometimes. xD

Announcements / Blobomon 0.60 - MAJOR update
« on: 2015-Apr-05 »
0.60 is here! In this version, I have completely switched to chiptunes and FMOD!

*All music is modular. File size for the game is cut DRASTICALLY
*I picked the swankiest chiptunes I could find that are royalty-free ^^
*WEATHER effects are in testing in this version. Cherrygrove has become Rainygrove!
(Press F8-F10 to change weather. so far there's just day time, night time, and rain)


Ian: Thanks for testing! I am well aware of the wrapping issue, and well aware you can catch trainer creatures. The catching is for testing purposes for now. In fact in the final game you WILL be able to catch trainer Blobomon, but it will be very difficult and super risky, and will require "black market" items that are unethical and expensive  :D

Announcements / Blobomon v. 0.57 update
« on: 2015-Apr-05 »

0.57 is live. Pressing Z will skip text boxes completely for the impatient ones  ::)
Fixed many more glitches. Fixed a persistence bug with event placement/walk timing.
Removed some redundant code to optimize a few situations. Battle commands are remembered, so you can mash X to keep Firebeaming! :P

Here is my post-message function:

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
FUNCTION postmessage:inmsg$,eventIDpost% = -1

//New message instance
LOCAL newmsg AS message

//Push to message array
newmsg.msg$ = inmsg$
DIM newmsg.words$[LEN(inmsg$)]
FOR p = 0 TO LEN(inmsg$)-1
newmsg.words$[p] = MID$(inmsg$,p,1)
newmsg.eventID = eventIDpost
DIMPUSH messages[],newmsg

//Tells us we're in a message event
inmessage = 1


if someone could help make a function to format the text (inmsg$) BEFORE sending it to the message array, it could fix the line breaking. Basically each line is a maximum of 19 characters. I don't know how to make it format an incoming text so that it determines the length of the next word and adds spaces so that it pops down to the next line...

The family Pokemon enthusiast is very happy with it so far, she just had a few things:

1. Would be nice if it would remember the last battle action and keep this selected so you don't have to start from the top of the menu each time. If not this, maybe able to sort the buttons yourself.

2. Line break in dialogues would be nice if they would break on space, not in the middle of a word.

3. Load/quit/get back to menu - button in game so you don't have to press the X.

4. When having a high-level pet active she wasn't getting any encounters any more. When switching back to a lower level pet she got encounters again. Might have been bad luck?

Thanks for testing! I'm happy to hear you like it  so far!
Last battle action remembering I can certainly do, it's one line of code and I'll put it in for you. Line break I may not be able to due to the nature of my messaging system. If I implemented such a system it would likely just run many sentences straight off the box and require a whole new box for single words, etc. due to certain battle phrases taking up an entire box even without line breaking... but I can try. I do not understand what you mean by load/quit/get back to menu... Also the encounter thing. Were you exclusively in the grass? Encounters can ONLY happen in the grass. If you step off of the grass, that particular tile could have been the "trigger" step, which resets the encounter randomization. Please test walking in grass a minimum of 30 grass-only tiled on Route 1.

I have to beg you please let us skip faster the intro talking. It is ok a few times but after playing a lot of times, the startup conversation just goes on way too forever, maybe a faster accel when B is pressed? The current one is not fast enough.

No problem! I *just* popped that feature in to the next version. Likely you'll see version 0.58 tomorrow with it, and item-selling. It's just "press Z to skip dialog" - basically any text it'll blow right through if you mash it.

Announcements / Blobomon 0.56 update
« on: 2015-Apr-05 »
Version 0.56

Fixes shops buying. It would crash if a shop had less than 5 items before. Added "AnTdot" item. Added skills to Grassnitch. Evened out some learned skill levels. Added many fixes to trainer battles, including freeze-fixes and fixed an unlikely scenario where a trainer would never "die." Seemingly fixed a problem where half-defeated trainers would still be half-defeated upon blacking out. Everything seems pretty stable now as far as blacking out, respawning, and fixing trainer original locations and battle setup goes.

TODO: fix selling items at the shop (not possible still, but buying is possible), and proper potion usage w/ animation and sound. Up next will also be evolution, baby!  :good:

Note: Swampsprig still sucks.


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