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GLBasic - en / Re: Compass in iPhone
« on: 2011-Jun-10 »

I'd really like to use the gyroscope via GLB, but dont understand what a library is. That code looks like C, does that go into xcode somewhere?

cheers, Shawnus

I was contacted by the UK distributor of the SL8:

they are interested in deploying their device to the healthcare market & want to pre load medical software, including my VCL. They sent me one, but the GLB testing has not gone well- the touch interface (which is emulated via the mouse in the PC version) does not work at all, and swipes (i.e. mouse movements) result on random model movements, which is all a bit strange because the SL8's touch interface just replicates mouse functionality. As its running Windows7 I dont really understand how or where the 'mouse layer' is getting lost, but it shows the importance of testing on an actual device!

Anyway, the original Blitz3D version works fine so we have had to go back to that & make it completely mouse driven.

I sell the PC version to the NHS (I have 3 sites so far) but its very difficult as you ned to be an 'approved supplier', so there is a lot of paperwork to complete.

Also, I cant seem to get around the 'disconnect' between medical professionals and the student body- I think Gernot you are right- a simple poster in the student common room would work wonders.

Also, a lot of medical schools are now rolling out iPhones / iPads 'enterprise wide' & are pre-loading them with 'quality' apps, so I am looking at that option as well.

At the same time I am continuously 'stirring' the advertising in specialist publications, professional bodies, medical app review sites, medical websites, linkedin, FB, etc, etc. All in all, pushing the app is almost a full time job, never mind development!

Its really for medical students and Imaging staff- its a fluoroscopy simulator.

Currently, people train to perform radiological procedures using real equipment that delivers ionising radiation to real patients. The equipment typically takes a series of 2D pictures which staff must then mentally reconstruct in their head to form a 3D object which is then prodded by the same staff using a variety of catheters and other assorted tools essential to the diagnostic/treatment process.

At the same time they must learn the psycho-motor skills necessary to operate this equipment with confidence. The iVCL just transfers this learning curve to a virtual environment.

The medical feedback I have had is that it obeys the 80/20 rule with regard to the high end simulators (e.g. Simbionix angio mentor- ) but without the price tag of several hundred thousand dollars.

I reckon at $2.99 its a steal!

I won an NHS Innovations award in 2009 for the PC based version, but I believe a mobile version is essential for the healthcare environment. Having sold only 4 in 24 hrs however the rest of the world seems to disagree with me! Ah well...roll on v3.

Finally- I am very proud to announce 'iVCL2.0-Cardiac' is now available on the Apps store:

a big thanks to Bigsofty for laying the foundations in v1 and Futurecow for setting up new functionality and models in what will become v3, soon to be released!

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support, feedback and encouragement & look forward to continuing to use GLB to deliver quality apps!

Cheers, Shawnus

I think GLB handles 3D outstandingly well! I am beginning to know and admire the entity system!


Just for info (following an overnight download, which had to be re started once & then a wi fi router reboot followed by an hour of unpacking & file installation which turned my Macbook into a mini fan heater...aargh!) when you upgrade to the latest xcode & fire up your project you will proably be moderately miffed to see a 'base SDK not found' error.

Successfully resisting the urge to throw the Macbook through the window I googled the error & it was a relatively straightforward fix (some project settings need altering) and submittingthe binary via xcode was pretty straightforward after that. The App loader still doesnt work & I still dont have a response from Mr J re my query so I'd personally recommend upgrading xcode to solve any binary upload issues.

Hope the above proves useful to someone! Cheers, Shawnus

blog like update- app loader wont 'recognise my login credentials' on startup & wont give me the opportunity to enter them. I couldnt find the app loader download option in iTunes connect either, so I guess its time to update the SDK and try again at some point. Cue another download-a-thon tonight. What nonsense!

yes that is an option but I thought it was only available with the latest SDK (which I did not really want to download because of the size) but if all else fails I will certainly give it a go- thanks Dabz!

Ahh, its all clear now- the App submission process is like eating a piece of flat bread of Mediterranean origin. Ugh! I thought pita bread was Greek?

good grief- I tried to find the app loader as well- obviously not hard enough! Thanks very much Ian thats a great help. Whats PITA?
Cheers, Shawnus

Hi, just about to submit my app- I need to get application loader (which I will do tonight since it seems to be bundled with the SDK at a whopping 3Gb+) but do you still have to go through the 'build for distribution' steps in Xcode to set up the binary? I cant see an 'end to end' process in Apples documentation (yet).
Cheers, Shawnus

Off Topic / Re: Help with press release
« on: 2011-Feb-04 »
ok remove the domain (ie game) but keep the context person specific- what about 'committed', 'dedicated' or 'loyal' developers?

'Im thirsty- I want a small expensive bottle of Evian'
'I can give you water from the tap'
'I want Evian...'
'Tap water is free, guaranteed ultra safe and unlimited- you can have as much as you want, anytime you wish'
'I want Evian...'
'Why do you want to pay for something that is completely free. Why dont you pay once and re use the bottle again using water from the tap?'
'I want Evian'
'Each time I want a drink I want Evian'
'This is completely insane- why would anyone pay for something they can get completely free?! Aarhg'- (jumps off cliff)

The global bottled water industry is predicted to have a value of just under $10 billion in 2014


Off Topic / Re: Help with press release
« on: 2011-Feb-03 »
Hi Gernot,

Here is a link to a sample press release:

I guess it gives you a general format & you could do some 'context substitution' ie:

'Anytown Construction is using a new email and telephone system to tackle the problem of contacting your builder whilst a job is in progress'.


'GLBasic is proud to announce the release of version 9 with an impressive array of new features that will impress, benefit and will be a 'must have' for game developers of all abilities.'

or something?

Cheers, Shawnus

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