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Hey, was just wondering if anybody had some insight into the workings of the GP2X binaries... been trying to get GLBasic games to run through GINGE (an application compatibility layer on the Caanoo and Pandora), but after doing it's loading screen they usually crash. I was just wondering if it's doing something like unpacking an executable then trying to execl() it and that's causing the failures or if it's just the libraries that it uses are a different/newer version than what we're using for the compatibility layer...

*Note: Figured it out, it's reading exec to find the executable path from /proc but in doing so is getting the location of the ginge binaries not the game binaries... I'll figure out something ;)*

Tutorials / Re: Few collision questions
« on: 2010-Apr-18 »
And if anybody's wondering about weird errors spit out by qmath stuff, just change the RETURN to lowercase and all is well ;)

Kitty Hello, I might need to bug you for some help with this later as I need to do mouse click detection in triangular tiles...

Inline / 3rd party / Re: PNG optimization
« on: 2010-Apr-18 »
Ian Price: What I think Kitty Hello is trying to say is that .PNG themselves have a better compression algorythm, making a PNG itself better compressed than a BMP, not better TO compress ;)

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