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Off Topic / Re: Interesting promo.
« on: 2019-Apr-15 »
Thanks for the heads-up Snoopy, I've a real soft spot for these old games!  :good:

Off Topic / Re: New Mac....ish story
« on: 2019-Apr-03 »
Yeah I see what you mean Ian. I’m actually holding back on upgrading this year because of the current AMD Zen 2 rumours. I’m hoping the more cores/threads will help with my GLBasic compilation times. There are rumours of a 16/32 thread monster CPU for about £500 quid. Although still quite expensive, in relative terms, nothing of this power has really been seen on non-server market before. These chips will definitely shake up the desktop market IMHO later this year.

Yeah, no Metal support for NVidia GPUs past GTX680(Quattro-GTX680 are still Metal supported though) in Mojave. There’s  quite an interesting spat between NVidia and Apple just now. Apple aren’t allowing any NVidia drivers for their new graphics cards in Mojave, since there is no NVidia native Metal drivers for them but will accept unsigned drivers, which are needed for an Apple sourced wrapper. Apple knows that NVidia will never supply them with unsigned drivers(it’s a real security risk as far as NVidia are concerned, since they are at the end of the day, kernel level drivers), it’s really Apples way to force NVidia to support Metal, whether NVidia wants to or not.

Simplest solution, stick any bog-standard Radeon in your Hackintosh and your good to go though as far as Mojave is concerned.

Off Topic / Re: New Mac....ish story
« on: 2019-Apr-02 »
Apple actually has a server download for the last four versions MacOs installers and even just specific updates if your require. You can create an official Mountian Lion to Sierra installer DMGs using python. These are free and official from Apple.

The easiest way to get them is using Python, see here... This process is on MacOS but you can do the same on windows. Its a small step to create a bootable USB image from the DMG.

I stuck on a £5 bluetooth dongle on the Hackintosh today, as I have a Magic Trackpad from my old Mini. Worked first time, very pleased. Again, works great on OSX, lots of gestures for doing repetitive things, something that was sorely missed when I paired with Windows 10 a year back. Not unexpected though, each company is hardly well know at supporting the others hardware!  :S

Off Topic / Re: New Mac....ish story
« on: 2019-Apr-01 »
Weird thing is Mojave is free on the App Store. But this is probably seen as an update, so I’m not sure what info is carried across.

Thank you, yes I agree, lots of the old CPU are still solid work-horses. This eBayed one can still do 3.4 gigs over 4 cores and supports 8 threads. Good enough for most things, even today.

Lenovo make great Laptops, I’ve a Lenovo Ideapad Y500 circa 2013 IIRC. Solid performer, I am currently using it for GLBasic which it does admirably!

I bought an i5 HP Omen last year mainly for my music stuff(I mess around with synths in my spare time), to run Ableton Live but frankly it’s garbage. It’s slow and the fan is cranked up all the time(The BIOS setting does not effect it, I think it throttling continuously), so it’s noisy. Finally gave it to my son. The old Lenovo beats the pants off it!?!  I blame the recent curse of trying to make laptops super thin. The result is bad thermals = lots of throttling.

BTW MrP. You’ve probably heard of this already, I use the free version of Macrium Reflect, it clones drives with absolute zero bother. It can even create a mountable drive image file of a complete drive too. It’s saved my bacon a couple of times in the past. I really should buy it but I’m a total skinflint!  :D

Off Topic / New Mac....ish story
« on: 2019-Apr-01 »
I purchased an iMac and then a Mac Mini a few years ago when I had some Mac/iOS contract work. They were both second hand, total about £1000'ish. Even then I cringed as I knew they weren't worth it. PC wise, the hardware was way outa date and now their just gathering dust in a cupboard. God Mac hardware is overpriced!

Something I thought about years back was building a Hackintosh but I heard it was tremendously difficult and throught with comparability problems. Also I'm an AMD guy, so this was outa the question on my hardware.

But out of sheer interest, as I no longer support OSX or iOS, I purchased bog standard 2nd hand Intel desktop base unit off of eBay. It had an Intel i7 3770 and was on an Ivy Bridge(both CPU & MB being Intel, makes for an easier installation) mother board, with 4 meg of ram, 300GB HD, 300WATT PSU, in non-de-script black desktop case. £100, not a bad find. Although an i3 or i5 would have been just as good for this. I was lucky, that it came with a free(it wasn't even mentioned in the ad) NVidia GT210 GFX card, which was a surprise as I thought I would have to use the CPU GPU(which works also). It's not an expensive card though, £10-£15 on eBay, actually its pretty bad card but what the hell.

