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GLBasic - en / Differences glbasic v15 to v14?
« on: 2020-May-06 »

I just bought the new glbasic in steam yesterday.
I noticed, That my game runs a bit slower than before,
Also debug mode is choppy.

But a recursive function that crashed the game only when debugging
Works now in debug mode.

Any new funtionality in v15?

I only noticed That you can build 64Bit executables and That the IDE
Looks a Bit weird at 4K resolution.

Apple dropped OpenGL Support?
That is insane 😩

I think I will buy the Steam version next month and just use bootcamp.

I preordered the pyra only a month ago,
just preordering it for collector purposes.

I hope that i can be more active in the coming month.
Thanks for the explanations and the gratulations

Thanks Gernot.

The Pyra does not exist yet,
I just preordered one and was curious about it.
I could compile the c++ library for different platforms indeed.
(Though it has been almost a year since I last did a commercial project in C++)
If the IDE does not run on Mac, I could just develop under windows using bootcamp.

Thanks for the fast reply

my wife and I got a beautiful daughter and things finally start to calm down here.

I would love to continue with this project, but I have a few questions.

-Currently I am on Mac, how well is compiling for Mac working in the new Version?
-Is it still possible to compile for Pandora?
-Will there be support for the Pyra?
-Any improvements made on the compile for Android frontline?
-Is the new version steam only, or is there a standalone version too?

Kind regards.

Thanks,  :)
I hope so too .

Sorry for the late reply, I just installed GLBasic  v15,
compiled my code without problems.

I finished my bachelors thesis this year and now I have a job as a software engineer,

also I could become a father in about 7 months, if all goes well.

Of course you can take screenshots to promote glbasic, kitty hello.

Just posting here so you know that I am back on this project, really missed working on this and
doing some conversation with you guys.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic pointer question
« on: 2017-Jul-26 »
I tried to create a class in inline, which compiles without errors,

I can create an object of it in INLINE,
and also create a DGArray of the class type.

But when I try to use DIMPUSH() on the DGArray in INLINE, I get countless errors suddenly.

Here is the Global INLINE Code:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
class SEdgeC{
DGInt x;
DGInt y;
SEdgeC* nextEdge;
SEdgeC( DGInt xN , DGInt yN );
SEdgeC* getNextEdge();
void addNewEdge(DGInt x , DGInt y );
void deleteAll();
SEdgeC::SEdgeC( DGInt xN , DGInt yN ){
x = xN;
y = yN;
nextEdge = NULL;
SEdgeC* SEdgeC::getNextEdge(){
return nextEdge;
void SEdgeC::deleteAll(){
if( nextEdge != NULL ){
delete this;
void SEdgeC::addNewEdge( DGInt xN , DGInt yN ){
if( nextEdge != NULL ){
nextEdge->addNewEdge( xN , yN ); // add nextEdge to my nextEdge, if I allready have one
} else nextEdge = new SEdgeC( xN , yN ); // if not then finally create the new edge
DGArray<SEdgeC> Sectors;

and the local INLINE code I used in my main function:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
SEdgeC start( 0 , 0 );
start.addNewEdge( 0 , 0 );

this is all working, but when I call
Code: (glbasic) [Select]

I get tons of weird errors, telling me that every statement in the INLINE class is faulty.

GLBasic - en / Re: GLBasic pointer question
« on: 2017-Jul-24 »
thanks Schranz0r,

pretty good news for me  :good:

A small example would be greatly appreciated

Announcements / Re: Burguer stuff
« on: 2017-Jul-23 »
Very nice,

great work erico :good:

GLBasic - en / GLBasic pointer question
« on: 2017-Jul-23 »
Hello again,

only a small question, is it possible to build a linked list
in glbasic, something like:

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
TYPE element

*element // store the next element in the list..


And then check if this Pointer is NULL?

Or is ist possible to access a c class inside the GLBasic code, without using EXTERN "C" all the time?
Having the abillity to write a linked list in GLBasic would be awesome.

That the way i will do it from now on, easter then up Loading it to an external server anyways.

Changed the Image Host and still got the problem you mentioned, I attached the image to the post instead.

Also I made a short video of the latest version, so you can see it in motion without having to install the game.

Started scripting some minigames  =D

Here is a crane minigame:

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2017-Apr-05 »
Nice work Erico, I want to play this game now, stop teasing me :D

Thanks bigsofty.

the last thing I have added are bumper walls, which repell the player and are animated while doing so. ( Imagine the casino levels in the sonic games  ;) )

I also added air vents, which push the player upwards, based on their strength.
(Nice for rooftop levels  :D )

I came across many bugs, which where really hard to find ( like wrong terrain drawing when the terrain is hidden and under water at the same time ( I had mixed up x and y variables for the xmovement command :D).

Some enemy models have been replaced and the procedure that handles if the player jumped on an enemy or is hit by him has been improved in favor of the player.

Also the editor has more functions now.

I also tried a Linux compile, but the game crashed a pc of my friend ( running Linux mint ). Is Linux cross compile stable right now?

If anyone is interested in testing, just write me a PM, the game is much more user friendly now ( I hope  :) ).

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