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GLBasic - good language.
But why not remake GLBasic - a scripting language ?

Why do you want make GLBasic a scripting language ?

I think that compile in native code is a benefit and not a disadvantage  :whistle:!

In the IDE are presents two toolbars but the view menu can hide only the main toolbar.
If I close the Debugger toolbar (drag it and click on close button) is impossible to show again it (I need to close editor and reopen).

Can you save the 'view' settings on disk to restore it when reopen editor ?

I would also use a netbook as editor but the resolution is only 1024x600 pixels and I would optimise the space for editing but every time I start editor si necessary to close the Toolbar, output window, etc. (it is not a serious problem  :) ).

Can be handy even a key (as F11 in some application) to maximize the window and remove the window title bar and borders to gaining space.


Another feature that I find convenient in various editors is the possibility of closing a window by clicking the middle mouse button (wheel) directly on the Tab  :-[ (ok.... I can use Ctrl+F4.....   :whistle:)

Thanks  :good:

Announcements / Re: Video: Editor 1.0 Beta
« on: 2010-Apr-18 »
@Diego & @Neurox

Thanks for your answers, I know mugen but I did not know that the term versus is also associated to the category of games.

--- ITA

Grazie per le risposte, Mugen lo conoscevo ma non sapevo che il termine Versus fosse associato anche alla categoria di giochi.

Announcements / Re: Video: Editor 1.0 Beta
« on: 2010-Apr-17 »
Thanks for the reply, I do not know if it is correct to speak only Italian in this thread  :-[

Grazie per la risposta, non so se è corretto parlare solo in italiano in questo thread :-[
Io sono alle prime 'armi' con GLBasic, appena acquistato, e volevo iniziare a provare  a gestire un piccolo platform da qui l'idea di utilizzare un editor di mappe per il livello, etc. Quando ho visto la tua presentazione mi sono subito chiesto se non potevo sfruttare direttamente il tuo lavoro anche per implementare i movimenti dei nemici, come sembra prevedersi dai tuoi video. Attendo eventuali tuoi sviluppi per capire dove si arriverà il tuo lavoro che al momento sembra ottimo.
Solo una curiosità, sono abbastanza ignorante, ma cosa intendi per Versus ? Si tratta di un programma/engine particolare ?


I am the first 'test' with GLBasic, recently purchased, and I want to start trying to manage a small platform, hence the idea of use a map editor for the level, etc.. When I saw your presentation I immediately asked if I can use your work for implementing the movements of the enemy, as seems to be expected from your videos. I await any your progress in the work.
Just a curiosity, I'm quite ignorant, but what do you mean by Versus? This is a particular program/engine ?

Sorry for my english.

Announcements / Re: Video: Editor 1.0 Beta
« on: 2010-Apr-17 »
Do you think to release a beta version available for all or is only a beta version for you ?
Is possible to export your map/animation and use it directly with GLBasic (with a loader) ?
When the program will end do you plans to releasing it as freeware or shareware?

Pensi di rilasciare una versione beta disponibile per tutti o è solo una versione interna ?
Sarà possibile esportare le mappe e le animazioni per utilizzarle direttamente con GLBasic (con un eventuale loader) ?
Quando il programma sarà terminato pensi di rilasciarlo come freeware o come shareware ?

Bye/Ciao  =D

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic & Android?
« on: 2010-Mar-10 »
New version of  Android NDK, Revision 3 (Native Code SDK)

General notes:
  • Adds OpenGL ES 2.0 native library support.
  • Adds a sample application,hello-gl2, that illustrates the use of OpenGL ES 2.0 vertex and fragment shaders.
  • The toolchain binaries have been refreshed for this release with GCC 4.4.0, which should generate slightly more compact and efficient machine code than the previous one (4.2.1). The NDK also still provides the 4.2.1 binaries, which you can optionally use to build your machine code.

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