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Off Topic / Santa plz... (C64 Mini)
« on: 2017-Oct-04 »
by me one of these...

Seriously though, I know it's really just made up from a RaspPI+VICE emu or something similar but the games look good as does that joystick (looks like a Quickshot Competition Pro?).

Off Topic / Sequencer Software
« on: 2017-Aug-22 »
Anyone use sequencing software(Ableton, Reaper, FLStudio etc.)? Looking for some recommendations, I need to record and edit some sound + midi? :doubt:

Off Topic / Steam Summer Sale
« on: 2017-Jun-22 »
Starts tonight at 6:00pm CET, always good for a couple of bargains(esp. if you have kids that have PC's  ;/)

Off Topic / CRPG Book
« on: 2017-Jun-11 »

This is a preview by the author but it is already a great read for anyone who is into CRPG's. I thoroughly enjoyed it!  ;)

Media Section / Game Asset List
« on: 2017-Jun-08 »
Nice curated page of asset sources and asset creating utilities.

Off Topic / Good (free) modeller
« on: 2017-May-26 »
Gloss3D -

Seems a very capable little modeller and it's free, under development and opensource.  :good:

Off Topic / [youtube] tag no longer works?
« on: 2017-May-19 »
No longer can I post videos?

Off Topic / Think about it...
« on: 2017-Mar-30 »


Off Topic / Humble Software Bundle
« on: 2017-Feb-14 »

Lots of handy utils going real cheap(I use Dashlane already, it's a great safe way to handle passwords BTW).

Off Topic / Man builds CPU, plays Tetris
« on: 2016-Nov-18 »
This tickles my geek interest, took him two years and an amazing amount of insight into CPU design.  :nw:

GLBasic - en / Ugh so dumb!
« on: 2016-Nov-16 »
I just wasted two hours looking for a bug. I have a sample loaded into memory when the game runs and it wasn't playing, it did earlier today. I spent the last two hours, checking and rechecking the loading, player code adding stubs etc... to no avail. Then I finally realised what the problem was. I use VLC Media Player to browse the samples and choose the ones I need. I have one paused, as I have the sample play on repeat. It also had been minimised. My game refused to play one sample(no error just silence) and I had forgotten that it was open in VLC. To cut a long story short... VLC had the file locked down for it's own use when I paused it and my app carried on regardless in blissful silence, not being able to use the sample... arg, lesson learnt!  :giveup:

Off Topic / Raspberry Pi Mag Back Issues Free
« on: 2016-Nov-15 »
Not sure how long this has been but last time I looked you had to purchase digital back issues of MagPi, so being able to download them for free now was a pleasant surprise.

GLBasic - en / FLOOR()
« on: 2016-Nov-09 »
Undocumented? Seems to be present but not in the docs?

Handy to have all the same.  ;)


This is a 3D animation and rigging utility. The reason I mention it is, that's its currently half-price (and is available on Steam too) and 1 month trial is available on the website. But mainly, it's so damn good at what it does. Motionbuilder is the best that you can get IMHO(but it's way too expensive!) but this is a very close second. One thing though, it deals with FBXs, so you will need a method for converting them into a usable format for GLB. I've wasted a lot of cash on various animation utilities, it's a breath of fresh air to actually recommend one.

Off Topic / CPC 464 Wifi
« on: 2016-Oct-18 »
I'm continuously amazed at what comes out of the CPC scene. Wifi on a CPC, internet access, rom emulation and floppy drive emulation all by one guy.  :O

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