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Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2020-Jan-26 »
Nice! Body stretching looks cool too.

Announcements / Re: Grave Digger Ex
« on: 2020-Jan-23 »
Made a Pandora version and sent it to their repo.
Thanks Ian for the guide you did was super helpful!

In case you guys own a pandora, here is the link:

Announcements / Re: [GBJam 5] MRU:LV-426
« on: 2020-Jan-11 »
Because a friend requested to see this game´s source code, I think it is fare I share it amongst us.
I´m digging its souce now and shouls have it posted here soon.

Announcements / Re: Grave Digger Ex
« on: 2020-Jan-11 »
argh! you guys dont need to buy, I can only do better games because of the help you send my way!  :booze:
My games will always be free to us.

Announcements / Re: Grave Digger Ex
« on: 2020-Jan-11 »
added GLB credits to youtube descriptions and itchio page. :)
One nice thing is that every new game I release tends to sell my others.

Announcements / Re: 2600 shooter
« on: 2020-Jan-09 »
Setting up a balanced difficult level is a bit tough for me too.
As I go about testing and deving, I tend to increase it so it suits the end the game is impossible for new commers...then...a kid pops out of nowhere and beat the game like peeling a banana. :)

Announcements / Re: 2600 shooter
« on: 2020-Jan-09 »
Just gave it a spin. Played about 4 games. Last one till level 15 scoring about 11k.

Presentation and game package all fine and smooth. It took me a while to notice the control switch on the menu but everything from installing, menu switches, ingame , pause and exit worked fine.

The gfx felt very kin to the 2600, specially the part above the controls and the sprites. I felt a little bit bugged by the resolution variation but that is just the purist inside me and a very personal thing.

Gameplay felt too easy. I didnt notice increase on it at all during 15 stages and the saucer showed up only twice. I did notice an ocasinal faster enemy bullet around stage 8 but it did not make the game harder for me.

I didnt enjoy the blinking bullets at first but then got along with it and started liking its distractive feats. It was probably because they blink eractic. But all fine.

Player explosion is quite cool but the enemies ones is a bit strange and I noticed some don't explode at all, they just disapear.

Overall a very neat retro experience and evrything goes smooth but I trully miss more content and a higher difficult level escalation. Well done! :)

Off Topic / Re: Happy New Year!
« on: 2020-Jan-08 »
Mark that 3. No videos here as I spent it in house.

Announcements / Re: Grave Digger Ex
« on: 2020-Jan-08 »
It is an interesting subject.
Turn based games, like pixel dungeon, I tend to play in portrait.

Announcements / Re: Grave Digger Ex
« on: 2020-Jan-08 »
You are right. It is now on the to do list for v1.1
That didn't came to my other games also don't have it.

Announcements / Re: Grave Digger Ex
« on: 2020-Jan-07 »
Holy crap!!!! I just noticed I forgot to add 'powered by glbasic' in game and videos as I usually do! aaarrrrgh! :rant:
There is proper mention on the devlog and it will be when I bring it to my own homepage but heck!

I will see to fix that on the video descriptions and possibly on v1.1 of the exe.
Dammit! Can´t waste no opportunity to promote our tool, I´m ashamed. :'(

Announcements / Re: Grave Digger Ex
« on: 2020-Jan-07 »
I think that would be a great mobile game - if you got the controls right and maybe re-orient for portrait!

I´m still behind on the android dev. The time I need for it always seems to fight with the time to dev a new game.
I hope to do something about it this year. :)

PS. Such a game that would been fun to see that on Spectrum Next, where the graphics would been perfect suitable for it. im dont think you ever would degrade the graphics or ever resolution at all (seens like its 320x240 game, Spectrum Next support 320x256).

PPS. Dont forget to add Y as same button as Z or possible to remap the keys.

It sure could work on either next or standard spectrum, it is not a complicated game and as you said, the gfx is very simple and I even have a simpler set.
Check this devlog here:
The game is based on a type-in game book of the 80s, there is a spectrum version :)

I didn´t add key remap, why the "Y"? I hardcoded arrows+zx and joystick/pad+AB.
I will have to add a key/control remap to my currently broken right hand thought me a hard lesson on accessibility, way above my original intentin to keep the controls fixed so to mimic the 80s arcades... ends up having more people experiencing the game is more important than oldschool hard arcade controls.  :-[
My future games should sport something on that front.

Hi, this game have to be landscape! :D
I like the graphicstyle, nice work Erico.
$2 -  maybe a bit to cheap?!

Maybe 2$ is a bit cheap, but it is a simple game.

I like it, the gameplay seems to be quite unusual, semi-puzzle/action. If you could sync up music to the movement, there’s a definite Crypt Of The Necrodancer vibe here.

Thanks, there is a bit of dinamic music as it changes according to 2 situations, but nothing as sync as Necrodancer.

I will share keys with all you guys as soon as I get them from itchio, I´d really love some criticism on it :)

Announcements / Grave Digger Ex
« on: 2020-Jan-06 »
Hello chaps,
I just published this game on itchio.
Here the link:

here the trailer:

here a gameplay vid:

I will pop out some keys soon, very hard to do posts with a broken hand but we have to do with what we can.
[I havent forgot about you Moru, just had to have this done before, :)]

Announcements / Re: 2600 shooter
« on: 2019-Dec-31 »
the generator I think is this one:

I havent tried your game yet plow, soon.

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