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GLBasic - en / Re: Debug
« on: 2020-Apr-03 »
Changed to ESet Nod32 when I had the problem, a lot less false positive generic reports.

Off Topic / Re: Checkpoint reached!
« on: 2020-Apr-03 »
Looks great!  :nw:

Nice!  =D

The 64bit command line options are ignored too, they use the 32bit ones even if you select a 64bit compile.

My bad, I just tested the if the download was working. It did download(on my IPad), not sure if it contains the source though, my dumb Ipad can’t open zips.

I just tried to download the original as a test Qedo, seems to be working for me?

Off Topic / Re: one night Fight ..
« on: 2020-Feb-27 »
going mad .. :D
Looks great, your game?

Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2020-Feb-27 »
Good for you man!  ;)

BTW I assume, since it’s at its an FPGA, there may be the possibility that more cores for other systems could be loaded onto the Next?

Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2020-Feb-26 »
After being scammed by the handheld Spectrum barcarole  :rant:, I held back on the kickstarter for this one. I will definitely be on the second one though.

Off Topic / Re: Spectrum Next
« on: 2020-Feb-24 »
Nice review here and it looks great!

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Feb-20 »
Never heard of the game but I like the retro atheistic. I like mono graphics too of the original, it would be nice to have this option in the remake?

Announcements / Re: New Space Game
« on: 2020-Feb-20 »
Looks quite (and sounds) quite authentic, very well done!  :good:

Bug Reports / Re: exe with trojan
« on: 2020-Feb-20 »
Not had the problem for many years. Many moons ago I had similar problems with GLB, it turned out to be a virus though. I can recommend ESet Nod32 Antivirus Erico, it’s a great piece of software and does not slow down your computer in the same way many other antivirus do. It has a months free trial, stick it on and if reports your fine, I would trust that result.   ;)

Bug Reports / Re: Youtube
« on: 2020-Feb-15 »

Whoops pressed post instead of preview to verify it’s not working, yup Erico’s right! :D

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2020-Jan-26 »
Testing endboss

Looks great!   :good:

Possibly add some hissing sound FX?

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