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GLBasic - en / Re: Dynamic multidimensional array?
« on: Today at 01:40 am »
I´m not sure I understand what you are looking for and its use, but wouldn´t REDIM help?
If it´s more complex, better wait for the more pro people to chip in on the subject.

Totally understood, it truly sucks the way they keep changing stuff all the time.
Still, it is nice job you did so far and that and the 3.4 version working is great! :good:

I will try to step into the android back again soon, just didn´t have the time yet.

Beta Tests / Re: Beta test 3D demo 0.1
« on: Yesterday at 08:24 am »
Android arts should be a good reference. Can´t find the main page but an img these days, here it goes, there should be more.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: Yesterday at 03:44 am »
Not only based on that game watch but a few others as I played in my youth. :)
Strangely enough, I never owned those but I had OCTOPUS and plan to do something about it.

Yep, those definently were inspirations into it for sure.

Point and click AD I thought about, but truly, am into making a IF adventure, like those old ones on the trs-80 color computer. I´d like to drop the parser and use a menu driven thing.
I made a few attempts so far into Color computer basic and also would love to have a PC version similar to that made with glb.
It looks like this:

Beta Tests / Re: Beta test 3D demo 0.1
« on: 2019-Aug-20 »
The current hero looks quite nice.
WW2 or WW1 dogfight, for example, could be easier on the code side since things are flying.

I guess it would really depend on the game type.
The current hero could fit a RYGAR arcade kind of game,mostly side scrolling bashing stuff.
WW1 could be a remake of wings from the atari lynx where one could even split screen in 4.

What is your intended gameplay?

edit: ww1 game´s name is Warbirds. I confuse it with amiga Wings as they are a bit similar on the dogfight part.

I still have to look into TYPEs  :-[

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2019-Aug-16 »
Steam released here:

Compiled a making of from this thread here:

I will be looking into ANDROID soon with this and probably spend a couple days trying caanoo and pandora, ;)

Samsung Note 2 with android 4.4.2 installs, when executed, it rotates the screen to black, but after a few seconds, re-rotates back and exits.
Galaxy s5 with android 6.0.1, installs and runs all fine here.

An apk at that size? There must be something going into it that is not necessary.
I will be trying android out again very soon and let you know.

Beta Tests / Re: Beta test 3D demo 0.1
« on: 2019-Aug-09 »
Neat! All working fine here.

Bug Reports / Re: Many strange Bugs.
« on: 2019-Aug-08 »
Seems to work fine on my end, I can even press all keys together and it shows.

Bug Reports / Re: Many strange Bugs.
« on: 2019-Aug-05 »
Yes, like Bigsofty said, drop a test for us to try on different hardware.
I get very weird behaviour on my machine when it comes to sound, but that does not happen on any other machine tried (and I tried MANY).
In my case, it has to do with sound card without proper drivers, not a GLB bug.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2019-Jul-31 »
Yep, the difficult level worries me a bit but it is possible, the monkey boss I suspect is even harder than the last boss, but I get unhappy making easy games. :|
There is no instruction, but it is also possible to figure stuff from playing, the power ups are harder to understand though but they make the game very easy if collected.
The combo hit I find so much fun, but other people had the same feeling so is something to think about.

I will make a making of doc with everything in game detailed and release in a week time.

edit: If the music ever gets too FBI torture, you can turn on off with M on the title screen. :D but yes it is to be catchy, people in the house here is going nuts listening to it a million times.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2019-Jul-30 »
Gee, thanks a lot Paul, your help is greatly appreciated.
There is a lot if little things hidden in the game and I didn´t want to instruct people but let them discover by themselves on the their rhythm.
And I also keep all gfx and sound files there in case people want to change gfx or sound for fun.
The bad is that one can see all the endings hehe.

I had an idea to redraw the assets and recreate the music following some 8-bit computer´s style, like zx spectrum, coco, amstrad, c64. Like a skin. But that is quite a load of work and I thought best to use the time/effort into doing a new game. :)

Again, thanks a lot!

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2019-Jul-28 »
Strange. Well, I had an expired card into my paypal which I just removed, maybe it was that.
I will try out during today.

Super Thanks for the hint Paul, this is the kind of thing I would not be able to known by my self alone. :nw:

edit: just got a notice from itchio stating currency-acceptance problem on the paypal part.
edit2: moved payments for the itchio internally to get rid of paypal, hope that resolves things.

Maybe steam for the review is better mr.plow? I´m fine with whichever.
Just pissed that brazilian gov issues paypal to auto convert foreign currency, which is not happening and at the same time renders paypal useless for brazilians. :(

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