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Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Mar-04 »
The vandals that steal paper and the squatters that actually have to go (and use some) are working fine now.
Vandals can´t steal paper if a squatter is in the outhouse and if one is pulling paper and a squatter gets in, the paper is shredded by the slamming door.

You can hit a vandal only and the paper will retract back to the outhouse but if you shoot the paper or the outhouse, you will burn it.
Here is the stuff on going, the paper shred should be behind everyone though, will fix it later.

Off Topic / Re: one night Fight ..
« on: 2020-Feb-27 »
Tower defense?

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Feb-25 »
It was punk to align the rays... they can only happen on a block position , not within.

Sideway shots , since the ufo has 3 pixels height, is no trouble wherever is ca happen. It is always alligned with the color part of the ufo.

Up/down shots sucks. They come from the middle should the ufo be on a 3 blocks area but if he is on a two block area, the ray has to choose which side to be. The latest sideways move or shot dictates that.

Diagonal shots has lots of trouble :)

Anyways, working fine now and also implemented collisions of the ray. Ground, ufos and outhouse working fine. Needs to add some toilet paper particles to fly out of a shaken outhouse. Its shaking state also doing fine.

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Feb-25 »
Made the rays...

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Feb-24 »
That is one the troubles with this mode.
Inside a charachter area there can only be 2 colors and one of them must be black. The black outline as it is permits me to move the object per pixel instead of per charachter. I'd still be stuck with black and single color and increasing the ufo size will clutter the game as there isen't much room already. :)

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Feb-23 »
The text is within the capabilities of the machine. ;) Very hard to add to the lower graphic game play though, ate another virtual screen/buffer.

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Feb-22 »
UFO movements, crash and outhouse destruction, 3 life, game over system.

Bug Reports / Re: exe with trojan
« on: 2020-Feb-20 »
Yep, Steam version running on a win7 64b system.
Maybe my system is bugged? Very strange only the compiled .exe gets the warning and is quarantined.
Maybe it is a win7 thing where MS does not want to update or care any longer?

It is a bit worrying as I´m selling those games and would not want to bring other people harm.
Never got a complain from either steam or itchio stores directly.

First I thought it was because I use ResourceHacker tool to change GLB exe icons, it strangely gets the file a lot smaller.
But yesterday it happened on an work in progress game that has not being modified.

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Feb-20 »
Just a little bit, so to tide up a neat story/scene.
The original had some enemies that were more abstract, I changed those.
The crusher became chtchulhu, zappers became drones, anglers and rotors became bats and skylab debries.
Here is how the original looks like:

Announcements / The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Feb-20 »
Hello chaps,
new game ongoing, something I already had graphics done. I hope to be a quick project <1 month.
Since I broke my main hand last year, I haven´t been able to properly draw by hand or computer, but coding is fine, we just need 2 fingers! :S

Anyways, I plan to bring major updates to this thread.
It is a pc-win game that is to mimic the trs-80 color computer (coco I or II) capabilities.
In this case, the semigraphics 4 mode, a very weird one, but fun to deal with.

This is to be an "updated" version of an 1981 game called OUTHOUSE, first released for the trs-80 model I/II/III and later for the coco itself, but the least one in high resolution graphics.
Let´s see how it works out. I´m making it of here on this thread:

Here is the intro, title and game start going about:

Bug Reports / Re: exe with trojan
« on: 2020-Feb-20 »
Will do so, I was just wondering if someone else has experienced it on a win 7 system.

Bug Reports / exe with trojan
« on: 2020-Feb-19 »
Microsoft security essentials running on my win 7 system every now and then dictates that the .exe I create when compiling a glb code is infected with trojans like:

A friend also informed me this happened on his system after running a game of mine.
Any hints about such?

Bug Reports / Youtube-BBCode broken [FIXED]
« on: 2020-Feb-14 »
Links not working neither previewing on the forum since a couple weeks.

Announcements / Re: New Space Game
« on: 2020-Feb-13 »
Mr.plow for posting youtubr. Use the youtube tag on the editor and paste just the video code, no need for the full html.

edit:hmm maybe the forum is broken since mines are not showing either, they were a few weeks ago.
By the way, the video looks awesome! I love the way the enemies capture crates!

Announcements / Re: Grave Digger Ex
« on: 2020-Feb-03 »
I asked you for help creating pnd a long time ago. You sent me guide by email. ;)

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