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GLBasic - en / Re: Happy Christmas
« on: 2018-Dec-20 »

Wishing one and all a blessed Christmas and a blessed year to come.

Announcements / Re: GLBasic is 15!
« on: 2018-Sep-04 »
Ahhh, the terrible teens. Will it reach adulthood? Let's all hope :D

Fingers crossed for many more years of GLB growth and support.

So true. Even the late, great VB6 didn't make it past adolescence.  ;)

Announcements / GLBasic is 15!
« on: 2018-Sep-03 »
The first version was released 01-Sep-2003. :)

Happy 15th Birthday GLBasic, and congratulations Gernot.

Lang Lebe GLBasic!


Announcements / Happy 12th Birthday, GLBasic!
« on: 2015-Sep-25 »
Another year has passed, and GLBasic is still forging ahead.

Happy Birthday, and good luck with puberty!

Sorry we missed it.

With Best Wishes,


GLBasic - en / Re: ?Topic on Save?
« on: 2015-Sep-25 »
I once read in the forum about Save [...] and more.

Perhaps this might help:

Creating a save game file

6's the "Doogee Valencia" , ok it's a Chinesse phone but really it's a monster for only 90E + or -...

Technically speaking, almost all mobile phones are manufactured in China. But while some China brands are already market leaders, like HTC, others are gaining quite formidably. Here's the Doogee you mentioned, along with Oppo and OnePlus, both of which have received rave reviews, achieving scores at par on even higher than the big names. Oppo has even developed its own UI over Android, known as the ColorOS, while the OnePlus 1 uses the well-known CyanogenMod. Seriously impressive.

Engadget Review of Oppo's Find 7

Engadget's Review of the OnePlus 1

...It also isn't true of OUYA, GameStick or ANY minor markets.

Good reasoning; drawing a comparison between a behemoth like Microsoft, with year-old, crowd-funded start-ups.  :D

Happy 11th Birthday, GLBasic!

Die Besten Wünsche Für Die Zukunft.

Sincerest Regards,
TI-994A <3

...if they are there they are automatically declared and the ones on BOOT are re-declaring?
Hi erico. It seems that way.

Quote from: GLBasic Manual
If you do not explicitly create a GLOBAL variable before assigning it a value you will get an "implicitly created GLOBAL" warning.

...a good point it's make a very good game for PC, using the GreenLight of Steam, you don't waste in mobile phones, avoid headaches with the phones in this works in another fail this... I think the grenlight it's a great oportunity...
Hi mentalthink. You're right about Steam, but I'm not much of a game developer. That's probably the reason I have not used GLBasic too extensively; after three years, it's still not part of my core development toolbox.

im have used quite differents basic languages:
Amos, Blitz Basic, Blitz+, BlitzMax, Dark Basic Pro, Pure Basic and Glbasic...
This is the same ultra cool path I have been on also regarding major gaming BASICs. Really liked AMOS and Blitz was big just before getting GLB because of it's multi platform compiler.
Since VB6 was working so well, I used it exclusively for more than twelve years. Then, due to waning support and the need to develop for OSX, I found GLBasic and PureBasic in late 2010.

The greatest thing about PureBasic is its true cross-platform functionality; the very same code can be compiled on Windows, OSX, and Linux, and the resulting program would be small and fast, and built upon the native UI componentry of the respective OS.

GLBasic is still a diamond in the rough. Although mainly geared toward game development, it still has great potential for applications programming. Perhaps with some good inline C, and the ability to remove the unwanted SDL bloat.

...Amiga, which had the crappiest of-the-shelf basic I ever met.

...the REAL thing started with AMOS, a basic that gave me true power , I could see colors again! ::)

...I struggled to find a proper AMOS replacement on the PC.

...I decided I had to have a proper BASIC for coding game...

...lucky me, I found timid GLBasic with its modest homepage. :D

...I read the command list on the site, jumped in the forum and got the demo. Made a board game I never released for a competition to give it a spin, got really glad with the result, became happy and am going to be here forever  :D :booze:

I never did much code outside BASIC so that language really means a lot to me.

Hi erico. I must say, I really enjoyed your colourful and illustrative post! Thank you for that.  :good:

My brother gave me his hand-me-down computer and also said I should try Q-Basic... Later discovered an add-on library called Future.Library...

Hi finnk. The first years are always the sweetest.  :)

I remember using one of the earlier versions of the Future.Library. And if memory serves me right, it could not be used from the highly abridged QBasic. I believe that you must have been using QuickBasic v4.5.

Hi erico. Qbasic? Really?
Yep, like this:

Hi erico. Thanks for the link, but there's no way that Black Annex was developed in QBasic. Even the full QuickBasic would not have been able to pull that off. And, as it turns out, it wasn't.

According to the developer, only the program script was written with QBasic, but the program itself was built with an external compiler using SDL. It's like saying a program was developed with NotePad++.  :D

...I disagree. A good game will make bucks even if it is done in qbasic.

@jSmith I trust you...
Hi erico. Qbasic? Really?

Yes, I'm aware of in-app ads, and the Flappy Birds $50K-a-day-from-ads story, but your game has to be found and downloaded and played, and the ads must be visible or viewed for a certain number of seconds to receive a so-called ad impression in order to receive any sort of minuscule credit.

Of course, it could be viable, and we'd never know unless we tried it ourselves.  :|

After 30 years and for this "economical Crisis" I begun again to "program", I find Something called GLbasic but really I bought without know nothing about the lenguaje, today I can say the 60E has been the most best inverted in all my life...

Hi mentalthink. You're right; GLBasic's great, but it's geared more towards game development - a very tough industry for indie developers like us. Sure, you'll get a Flappy Birds once in a while, but otherwise, I see premium quality games being given away for free. Anything above $0.99 is avoided like the plague, and even at that price, we'd need thousands of continual downloads to make a decent living. Can we even afford Apple's yearly $99.00 developer fees?

On the other hand, with applications, we still stand a fighting chance.  8)

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