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Here are screenshots from my DROID Turbo playing Blobomon in 1440x2560 at 30 fps (my project's max FPS) I plan to make a button on the virtual gameboy to change its color :)

0.65 is here! It's 99% stability patches and Android fixes.

Android download:
Windows download:

On Android, it now makes full use of Android Extras' audio functions for sound effects. Now the sound is consistent and quick to play, and doesn't crash. I also fixed a bug where damage dealt could be in the negative, which would cause the game to loop forever in battle. That's been addressed. On Android, you can press the very bottom-left of the screen to open the debug window to check FPS etc.

*Added a quit button that goes to the main menu* - this feature is untested besides a few quick moments.  :booze:

GLBasic - en / Re: android extras
« on: 2015-Apr-10 »
NEVERMIND! haha. I made it load all WAVs at load, and an INSTANCE of TSound for each "sound." Dumping them all in Pool 0 somehow makes all sounds have infinity buffers and no extra ram/cpu usage, and sounds don't overlap each other. This is pretty great actually.

GLBasic - en / android extras
« on: 2015-Apr-10 »
So what's the deal with the alternative sound API for androidextras? I've gotten it working, and it's great because it plays instantly, no horrible sound latency like with PLAYSOUND. But it only has four TOTAL SOUNDS... and you have to unload them and reload them to play another different sound. I tried making a system that unloads a sound and loads a new one every time it plays, but EVEN with unloading to free memory, it eventually crashes. Is there a way to load all my sounds at the beginning, and play them either by name or ID without having only 4?

Announcements / GLBasic Rocks!
« on: 2015-Apr-09 »
GLBasic rocks! I basically made a minor adjustment and now the game fully compiles for and runs on Android, original chiptune formats and all!! I'm giving it a "classic gameboy" on-screen control system  :good:

Just updated the .apk to the new AndroidExtras version! Loads quickly and battles don't crash.


is UBB still in development?

Every friend I showed Uber Bash Bros. hated it or said it wasn't fun. No one on here really liked it either. I'll post the source code for you if you want.

if someone could help make a function to format the text (inmsg$) BEFORE sending it to the message array, it could fix the line breaking. Basically each line is a maximum of 19 characters. I don't know how to make it format an incoming text so that it determines the length of the next word and adds spaces so that it pops down to the next line...

I did something similar with text messages but I used an array of lines where each line was x in length so it wouldn't go out of the box.

message box max was 5 lines, typewriter style displaying of the text, each new line only activated at the end of the last, when 5 lines finished there was a pause and cleared last 5 lines and started with new 5.
Or something like that...

Already done. See version 0.64 :)

yes its a very small window size, too small on a PC monitor.

But you do not need to using bigger internal resolution, which can still been 160x144 (my latest game, CatchOut used even lower internal resolution, about 82x52).

So all needs for bigger Windows is simply doing a 2x and/or 3x scaling, which can been done via virtual screen. That all.

You can eventuelly use this snippet (its not just for Android):

Perhaps you should push keys 1-6? It can go up to 6x window size...


0.64 is here! New and improved!

*Better title screen + music
*Load screen at beginning while processing sprites/wavs
*Fixes several instances where trainer enemies weren't dying properly
*Fixed a walk-through-walls exploit
*Fixed a framerate issue while switching Blobomon after one dies
*Fixed a glitch that would cause the game to be unplayable after blacking out in certain conditions
*Fixed NPCs making solid walls... unsolid.
*Fixed events that would hang if you mashed X through them
*Added status effects (Works on enemies only atm.) Claw for the time being has a chance to poison.
*Fine-tuned word wrapping.
*Cleaned up Debug Menu (F1)
*Finished elemental modifiers for weather (higher water / wind dmg, lower fire in rain, etc)
*Removed several debug keys that were game-breaking

Make potions work on any Blobomon in the party, outside and inside of battle.
Make "sell" work in shops. (Do not use it atm, it's under construction!)
Make evolutions work
Make the "skills" button in Blobomon menu work

After that short todo list, I can concentrate on game content!!  =D

Announcements / Version 0.63b
« on: 2015-Apr-07 »

Fixed! Now has text wrapping working properly :)

Ian, that's almost insulting lol. The screen will not change. After 14,000 lines of code that rely on 160x144, I'm not going to spend a week making the screen bigger for a game trying to be like a gameboy game.

Announcements / Version 0.63
« on: 2015-Apr-07 »
<link redacted, working on a mega glitch >->>

Holy moly. I made a text wrapping algorithm for my messaging system. It was SUPER difficult to make - harder than anything I've ever made in GLBasic. It had to do with the way my message system was so integrated to work a certain way, letter by letter... but now it's good! Text wraps. If it's too long of a message, it pops another messagebox with the rest of the text after. Was not easy!

Announcements / 0.61 update!
« on: 2015-Apr-07 »


*Rain now ... well sounds like rain! (Outside of battle.)
*Weather system now affects elements. Example: In a rainstorm, fire does less, water and lightning/wind do more.
*Added some tiles to the tileset. Touched up Rainygrove/Route1
*Added a Grassnitch statue in a fenced in area in Rainygrove. Good spot to level up!
*Adjusted required-exp modifier (to be more exponential.)
*Fixed some MOD/XM/IT playback issues with looping. Added new tunes.
*Added more fitting music to Route 1
*Added item descriptions to shop
*Fixed the infinitrainer glitch... AGAIN! xD
*Fixed element issues (Follows Ragnarok Online's element chart for level 1 elements. Always was my fav!)
*Fixed a collision problem where any tile on the far-right edge of any map was always walk-thru.
*Frame rate increase: removed some bulky code being run on each render.
*Other minor improvements/stability updates
*As per suggestion, last-used-moves are remembered, and defaulted when a new Blobomon is chosen.

Well I guess I've come to a conclusion actually. FMOD *does* do what I need. I just need to:

*Not use XM files, because it doesn't reverb them properly.
*Play the music beforehand to determine if it has an internal pattern jump at the end. 99% of them do, the particular one I was using for the shop does NOT, so it was frustrating me. But now that I know mod/it music can loop I'm happy.

Has anyone wrapped bass.DLL? I feel like that would solve my problems. The mod files in FMOD do not loop in GLBasic... I need chiptunes and looping :(

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