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GLBasic - en / Just an idea
« on: 2019-May-24 »
I have an idea (the others: "Oh my god ! Snoopy has again an idea" :D)

Why not program an open source game all together that would be offered for free on Steam with GLB?
This game would mix 2D and 3D so that all the talents here (and they are numerous) can do what they want. No?

Competitions / Re: GLBasic Contest 02: 2D Art
« on: 2019-May-18 »
Quote from: WPShadow
only question is how fast console window can be refreshed, and some functions to print at selected X,Y position would be also usefully.

That shouldn't be your problem... every developer have to find a way by himself to fix this issue  :D
Nothing better to motivate a programmer ;)

At first, I didn't think of a console demo only in ASCII, but why not, the challenge can be very interesting.
So, you're right Dreamerman, it's a lot harder to find good ideas with only ASCII  O_O

@WPShadow - Yes 6 weeks is good I think.
But when will this poll be finished? (I really have a hard time choosing), I hope you leave a message 24 hours before the closing of this poll.

GLBasic - en / Re: Question...
« on: 2019-May-18 »
Thanks Schranz0r :good:

Yes MrPlow good idea to make a real separation between the two.

GLBasic - en / Question...
« on: 2019-May-17 »
I don't have the power to make a poll, so I ask :

Are you interested in a version of this beautiful language (but with a little more advanced possibilities, especially in 3D) only for Mac, Linux and Windows but not on mobile?

Thank you for your answers.

Off Topic / Re: Shaders
« on: 2019-May-14 »
But that's normal, it's like the interactions between GLB and C language O_O
This is not a problem specific to Shaders in GLB but a problem of normal conversion of data types between GLB and ... the rest.

I'm too tired to explain myself better on this subject (especially in English :rant:), but we'll talk again because it's an interesting subject ;)

Good initiative Spacefractal and good work too.

Ps : I think the most important platform for Android TV is the Fire TV which sells very well around the world (because of the power of Amazon but also because it is not expensive and of very good quality).

Off Topic / Re: Shaders
« on: 2019-May-13 »
I don't see the problem you're talking about Hemlos  O_O
It's quite possible to use the GLSL in a normal way in GLB and using the vector system (vec2, vec3, vec4).

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-11 »
Y'es it's a good news Spacefractal. Although I think a powerful HTML5 support is the best solution.
But if Gernot (and you) get to do both, so much the better :good:

Competitions / Re: GLBasic Contest 02: 2D Art
« on: 2019-May-11 »
@Dreamerman : Thanks, Yes, it's a simple but always spectacular effect.

@Moru : I always liked the fractals, that always gives interesting effects. The one I prefer is the famous Mandelbrot.

As Dreamerman said it's much more difficult so 3 weeks or 1 month would be a good time for this contest.
On the other hand, I think that we will drop the team work, the idea is pleasant but I think it will be difficult to implement :(

We also can not use the console mode but only have the right to use the SETPIXEL function for display, it may be easier for all.

I still have not voted, the choice is really difficult.
I look at all the choices (except mine because I don't vote for me) and they are all different, some spectacular and others less but interesting by their simplicity.
It's really very very difficult...

Competitions / Re: GLBasic Contest 02: 2D Art
« on: 2019-May-10 »
For the next contest, I run a retro team demo challenge !
Replicants against Bladerunners
The demo must be in console mode ;)
No limit, just your imagination and your talent ! 

Ps1: I choose to be a Replicant, I'm taking Hemlos to my team if he agrees =D
Ps2: You are welcome in this fun contest Kitty :booze:

No Opengl, no DirectX, just Software.
If you agree WPShadow, put it in place.

Competitions / Re: GLBasic Contest 02: 2D Art
« on: 2019-May-08 »
@Snoopy - ArtDemo.exe triggers my Norton Antivirus - I have to reboot. It seems bad!

What?? It's a joke?
If so, there is a problem with your GLB compiler.
Moreover, Kaspersky and Comodo don't report anything at all.
Stop using Norton, it's a shit  :puke:

Nice work Snoopy, that high pitch sound though, scared me lol

Thanks Hemlos.
Yes, the pitch of the "beep" is a little too high, I should have lowered the sound a bit  ;)

Competitions / Re: GLBasic Contest 02: 2D Art
« on: 2019-May-07 »
Sorry for the delay, I was busy with my other projects (especially an important one for my job).
I made this little demo, it uses opengl functions and I'm in 3D mode but all calculations and the final display are done in 2D to stay in the rules of the contest.
I hope you will like it  ;)

Ps1: I have to put a .zip because it uses "gl.gbas".
Ps2: Very nice Fire Effect Qedo  :good:

I just compiled Dreamerman's demo and that's great too.
Decidedly, there is talent here, it will become difficult to choose  :)

Off Topic / Re: 80ties
« on: 2019-May-04 »
I totally agree with you, especially about creativity.
In addition you made me want to have fun again with emulators ;)

Really very interesting this tiny computer. It gives ideas.

GLBasic - en / Re: Message to Kitty
« on: 2019-May-04 »
Moru you are right.
Personally I don't like Apple systems at all (even their macOS I don't support it).

Quote from: spacefractal
sell it. im did sold mine to a friend, which using it by different mean. he dosent use xcode anyway. xcode has allways been qutie annoying with hash requirements.
When I bought it, it was already in bad shape (and it was already expensive for me), it was just to compile, and given its condition, it is unsellable :(
Maybe I'll put it on my TV and use it as a multimedia center.

This is good news for Android and for HTML5, I totally agree with you and Gernot, for now it's the best solution.

Quote from: spacefractal
PS. We can change this typic if you wish.
I don't understand, do you mean "topic"?  O_O

Quote from: MrPlow
I have just released another android app using this method:
:good: MrPlow

I'm happy that everything is working for you, but in fact we were talking mainly about other platforms (especially Apple) and the future with Opengl->Vulkan.

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