Since I wanted to support High Sierra (Mojave would not use the NVidia GT210 but the installation procedure is the same if I want Mojave) I choose that. The method I chose did not require a Mac to create a recovery USB, its all done on a Windows PC. I just followed the instructions off a website and created and a couple of hours later I had the OSX installation USB drive on an old 8GB USB 2 Key. Booted to that and installed onto the 300GB HD. Resetted the machine and it booted into High Sierra. I may have been lucky but everything worked. It's a full Mac on the screen. It comes up as an iMac 13.3. No incompatibilities, sound, network, keyboard, mouse etc. I can log into the App Store and it is not rejected and seen as a legit iMac.

It was a bit weird, seeing a Mac on a PC monitor but it does work. I've used it various things, nothing serious though, just resting compatibility TBH. Its fast, I hate to say it, OSX is much more optimised than windows, even on this relatively tame hardware its very smooth(Although I did stick in an old 4GB DIMM that was in a drawer afterwards to get 8GB), not a hint of jittering. I have also stuck in(I'm a bit of a tech hoarder) an old 250GB HD and installed Windows 10 on that, the Mac boot menu supports dual booting off the bat so nothing else needs to be done to support a dual OS boot.

It's a time consuming and pretty exact process that had to be done in many multiple steps but an evening can get the job done. Hell if a numpty like me can do it...

But the equivalent iMac (A1419) on eBay today would be, 2nd hand, £750 - £1000 (Admittedly with a screen). My total cost(Excluding some old junk I had lying around) £100.

It was fun, in a nerdy kinda way, to see if it could be done mainly, I would definitely advise anyone to give it a go.

The main reason I mentioned this is I know some of you still want to support a OSX(iOS possibly on other dev kits), so this may be a cheap option for that.

It's also rather, ahem, grey area legal-wise. So I can post the link to the website I used for the instructions via PM if your interested.

Any admins not happy with the post, feel free to move/delete it, no harm done. :)

Off Topic / Re: Article
« on: 2019-Mar-31 »
Nice article, very well done!  :good:

Off Topic / Re: Now that cool.....
« on: 2019-Mar-21 »
Nice work! It has the look and feel of a micro-computer game from back in the day.  :-*

GLBasic - en / Re: Smooth scroll
« on: 2019-Mar-04 »
Ian is correct, floats could be the problem when you move a layer and its x-coord lands with float result(x.0-999), as GLB may round up or down to an integer for rendering. Causing your wobble.

I believe opengl renders 2d texels with sub-pixel accuracy. So it's just a pity that the GLB 2D commands are limited to integers as in this situation using floats would have made for smoother scrolling.

A slightly bonkers way to do this is a actually render the scroll layers in 3D with X_SPRITE, the camera would be using an orthogonal view (X_MAKE3D with a negative FOV). It would take some careful planning but it may get the best results. I haven't tried it though!  :S

Beta Tests / Re: 3d Space Sim
« on: 2019-Mar-04 »
Looks very interesting Hemlos, looking forward to seeing it in motion!  :good:

Off Topic / Re: Hacker News
« on: 2019-Feb-26 »
Nice!  :good:

Off Topic / Re: Very interesting 3d Tool
« on: 2019-Feb-15 »
I saw this too. Looks nice, I need to design my models at a vertex level, which I can’t figure out to do(only primitive) in R3F?  :blink:

The original version I mentioned had the new multi-threaded compile process and I was greatful for it. It was rock solid and it halfed my compile times... good stuff. But something has happened between that version and the current version that has reversed the benefits for me. Compile times are now a lot longer and unstable as for the first time, compiles can fail. This is causing no end of problems for me.

Off Topic / Re: Now that cool.....
« on: 2019-Feb-07 »
Hehe, the mans a legend, a bit... ahem, eccentric but a legend none the less.  :good:

Before upgrading to the steam version (my old version was 14.371) my compilation times were about 40-50 secs. Not too bad. But since going on to the Steam version my compilation times have gotten between 300-400% longer (120-170 secs). My source has not changed. I have an old 8gig Dual Core laptop for dev work, it's not the fastest but it was more than adequate up until this point.

Now watching the compile via task manager, the compiler seems to be launching each source file GLB pre-compiler, compilation and linker on its own process. My project is over 100 files, so this is driving my computer nuts resource-wise. It was doing this with my old compiler version too but there seemed to be a limit on the amount of processes launched during compilation, not so in this version I think? I am also now using over 3 gig in memory too as all this commotion is running at once. 2 out of every three compilation fails due to the machines resources being overwhelmed. My IDE completely freezes during the compilation process, hell my whole computer is useless during the compilation process.

My question, or request is, can the amount of compilation generated processes be added to the project options to allow users to tailor the compilation process to match their hardware? This would solve the problem I believe.

Looks good, thanks for the heads up Mentalthink. :good:

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