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GLBasic - en / Re: tweening movement
« on: 2013-Jul-30 »
Change your variables from % to # for a start ;)

I agree.

For a "clean code" just uses the INTEGER function when you draw :

DRAWRECT INTEGER(-a3x), INTEGER(a3y), 50, 50, RGB(244,0,0)

Off Topic / Re: metal slug
« on: 2013-Jul-30 »
Metal slug is one of the best ever animated games I have ever seen. Excellent music and game play too. I recommend metal slug 3 on neo geo.

I confirm.

 :nw: NEOGEO

GLBasic - es / Solidaridad
« on: 2013-Jul-25 »
Un Mensaje de solidaridad de Francia para el accidente de tren en España.  :|

Bug Reports / Re: Sound Panning
« on: 2013-Jul-07 »
Viva España

Liberté, égalité... superioridad

Private joke France/Spain in sport... particularly in soccer :P

Bug Reports / Re: Sound Panning
« on: 2013-Jul-05 »
I'll try to use several different sounds to simulate a sound panning (big work in perspective :S)

I'll post a link when it's finished (normally soon :))
I don't like showing a product that isn't finished.
In french we have an expresion for this : "être un perfectionniste" --> "be a perfectionist")
It's sometimes a quality but also a defect  :-[

Thank you for your reply mentalthink.   :booze:

Bug Reports / Re: Sound Panning
« on: 2013-Jul-05 »
Same problem on glbasic v11.414  :(

It's a really annoying problem for my 3d game.   :'(

Bug Reports / Sound Panning
« on: 2013-Jun-30 »
Apparently there is a problem with sound panning on android (tested on nexus and kindle fire with glbasic v10 (not tested with v11 beta))

pan = -1.0 or pan = 1.0 always returns a pan = 0
It's strange  O_O

However, the sound panning work perfectly on PC (of course, in waiting the possiblity of changing the sound panning and volume in real time  :P)

 ---> Sounds are in ogg format / 22050 hz

You are a very good developper spacefractal
Your projects are always quality and originals.   ;)

Nice old-style platformer game (in the amiga style)  <3

Very good job, very professional  :good:

It' s a problem with the z-buffer on android (glbasic v11 beta)
We also see this bug on win32 with transparent and textured polygons (glbasic v10 and v11 beta)


Off Topic / Re: Happy Birthday, Gernot!
« on: 2013-Feb-13 »

↓↓↓↓↓ Gernot, when he was young. ↓↓↓↓↓

in french:
ce problème a été corrigé dans la version bêta 11. Merci Gernnot (alias kitty hello)  :booze:

in english:
this problem has been fixed in version 11 beta. Thanks Gernnot (aka kitty hello)  :booze:

Thank for your responses... Effectively hope Gernot(first name of "kitty hello" i suppose ;)) will have a look at this.

Kanonet, I think the parameters dirx, diry and dirz are ignored by the 3d engine in glbasic with a point light source. (cutoff=360)

Thank you for your interest in my problem (you're the one)

Here the program and source code  ;)

[attachment deleted by admin]

There is a problem with the interpolation in X_DRAWANIM and X_SPOT_LT in shadow mode.
The interpolation is not correct. It only rendering the keyframes in the stencil buffer.  :(

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