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GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-02 »
I admit that I too have abandoned Apple (their machines become quickly obsolete for a developer).
At first, I thought that using the same system as AGK (an interpreter) would be a good idea (by the way, the Studio version of their kit looks very promising, with the use of vulkan), but this is apparently not your choice.
For my part I can not work full time on a multiplatform version (which requires a lot of work) all alone in my corner, especially for a product that does not belong to me.
I can only give a helping hand.
I did (from the good work of Metzzo) a GLB->HTML5 version that works perfectly for 2D and I wanted to adapt it to 3D, but I was told that the Emscripten compiler for GLB worked well, so I gave up.
You say that your main platforms are now Windows and Android, so maybe working on a good DirectX/Openg /Vulkan (Metal?) wrapper of an external good engine would be a good idea to facilitate your work.
With that, thank you for your answers and good luck to Spacefractal for his new project.

My wrapper automatically takes the resolution of the desktop, but it is possible to let the user choose as in the demos of my last post.

The main problem for me is that source codes are closed. And from what I read on the 3Drad forums, it's unlikely to change because the developers have completely disappeared :(
And if big problems occur, I can not do anything if I can not access the source code (I'm not a magician).
Well, this engine may not be so interesting  :doubt: ... although the challenge of creating a wrapper for an exclusively Directx engine is fun.

Thanks erico.

Here are the demos provided with Impact at the time.
I also put the reference of all functions, and as you will see, there are really a lot (so big wrapper :sick:)

Off Topic / Re: 80ties
« on: 2019-Apr-29 »
I am happy to share the same good memories as you.
And you're right the sound is really good.

Quote from: erico
Reminds me of redsector demomaker on the amiga.
...and ye, Replicants are better! ;)

edit: Not pirates but artists.  :P

 :D Yes ! :good:

Quote from: dreamerman
Interesting, another proof that GLB isn't restricted like some other tools and can be used beyond most popular libraries.

It was the idea ;)

Quote from: dreamerman
...I’m curious does they have tutorial or something, as most of those engines ended in oblivion :D

The last forum on 3D Rad (there is also a section for Unity)
Many still use it (apparently they are just unhappy that 3D Rad has not become open source).

Important: my wrapper doesn't use the AngelScript version of 3D RAD (which is itself a lightweight wrapper), it just uses the 3D RAD 6 engine dll (and more precisely the dll instead of the of the original 3Impact).
I precise it to avoid the confusions with the 3D Rad Script Reference that there on the forum.

Quote from: dreamerman
...but I would prefer to use some solution that would try to maintain cross-platform nature of GLB (just in case).

Yes, it's better, but there are a lot of problems since the policy changes of Apple and Google (we are almost forced to use their programming tools).
I think Gernot must have a lot of trouble maintaining the cross-platform nature of GLB :sick: (I hope some of us can help him if he needs it).
Maybe using an external cross-platform engine to lighten the work.

The advantage of this engine (in addition to its many functions) is that it uses D3D, so the maximum speed under Windows.
This can be interesting for a game on Steam (in addition there is more and more good Directx wrapper for Linux, especially for Directx9)

Quote from: dreamerman
btw. You can add more examples of usage, maybe something with physic, and launch in a window :)

Of course, I'm working on it.

Quote from: erico
It is probably related to missing installed libs or MS c++ stuff on my system, but ones that don´t come as standard.

Yes it's a problem with the Visual C++ Runtimes.

Quote from: bigsofty
Looks cool, very smooth too! :good:

Thanks You ! This is one of the tips that are not described in the documentation  ;)

Quote from: bigsofty
I had to disable one of my monitors(dual display) for it to work?

Damn, already a big bug :D
It's very strange, I'll see if it comes from my initialization of the window.

Off Topic / 80ties
« on: 2019-Apr-28 »
When I was young, there was a battle between the demomakers (pirates?): Bladerunners and Replicants.
I make a small passage in the past to finally say the truth: Replicants were the best!



3D-snippets / Impact Wrapper -D3D9 Wrapper-
« on: 2019-Apr-28 »
A wrapper for this good old 3D engine in directx.
It's not 3impact, but 3DRAD 6, with some tips that are not described in the documentation of 3impact.
In addition, something important for collisions.
If some are interested, I continue to work on it.

GLBasic - en / Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-Apr-28 »
Just a question, do you have problems with this language so that it stays cross-platform?
I don't think it's good to keep this problem internally.
There are competent people on this site to help you  ;)

Hmmm :| I should have sent this message privately. It was so that everyone could participate, but in fact, I'm not sure it's a good idea, at least not for the moment.
A moderator can remove it if he wishes, I would see no problem.

GLBasic - en / Re: The power of GLBasic !
« on: 2019-Apr-25 »
True programmers use ASM, C or both  =D (and now GLB+C  8))
The object-oriented programming possibilities used in GLBasic are sufficient.
I hope GLBasic will always keep this particularity and will not try to look like other so-called "moderns".
If some want more, they can create C++ with the Inline function.

GLBasic - en / Re: The power of GLBasic !
« on: 2019-Apr-24 »
Quote from: Moru
..The reason the big guys don't use BASIC as a language is largely because of the (undeservedly) bad reputation it has.

Absolutely, but I think that has really changed in recent years (at least I hope so).

kirkdev, personally, and I think it's the same for others, we almost never use GOTO, only when we do not want to get tired  ;)
By the way, kirkdev, I see you're new, so I welcome you!  :booze:

MrPlow, I allowed myself to put a link to your article (you say if it bothers you).

Competitions / Re: GLBasic Contest 02: 2D Art
« on: 2019-Apr-24 »
You can have a professional level without being a professional.
In fact, I was talking about your work in general, not just this program. For example, your particle engine was really good.
But if you prefer me to say that you are an average programmer, ok no problem  =D  ;)

I will try to do something (I like the concurence friendly). The code of WPShadow is simpler but the optical effect is nice (and according to the rules of the contest, the complexity doesn't matter this time).

Ps : Since I really rediscover the interactions between GLB and C, Gernot is not only for me a very good programmer, but my living god :nw:  :)

Competitions / Re: GLBasic Contest 02: 2D Art
« on: 2019-Apr-23 »
Hemlos is a very very good programmer.

A professional level.

GLBasic - en / Re: The power of GLBasic !
« on: 2019-Apr-23 »
Yes, It's became my main language.
For windows, there is no real limit

I just started a wrapper for an old (but cool) 3D DirectX engine, the interaction between GLB and C is totally awesome.
I feel like I can do what I want, it's exhilarating.

GLBasic - en / The power of GLBasic !
« on: 2019-Apr-22 »
I take a moment to thank Gernot, I'm testing a lot right now the INLINE function, DLL and the interaction between the GLBasic and the C, and that's great.
All functions and variables of GLBasic can be used directly in C (I already knew it but I had never really tested it, it's amazing of ease).

I even wonder if a version of Basic reserved for Windows (using DirectX) would not be a good idea.
A future DXBasic?

You did an amazing job Gernot, I congratulate you  :good:

Sorry if my English is not perfect, it's hard for me, a lover of the Basic and the C since a long time (a little less for the C++ it's right  =D) to explain that with the good words in english.

GLBasic - en / Re: GPC - C++ files
« on: 2019-Apr-22 »
Yes, an option to directly create a folder like "MYPROG.translate" (and not just """) with only the C sources would be a good idea.

For Emscripten, I had a lot of problems (especially in 3D), but it seems that it works very well for others.
I think for 2D there is not too much problem.

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