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GLBasic - en / Re: console program - on exit?
« on: 2019-Dec-08 »
Implement atexit:

HelloKitty - I am not very good at INLINE and implementing C++ stuff. Could you or someone please show me how to make a SUB that is called when exiting?

Thank you so much <3

GLBasic - en / console program - on exit?
« on: 2019-Dec-02 »
GLB_ON_QUIT does not seem to fire with a console program. How can I make something happen when the window is closed or ctrl+c is pressed?

GLBasic - en / Re: Older version download
« on: 2017-Jun-28 »
Hi Darmakwolf, good to see you!   ;)

Can't help you with that link though.  :(

Good to see you too! Alright well it's got to be somewhere on the internets. I bet @KittyHello knows...

GLBasic - en / Older version download
« on: 2017-Jun-24 »
Hey guys! (I'm still alive!) I have a request. I tried downloading GLBasic Version 9 to try compiling a game for my PowerPC Mac (G5, OSX Leopard 10.5.8) and found:

Which appears to link to V9 that was the last to have PPC Mac compiler working. Can anyone link me to that SDK please? I'd really appreciate it.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android Graphics problem
« on: 2015-Jun-27 »
Brilliant!  Thanks that worked.

I assumed that if i drew to the backbuffer and grabbed it it would be the same result.

It'd work on Windows. Android has problems with GRABSPRITE.

Code Snippets / Re: Blobomon 0.77 SOURCE CODE!
« on: 2015-Jun-20 »
It's fine, I like how its more logically split up now though.  :good:

I find it a million times easier to make a big project by modularizing it. If something breaks, it's one or two small parts. And fixing one little piece doesn't (usually) require a full re-compile. Good luck with the several blocks of code commented like "//no clue how this works." or "//voodoo magic illegal hax" - so many chunks that I just threw random numbers and algorithms at until somehow it worked :P

Code Snippets / Re: Blobomon 0.77 SOURCE CODE!
« on: 2015-Jun-19 »
Many thanks Darmakwolf, its always educational to examine other peoples ways of doing things.  :)

You may notice my code aesthetics have improved at least a little for this one. Hahaha

Code Snippets / Re: Blobomon 0.77 SOURCE CODE!
« on: 2015-Jun-19 »
Shame it won't be finished, but you did a great job.

It may still be. Just not at this time. Just been too busy. The source should be fun to mess with though!

Code Snippets / Blobomon 0.77 SOURCE CODE!
« on: 2015-Jun-12 »

I've been promoted to full time and don't have time to work on this right now. Here's the FULL source to my pokemon-like project Blobomon, including the C# code for the editors, using VS 2013 and .NET 4.5. The full source is many modules and takes a looong time to compile. Let me know if you have any questions! It includes Android Extras and compiles and works on Android fine. To test android-mode in windows, add "#DEFINE ANDROID" to the top of the main project source and it'll be touch-screen compatible.

The only thing I would add is a bit of interpolation on the button edges,
other than that looking good.

Also tried this and its very close to the original, good work so far.

Can't do the edges because they get resized anyway, it's not just a big picture of a gameboy. Besides, do you really think I'm going to worry about pixelation on a gameboy game control? :P


The new Android UI is looking better!

Announcements / Update 0.68
« on: 2015-Apr-12 »
Download for Android:
Download for Windows:

What's new:

*Android version now much more closely represents a Gameboy Color. Gameboy color theme can be changed by tapping the upper-left of the screen, and the color you choose will save!
*Someone managed to find the infinite-trainer glitch... AGAIN. Which has not been most assuredly fixed! xD
*Optimized tile layer 2 and weather layer to be more friendly to slower PCs and phones.
*Selling at shops now works 100%, as does using potions on any target in battle.
*Fixed many glitches pertaining to status effects.
*Fixed "Received 0 exp" glitch.
*Fixed sound not stopping on exit sometimes
*Fixed being unable to catch "Slow" blobomon

Note: Do not select "Skills" under the Blobomon menu outside of battle yet. It is under construction and will result in an inescapable black void of doom.

GLBasic - en / Re: android extras
« on: 2015-Apr-11 »
Yes Tsound is just a object, not a channel.

There is something like same style as LOADSOUND using with buffers.

Sometimes you might need to uses different buffer for some sound to make sure the same sound can been played top on each other (like a shoot command). This is property why FiveSprites added the buffers.

Also TMusic does NOT support Mods files. But TSound can also uses other formats than wav me thinks. But newer tested it really.

It's fine, you can use PLAYMUSIC on Android to play MODs, and then TSound for sound effects just fine.

Version 0.66, hot out of the oven!


What's new:

*You can now buy AND sell in shops*
*Potions can be used to heal ANY Blobomon in battle, you can choose*
*Fixed a silly glitch I'm too embarrassed to mention because it was silly!*
*Reduced rendering load, some slower android devices should fare better.*

Known glitches:

*Trying to catch a "slow" Blobomon (rare instance,) will freeze the battle. It has to do with using a Sphere causing your turn to skip, making the enemy go first. A "slow" Blobomon forces the turn to belong to the player first, so there's a discrepency. Slow is bad anyway, just kill 'em! :P

*Using the hidden debug menu before starting a new game or loading a game will crash the game.

No idea what you mean by an old school cheat. If you mean game cheats, then no it will not have any. It also checks a 16x16 pixel area around the thumb. I could make it bigger, but I've had 12 friends test it and no one complained of control issues. I'll make the "thumb fatness" option for you though  =D

Also I already added a color changer for the gameboy. It's pretending to be Gameboy COLOR, which was never grey.

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