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Long ago I got that, now I´m having it again.
Everytime I compile from the ide I get a windows warning sound.
Everything works fine though.

Does anyone know anything about this?

edit: could it have anything to do with the system sound? I notice as soon as the compiled game runs, the volume keys on keyboard stays unresponsive for about 10 seconds and then it computes.

Off Topic / Kitty Hello?!
« on: 2016-Apr-27 »
aaaaand I just could not help myself... :)

GLBasic - en / ANDROID back and menu buttons
« on: 2016-Apr-24 »
Probably a dumb question but I can´t find answers to it around (android extras maybe?).
How do I deal back and menu buttons on android phones using v14 latest?

Off Topic / New platforms
« on: 2016-Apr-02 »
I know most of you are skeptical about adding more platforms to GLBasic but, since we had access to the source code, I thought why not try to add one of my preferable ones?

Early today I finally managed to output code to the INTELBRAS TS-40 phone, and it is working flawlessly, even 3d.
Tomorrow I´m going to submit changes to Gernot and Spacefractal so we can properly add it to the already great set of supported platforms.


Off Topic / Pixel sprite generator
« on: 2016-Feb-23 »
Was this posted before?
Tool to auto create some kind of pixel art sprites for games.

And here a description of the algorithm, quite nice idea!

Hello chaps, maybe you find this interesting:!basic-tenliners-2016/c450

8-bit 10 liner basic competition, looks like the kind of event directed to squeezes single malt out of a rock. :)
Only for the old computers though, but I know some people around here do play the 8bit basic once in a while.

Here a boulder dash clone by Jim.

I wonder what the same contest rules would create on a modern Basic like ours.

Off Topic / Curse of Issyos - Locomalito
« on: 2015-Dec-02 »
I have been very anxious waiting for this release, it should be up on the page this friday but Loco is uploading the extras, like manuals and so on, I can´t wait!

Bug Reports / 14.106 Strange IDE behaviours
« on: 2015-Nov-28 »
Main window is not displaying and so aren´t many button images, sometimes it flicks a bit.
I don´t know where is that coming from, usually rebooting the machine fixes it for a while.

I have done a full reinstall + web update and get the same thing.
Anyone seeing it too?

Like the title said, whenever I import an obj into GLB (with the built ddd converter) I get it shaded like 100% luminosity and 0% diffuse (as in a 3d package), so it is always fully lit no matter what and it dosen´t get affected by any light at all.
Am I missing something?

You can test it with the project I uploaded here:

It is the file.
Just turn off the fog as I used that to give a sense of shading.

PS: Is there a way I can link to that file without having to re-upload it?

2D-snippets / Dungeon Crawler
« on: 2015-Nov-14 »
From the discussions we had here:

At some point, I thought to do a dungeon crawler visualization in 2d to boot.
Just some exercise.

Here the code, and the appended full project+compiled pc version + a screen shot.
Be aware that the way I did is rough coding, but hopefully this will give a head start/example should you strive for the same or similar. :good:

Currently only the first top left player is controllable with:
WASD as north,strife east,south,strife west.
QE as rotation.
RF as up and down.

Can we advance this?

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: MATCHY ADV
// Start: Thursday, November 12, 2015
// IDE Version: 14.006

// --- BOOT
SETSCREEN 680,400,0 ;// final resolution
CREATESCREEN 0,0,170,100 ;// player view set to sprite 0

GLOBAL ft ;// for/next timer/player set (1-4)
GLOBAL world[] ;// world 3d array
DIM world[61][61][61]
GLOBAL fov[] ;// fov 3d array
DIM fov[5][5][5]
GLOBAL wx,wy,wz ;// for/next world scanner
DIM px[5]; DIM py[5]; DIM pz[5] ;// players position
DIM pf[5] ;// players face direction (1-4) 1 north
GLOBAL px[], py[], pz[], pf[]

SETCURRENTDIR("Media") ;// go to media files
LOADSPRITE "GUIDE BKG.png",1 ;// load background guide
LOADANIM "BLK001.png",2,170,100 ;// load block sprites
LOADANIM "FOG.png",3,170,100 ;// load depth fog

