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Announcements / Re: Caanoo support
« on: 2011-Sep-21 »
it has a Wiz-support layer working like WINE on PC. So, it can perfectly play Wiz games.

This is true but in that case you can not use the G-Sensor and Vibration present only in Caanoo  :whistle:

Announcements / Re: Caanoo support
« on: 2011-Sep-20 »
Excellent news. I hope soon to be released a beta version  :nw:

GLBasic - en / Re: glbasic caanoo
« on: 2011-Jul-19 »
There are news for the Caanoo support?  :nw:

Beta Tests / Re: Jnr Platform Example #1
« on: 2011-May-20 »
If you want I have the zip of the three examples of the tutorial.

You can download them here:

Beta Tests / Re: Language & Country Selection
« on: 2011-May-20 »
Thanks a lot.

This is surely a good starting point in waiting for your next production.

This is my expression  :nw:

Ok, no problem. Thanks for your answer.

Very helpful functions.

Would it be possible to extend the function to handle 45-degree angles?

Beta Tests / Re: Language & Country Selection
« on: 2011-May-20 »
I 'resurrected' this thread to ask about what is the best way to manage the multilingual.

Can you release the source code of this sample?
What do you think is the best way to manage multi-language files? (ini file, custom text file, other?)


Bug Reports / Re: IDE jumps
« on: 2011-May-20 »
I found another condition to this problem.
If a function is collapsed, the jumps list is not updated (you must use the trick to flip between the open windows).

Bug Reports / Re: Wiz fails to run.
« on: 2011-May-11 »
With the new beta works again!


Bug Reports / Re: Wiz fails to run.
« on: 2011-May-10 »
Thank you!

You are the best!  :nw:

Bug Reports / Re: Wiz fails to run.
« on: 2011-May-10 »
It's possible to download previous releases of GLBasic to try to recompile a WIZ project ?
There is, on the site, a repository of the releases?


Bug Reports / Re: Wiz fails to run.
« on: 2011-May-08 »
I confirm   :(, the Wiz fails to run any apps.

Bug Reports / Re: Flicker in new V9 IDE
« on: 2011-Feb-18 »
Another little bug with last version (9.014).

Return to the IDE, after you run the program, the background of the windows on the right side is white.



I agree!

I don't love Apple for its policy of closures, but, with this initiative, could make me more interest to the world of apple.

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