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Beta Tests / Re: 3D Demo
« on: 2020-May-11 »
Good news Schranz0r.

It's an interesting question Qedo!
The problem was that OB3D used only OpenGL, but the HTML5 port uses OpenGLES so a mobile version must be possible  ;)
Without forgetting that it is quite easy to transform an HTML5 application into a mobile application.

Hey, it's good to see you again Mentalthink  :booze:

For a non-steam version, I think it's not for now because I already asked the question in the bonus section  :(

Beta Tests / Re: 3D Demo
« on: 2020-May-11 »
Thks Qedo!

The advantage of the .b3d format is that the objects are animated by skeleton unlike the .ddd format which is animated by vertex.
This allows for much smaller files and greater interaction with a physics engine.

A long time ago, I used the old Bigsofty's wrapper and I had several bugs (but it was not only because of the wrapper but also because of OpenB3D version which was in beta version), and as Bigsofty decided to abandon it (due to a problem of porting on mobiles), I decided too abandon it.

But a few weeks ago (during the development of my demo) I decided to rewrite it entirely by coupling it with my old engine  :) 
Even if I think to switch completely to OpenB3D because its entity system is really very interesting (I would only keep the AI ​​of my old engine), especially since I haven't encountered any bugs.

-- EDIT ---
I forgot to point out that the other advantage of using this engine is that there is not the famous shadow/camera problem of the GLB 3D engine and that we can do a light mapping.
This is very important for 3D developers.

Another point, this wrapper is not in competition with the Schranz0r's wrapper of Raylib because OB3D is not for mobiles (even if it has an HTML5 port that I have not yet tested).

Beta Tests / Re: 3D Demo
« on: 2020-May-09 »
I'm sorry, I edited my main topic, but I didn't send a message to say that I updated it.

It's done  ;)

Yes, me and others, we have already noticed a slowdown with 64bit version.
Spacefractal gave a tip that solves the problem (even if it is not very logical) :

For the rest, I don't know.
Perhaps with more information on this function...

Thanks Dreamerman.

For the moment it is not the case, but later it could help me for a project in progress.
That day I will not forget to send you my version if I ever improve it or find bugs  ;)

Awesome Schranz0r!  :good:

But you don't continue your Irrlicht Wrapper?

GLBasic - en / Re: Playmusic freeze
« on: 2020-Apr-29 »
Hey, this is important information Erico! Thks!  :good:

I put here a link to a portable ProTracker 2 and Fasttracker 2 clone

...and a ProTracker tutorial

I confirm this bug.

As I see that you are new Tomrow, I take this opportunity to welcome you  :booze:

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Apr-28 »
Yes I think that's it.
You started talking about it here

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Apr-26 »
I wish you success Erico, you deserve it because you are a very motivated and hardworking person  :booze:

Like MrPlow, I <3 the sfx !

By the way, are you still working on your game with parallax scrolling (like in "Shadow of the Beast") ?
I ask you that because I think it was really a good idea too  ;)

It's very interesting Dreamerman.
One day I will have to take a closer look.

It's good news  :good:

GLBasic - en / Re: SDL2 access inline?!
« on: 2020-Apr-19 »
It's a good idea.
In addition, the OOP version (although personally I don't like that).
Good work  :good:

Announcements / Re: The Outhouse
« on: 2020-Mar-17 »
 :good: ... I have a question : is it a real emulator with which you can run another TRS-80 program or just a game that mimics style?

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