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Off Topic / mac alternatives
« on: 2010-Nov-15 »
Hi all, first I'm not sure if posting this kind of things is bad, if you think it is, just remove. :noggin:

I came across this article:

it's how to build a mac with 300$ using ebay parts or so,
now I believe buying the original stuff is the way, specially a mini mac for glbasic development por i-stuff.

But the article is cool and you can read on further and read the links it provides about pc/mac parts compatibility, now that I believe may come handy for those mac users out there as you may replace defective parts with cheaper pc parts and so on.

Whichever way, I believe it is a good read. :good:

Off Topic / algo music anyone?
« on: 2010-Aug-11 »
Remember algo music on the amiga? that was really nice and still is for those that can still run it.
I think I should share this one I found few years ago...

that tool generates ramdon music, it's a genius piece of software, free. You have a lot of control over it.
Tunes come out really nice.
It will not substitute a real artist (like Richard Joseph) but it sure helps on the way to compose...
go check have fun!

Off Topic / Online set of tools
« on: 2010-Jul-30 »
hi everyone,

I thought to share these for those that don't know it:

they have a set online creative tools that seems quite nice.
I haven't played with them all, but the music creator, audio creator and vector creator plays around really cool.
I don't know if the vector one will export anything good for glbasic, but the music creator is really nice to put up fast drums loop, don't random too much!

I thought to share these and I'm not sure if they can be any good but they sure have a potential.
Moderators may clear the post if this to be considered spam or something.

Off Topic / wii control for unusual things...
« on: 2009-Dec-04 »
Hi everyone,

maybe you already know about this, but I should share anyway.
look at what johnny lee achieved some time ago:

I find it quite inspiring (genius), add to that if could write glbasic app for that!

GLBasic - en / FOLD subroutines
« on: 2009-Dec-04 »
is it possible to fold subroutines in glbasic like, for example,  AMOS used to do?
Does anyone have an idea on achieving similar goal? I'm sure there must be a way but it escapes me, help?

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