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Announcements / Re: voxel renderer for GLBasic
« on: 2011-Jan-26 »

I'd be very interested in trying this out! I am currently working on iPhone 'virtual fluoroscopy' visualisation of anatomical models:



I have fiddled around with converting volume rendered DICOM data to surface rendered & exporting as 3DS for .DDD import to GLB but its a bit hit & miss.

Cheers, Shawus

Slydog- thanks, thats a great help.

Cheers, Shawnus

Hi - Apologies if this has been answered (I did search the forums but was not sure if this question had been adressed).

I'd like my iPhone app to 'communicate' with my website, the objective being for the user to select and load a 3D (ddd) model from my website into my 3d scene which is on the iPhone.

The reasoning behind this is that I'd like to a) reduce the app load time and b) offer a wider and constantly updated selection of 3D models for users to interact with.

I understand that apps are 'sandboxed' (so the app cant communicate with the iPhone's hard drive (?) but I dont really know the extent of this, or even if this is correct.

Any advice appreciated!

Kind regards, Shawnus

Thanks- the video is very good! Cheers, Shawn

GLBasic - en / Re: selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-08 »
Erico & Djtoon-

Congratulations! You look like you are both doing well.

I can see that many people would filter apps by release date on their device, so an app would sell in volume initially, but once its off the first 25 in the 3 filters (top paid, top selling & release date) its as good as lost unless someone is specifically looking for it, and for someone to look for it they must know it exists.

So my question is really- to what extent do you 'manage' these apps once they are up? Or are they essentially 'fire & forget'? If the latter is the case then are these apps proliferated via word of mouth / advertising, etc?

Cheers, Shawnus

not sure

Hi Slydog

Yes, I am just loading the models into iVCL v2 at the moment! ha ha. It all comes around I guess!

Anyway, the model I was trying to put in was ddd'd at over 66k nodes (I think that is the term)- I think the single model export limit for 3ds is 64k polys so perhaps the model as a single entity is too big. Or something- I dont really know to be honest. I have yet to take into account texturing- the whole thing is a bit of a black art really.

On a positive note, I seem to be able to multi res (optimise) the meshes at around 80% without any visible visual degradation, so I guess will just need to do loads of testing.

Thanks for  the reply!

Cheers, Shawus

Hi All,

Just got this error when building a 3D scene for the iPhone although it runs fine & compiles in GLB. I'm assuming its memory related- if so does anyone know what the polygon limit is for the iPhone (actually its an iPod touch)?

Cheers, Shawn

I received e mails at every stage where the app submission changed its status, if that helps.

I hear stories about people not receiving e mails from Apple in a timely manner regarding confirmation of provisioning profiles, etc but I have never had a problem with this either- they have always come immediately.

Off Topic / Re: Books
« on: 2010-Nov-11 »
I must admit 'Macclesfield, Bollington and Marple Railway' from FP Miller & Co looked tempting, but the secondhand price £34.81 is more than the new price £31.35!

I guess the secondhand version is an antique & they used Netscape (the 'Mallard' of all browsers) to take the web pages. Perhaps the price includes a link to a subscription youtube channel- 'live text scraping' showing the archive footage. Looks like the White House on the front cover.

Off Topic / Re: pushing on iTunes
« on: 2010-Oct-27 »
Gernot- less blacksmith, more like Merlin!

Mine was 10 days.

Off Topic / Re: work offer - paid
« on: 2010-Oct-06 »
I believe I have now reached an agreement with a member of the GLB community to work on this, therefore I'd like to now withdraw this work request offer. Thanks!

Cheers, Shawnus

Yes it looks pretty good. I actually used DarkBasic back in 2000, then bought their '3d game maker'- looks like FPS Creator is derived from this. 3D Game Maker certainly needed some improvement- looks like its got it. Now its just a case of finding the time!

Cheers, Shawnus

Do you think its possible for just one person to develop, release, market & maintain successful PC game?

I can see how one developer could develop a hit app game & make it big, but games for the PC are just so big in scope & attention to detail that I'd suggest its physically very dificult/impossible for one person to develop a hit PC game within an acceptable timeframe.

I just remember playing Quake back in '97 and thinking at the time- there is no way I could do this, the scope is just too big. At the same time if you are spending £20 on a game this is the type of game I would expect for my money.

Cheers, Shawnus

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