FOR wx=5 TO 55
FOR wy=5 TO 55
FOR wz=5 TO 55
IF RND(4)=1 THEN world[wx][wy][wz]=1 ;// ramdom plot block

px[1]=25 ; py[1]=25 ; pz[1]=55 ;// set player 1 coord
pf[1]=1 ;// set player 1 orientation
px[2]=24 ; py[2]=25 ; pz[2]=55 ;// set player 2 coord
pf[2]=1 ;// set player 2 orientation
px[3]=23 ; py[3]=25 ; pz[3]=55 ;// set player 3 coord
pf[3]=1 ;// set player 3 orientation
px[4]=26 ; py[4]=25 ; pz[4]=55 ;// set player 4 coord
pf[4]=1 ;// set player 4 orientation
FOR wx=22 TO 27 ;// clear players start room
FOR wy=25 TO 27
FOR wz=52 TO 55
FOR wx=22 TO 27
FOR wz=52 TO 55

// ------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN LOOP

// --- DISPLAY
FOR ft=1 TO 4 ;// loop through players
USESCREEN 0 ;// use virtual screen
DRAWSPRITE 1,0,0 ;// draw bkg guide

IF pf[ft]=1 ;// check orientation north
FOR wx=0 TO 4 ;// dump
FOR wy=0 TO 4
FOR wz=0 TO 4

IF pf[ft]=2 ;// check orientation east
FOR wx=0 TO 4 ;// dump
FOR wy=0 TO 4
FOR wz=0 TO 4
IF pf[ft]=3 ;// check orientation south
FOR wx=0 TO 4 ;// dump
FOR wy=0 TO 4
FOR wz=0 TO 4

IF pf[ft]=4 ;// check orientation west
FOR wx=0 TO 4 ;// dump
FOR wy=0 TO 4
FOR wz=0 TO 4

// --- DRAW FOV [layer4]
IF fov[0][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,0,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,1,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,0,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,1,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][4][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,2,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,3,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,4,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,3,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,4,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,5,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,0,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[1][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,1,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,0,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,1,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][0][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,2,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,3,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[1][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,4,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,3,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,4,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,5,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,6,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[1][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,7,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,6,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,7,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][2][4]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,8,0,0,170,100
DRAWANIM 3,3,0,0 ;// hardfog
// --- DRAW FOV [layer3]
IF fov[0][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,9,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,10,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,9,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,10,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][4][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,11,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,12,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,13,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,12,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,13,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,14,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,9,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[1][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,10,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,9,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,10,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][0][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,11,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,12,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[1][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,13,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,12,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,13,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,14,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,15,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[1][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,16,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,15,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,16,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][2][3]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,17,0,0,170,100
DRAWANIM 3,2,0,0 ;// midfog
// --- DRAW FOV [layer2]
IF fov[0][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,18,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,19,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,18,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,19,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][4][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,20,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,21,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,22,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,21,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,22,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,23,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,18,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[1][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,19,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,18,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,19,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][0][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,20,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,21,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[1][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,22,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,21,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,22,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,23,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,24,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[1][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,25,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,24,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,25,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][2][2]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,26,0,0,170,100
DRAWANIM 3,1,0,0 ;// lightfog
// --- DRAW FOV [layer1]
IF fov[0][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,27,0,0,170,100
IF fov[1][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,28,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,27,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,28,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,29,0,0,170,100

IF fov[0][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,27,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[1][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,28,0,100,170,-100
IF fov[4][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,27,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[3][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,28,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,29,0,100,170,-100

IF fov[0][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,30,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[1][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,31,0,0,170,100
IF fov[4][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,30,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[3][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,31,170,0,-170,100
DRAWANIM 3,0,0,0 ;// super lightfog
IF fov[2][2][1]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,32,0,0,170,100

// --- DRAW FOV [layer0]

IF fov[1][3][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,33,0,0,170,100
IF fov[3][3][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,33,170,0,-170,100
IF fov[2][3][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,34,170,0,-170,100

IF fov[1][1][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,33,0,100,170,-100 ;// mirror down
IF fov[3][1][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,33,170,100,-170,-100
IF fov[2][1][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,34,170,100,-170,-100

IF fov[1][2][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,35,0,0,170,100 ;// in the midium!!
IF fov[3][2][0]=1 THEN STRETCHANIM 2,35,170,0,-170,100

