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GLBasic - en / PNG Alpha Channels for Sprites
« on: 2007-Mar-23 »
Is there a way to get a 2D Sprite, to control its transparency via the alpha channel of its PNG?

Also how do I achieve additive blending (in opengl something like... GlBlendFunc(GL_SRC_ALPHA,GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA)) in 2D?

GLBasic - en / bug in ... X_GETFACE example?
« on: 2007-Mar-13 »
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
LOCAL face[]
   X_LOADOBJ "wumbo.ddd", 0

   X_MAKE3D 1,500,45
   X_CAMERA 10,2,-1, 0,2,0
   X_DRAWOBJ 0, 2
   count = X_NUMFACES(0)
   FOR i=0 TO count-1
      X_GETFACE 0, 2, i, face[]
      // face[node 0..2][x,y,z,tx,ty,col]
      X_LINE face[0][0], face[0][1], face[0][2], face[1][0], face[1][1], face[1][2], 4, RGB(0,0,255)
      X_LINE face[2][0], face[2][1], face[2][2], face[1][0], face[1][1], face[1][2], 4, RGB(0,0,255)
      X_LINE face[0][0], face[0][1], face[0][2], face[2][0], face[2][1], face[2][2], 4, RGB(0,0,255)
      X_DOT face[0][0], face[0][1], face[0][2], 8, RGB(0,255,0)
      X_DOT face[1][0], face[1][1], face[1][2], 8, RGB(0,255,0)
      X_DOT face[2][0], face[2][1], face[2][2], 8, RGB(0,255,0)

This line ...
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
  FOR i=0 TO count-1needs to be changed to...
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
  FOR i=0 TO count-1 STEP 3Run it, you can see the difference... could be revealing a bug, as there not strictly dealing with faces...?

GLBasic - en / Free Seamless Textures
« on: 2007-Feb-27 »

GLBasic - en / Merry Christmas!
« on: 2006-Dec-24 »
:booze: :booze:I hope everyone has a safe and happy Christmas!:booze: :booze:

GLBasic - en / Multi Core
« on: 2006-Dec-21 »
I like a lot of people, have just gotten a multi core CPU.

It would be nice to have thread support (even just 2) to separate visuals from logic processing in my game, currently the 2nd processor is not being used by GLB.

GLBasic - en / Quiet...
« on: 2006-Dec-09 »
Its been pretty quiet here, everyone getting ready for Christmas?

GLBasic - en / DDD internal format
« on: 2006-Nov-05 »
Does GLBasic use bones for its model animation (quaterions/slerps) or just mesh deformations (ala MD2)?


GLBasic - en / File Missing...?
« on: 2006-Sep-04 »
For the ObjectCreation Demo 3D project....

*** Configuration: WIN32 ***

GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.2006.244 - 3D, NET
ObjectCreation.gbas (4 KB)
..\..\..\Common\3DPrimitives.gbas (failed to open)
"ObjectCreation.gbas"(12) error : call to undefined function : CreateSphere

I had a quick look in the "common" directory, there are 3 files in there, none of which are "3DPrimitives.gbas".


GLBasic - en / Tile maps on PDA...
« on: 2006-Aug-31 »
Before I spend to much time on it. What experiences, if any, has anyone had with a scrolling tilemap on the  PDA platform? Is it a practicle method of scrolling the screen, has anyone managed more that 1 layer? Should I go with the old fashioned flip screen arcade adventure aproach?

Any info apreaciated,


GLBasic - en / GLBasic news?
« on: 2006-Aug-12 »
Kinda bored, anything to look forward to in the GLBasic pipeline?

Any news Gernot?



GLBasic - en / Gp2x
« on: 2006-Jul-12 »
A linux based handheld console...

... totaly opensource, no need for licenses to develop on it.

A possible future platform for GLBasic?


GLBasic - en / Requests
« on: 2006-Jun-18 »
Hi Gernot,

Some requests, not important but food for thought...

I would like to see an LOD Landscape object, hightfield based with collision and multiple texture support.

Access to the GLBasic rendering pipeline via a plug-in custom command API. Create your own commands, via a DLL or have the ability witihin GLBasic to compile command libs?

No small requests, I know.

Any comments?


Off Topic / This is so cool...
« on: 2006-Jun-05 » Blender for the pocket PC, its amazing what people can squeeze into there PPC!


GLBasic - en / Future of GLBasic...?
« on: 2006-May-22 »

I was wondering what is in store for the future of GLBasic Gernot, what is the feature roadmap that we can look forward to?

I personaly would like to see Shaders and possibly LOD controlable landcape rendering at some point?

What is your take on things, longterm Gernot?


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