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GLBasic - en / Transparency issue???
« on: 2009-Oct-21 »

I have made some sprites with nice soft edges in photoshop so that it will blend in with the background. However glbasic seems intent on making any soft edges solid regardless of using loadsprite or loadanim etc. Not nice when your trying to put forward a professional look with clean edges in your graphics.

(the transparency is  a graduated transparency that gradually fades out as it moves to the edges of the sprite.)

I cant use this pink malarky as when the graphic is scaled as you progress in the game you get  pink fringe so I use true transparency in my png's.

Any info needed please ask as I am at the end of my tether here.

I thought I would put a little explanation. Imagine you want a glowing ball on screen with nice transparent soft glow at the edge instead of the harsh edge that is being produced currently. (Its like it takes semi transparent pixels and makes them solid.)

Mike R

I am looking to get a small windows laptop to do my coding on (I don't like having windows on my macs) and one in particular has the option of upgrading to Windows 7. I just wanted to know if there are any issues with this.


Mike R

Why am I getting an out of dim array with this code? It seems that the Array is never actually created but I am at a loss as to why now. I am at the end of my tether now. I am just trying to test something and want to create a bunch of items on screen but cant even get past this blasted out of dim array. What is crazy is in my main app everything works perfectly but I cannot get this damned error worked out. (I know nothing will show on screen as thats next.


Code: (glbasic) [Select]
DIM Creature[IdNumb][5]


GOSUB NewBeasts


GOTO begin

// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
// ---  NEWBEASTS  ---
// ------------------------------------------------------------- //
SUB NewBeasts:
ID = 0
FOR Beast = 0 TO 50
Creature[IdNumb][0] = ID
Creature[IdNumb][1] = RND(10)
Creature[IdNumb][2] = RGB(RND(255),RND(255),RND(255))

IDE/Syntax / Would love a way to mark code
« on: 2009-Oct-05 »
I am working and testing GlBasic alongside my friend. The biggest issue is we both have different times when we can get on and do code. I would like a way to show my changes in the code by perhaps colouring the font as red and he could colour his purple or whatever.

Perhaps the ability to colour your remarks with a code. e.g anything after // can be an explanation of the code. What if there was a way to setup an alternative in the configuration. e.g. //m/ would put anything I added after this in a certain colur.

Im not sure what way to be honest but a way to share code and see who changed what would be handy.

It would allow easy scanning of the code to find changes the other has made and discuss problems or solutions.
Probably not thinking this through very well but I hope you get the idea.

Mike R

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