PRINT "X="+px[ft],2,2 ;// player info
PRINT "Y="+py[ft],2,10
PRINT "Z="+pz[ft],2,18
PRINT "F="+pf[ft],2,26
// PRINT "2BA="+world[px[1]][py[1]][pz[1]-2],2,34
// PRINT "FOV="+fov[2][2][2],2,42

// ---
USESCREEN -1 ;// use backbuffer
IF ft=1 THEN ZOOMSPRITE 0,84,50,2,2 ;// scale output pl1
IF ft=2 THEN ZOOMSPRITE 0,424,50,2,2 ;// scale output pl2
IF ft=3 THEN ZOOMSPRITE 0,84,250,2,2 ;// scale output pl3
IF ft=4 THEN ZOOMSPRITE 0,424,250,2,2 ;// scale output pl4
IF ft=4 THEN DRAWRECT 338,0,3,400,RGB(126,126,126) ;// hud
IF ft=4 THEN DRAWRECT 0,198,680,3,RGB(126,126,126) ;// hud
IF KEY(17)=1 ;// advance
IF pf[1]=1 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]-1
IF pf[1]=2 THEN px[1]=px[1]+1
IF pf[1]=3 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]+1
IF pf[1]=4 THEN px[1]=px[1]-1
IF KEY(31)=1 ;// retreat
IF pf[1]=1 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]+1
IF pf[1]=2 THEN px[1]=px[1]-1
IF pf[1]=3 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]-1
IF pf[1]=4 THEN px[1]=px[1]+1
IF KEY(32)=1 ;// strife right
IF pf[1]=1 THEN px[1]=px[1]+1
IF pf[1]=2 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]+1
IF pf[1]=3 THEN px[1]=px[1]-1
IF pf[1]=4 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]-1
IF KEY(30)=1 ;// strife left
IF pf[1]=1 THEN px[1]=px[1]-1
IF pf[1]=2 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]-1
IF pf[1]=3 THEN px[1]=px[1]+1
IF pf[1]=4 THEN pz[1]=pz[1]+1
IF KEY(18)=1 ;// rotate right
IF pf[1]=5 THEN pf[1]=1
IF KEY(16)=1 ;// rotate left
IF pf[1]=0 THEN pf[1]=4
IF KEY(19)=1 ;// up
IF KEY(33)=1 ;// down
IF px[1]<5 THEN px[1]=5
IF px[1]>55 THEN px[1]=55
IF py[1]<5 THEN py[1]=5
IF py[1]>55 THEN py[1]=55
IF pz[1]<5 THEN pz[1]=5
IF pz[1]>55 THEN pz[1]=55

// --- DEBUG HUD

// ------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAIN LOOP [END]

I just tested v14 compilation on mac and I get the following attached error.
Tried on the v12 too and here it dosen´t compile at all, I get an error on the GLB console, the usual contact the forum.
Is anyone getting these too?

Bug Reports / 14.003 HTML5 / WEBGL compilation
« on: 2015-Aug-16 »
They generate no files on my end, anyone getting the same?
Is there something I should do before it works?

First time HTML5 compiling said something about getting ready and that it could take a long time (coffee?)
But it didn´t last long at all.

I can post both logs, they are very huge.

DRAWRECT stutters when in animation, don´t know if this is new as I never tried that command on a Caanoo till now.

About the rest, I have more or less this to display stuff on my code
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
CREATESCREEN 1,200,428,240 ;// Virtual Screen

IF comp=0 THEN SETSCREEN 320,240,0 ;// Caanoo
IF comp=0 THEN DRAWSPRITE 200,-54,0                         ;// Caanoo

What I get on screen is the game without those -54 on the drawsprite, they are like 0.
I appended a crap pic.

Of course all works fine as expected on the PC

GLBasic - en / Static
« on: 2015-Aug-10 »
We have STATIC command inside GLB, I wonder out of curiosity if it can be used as this nice article states:

Bug Reports / Plasma can´t login on the forum
« on: 2015-Aug-10 »
Hello chaps and moderators, maybe you guys can sort this out?
I just got the following email from Panno Grabowski:

hi erico ,

unfortunately i cant login anymoore , i try also a new account but i get no email from gernot.
please help me and make thread in the forum so i can come back.

mfg plasma
Von meinem iPad gesendet

Is there anything that can be done about it?

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