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GLBasic - en / Re: Smooth scroll
« on: 2019-Mar-04 »
Ian is correct, floats could be the problem when you move a layer and its x-coord lands with float result(x.0-999), as GLB may round up or down to an integer for rendering. Causing your wobble.

I believe opengl renders 2d texels with sub-pixel accuracy. So it's just a pity that the GLB 2D commands are limited to integers as in this situation using floats would have made for smoother scrolling.

A slightly bonkers way to do this is a actually render the scroll layers in 3D with X_SPRITE, the camera would be using an orthogonal view (X_MAKE3D with a negative FOV). It would take some careful planning but it may get the best results. I haven't tried it though!  :S

Beta Tests / Re: 3d Space Sim
« on: 2019-Mar-04 »
Looks very interesting Hemlos, looking forward to seeing it in motion!  :good:

Off Topic / Re: Hacker News
« on: 2019-Feb-26 »
Nice!  :good:

Off Topic / Re: Very interesting 3d Tool
« on: 2019-Feb-15 »
I saw this too. Looks nice, I need to design my models at a vertex level, which I can’t figure out to do(only primitive) in R3F?  :blink:

The original version I mentioned had the new multi-threaded compile process and I was greatful for it. It was rock solid and it halfed my compile times... good stuff. But something has happened between that version and the current version that has reversed the benefits for me. Compile times are now a lot longer and unstable as for the first time, compiles can fail. This is causing no end of problems for me.

Off Topic / Re: Now that cool.....
« on: 2019-Feb-07 »
Hehe, the mans a legend, a bit... ahem, eccentric but a legend none the less.  :good:

Before upgrading to the steam version (my old version was 14.371) my compilation times were about 40-50 secs. Not too bad. But since going on to the Steam version my compilation times have gotten between 300-400% longer (120-170 secs). My source has not changed. I have an old 8gig Dual Core laptop for dev work, it's not the fastest but it was more than adequate up until this point.

Now watching the compile via task manager, the compiler seems to be launching each source file GLB pre-compiler, compilation and linker on its own process. My project is over 100 files, so this is driving my computer nuts resource-wise. It was doing this with my old compiler version too but there seemed to be a limit on the amount of processes launched during compilation, not so in this version I think? I am also now using over 3 gig in memory too as all this commotion is running at once. 2 out of every three compilation fails due to the machines resources being overwhelmed. My IDE completely freezes during the compilation process, hell my whole computer is useless during the compilation process.

My question, or request is, can the amount of compilation generated processes be added to the project options to allow users to tailor the compilation process to match their hardware? This would solve the problem I believe.

Looks good, thanks for the heads up Mentalthink. :good:

Media Section / Re: STEAM - Asset Creator
« on: 2019-Feb-03 »
Nice, thanks Gernot!  :good:

Looks great, REALLY want a Vectrex!

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-20 »
Hmmm... i think i did it again... the start of something... sort of wrapper thingy...  :whistle:

See attachment :)
Lookin good! GitHub is also a good idea.  :good:

GLBasic - en / Re: NETWEBGET and HTTPS
« on: 2019-Jan-18 »
Never used it but I would imagine you'l need a valid certificate and an SSL API to swap keys to use HTTPS?

One small install problem. When I installed the Steam version, it asked me where I wanted to put the Samples folder. I chose a non-default folder ("C:\Development\") and  it was copied there fine. But the File menu in the IDE had the "Samples" menu option greyed out from that point and unusable. Maybe confusing for noobies looking for samples?

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-17 »
It's a bit convoluted I admit. I am hoping the binding API will simplify things though when it's available.

Another option is looking back at OpenB3D as it's license has changed(a bit) to allow non-LGPL with statically linked libraries. The original license was 100% LGPL, which meant, if you used the libraries you you had to opensource your game. This killed off me developing the GLBasic wrapper any further. But the developer of OpenB3D has since changed the license to allow a pre-compiled statically linked OpenB3D libraries to be distributed without LGPL.

The library has been developed further since then with a lot of modern features.

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2019-Jan-16 »
Um, I actually did the OpenB3D wrapper.  :D

I actually think this would be a better fit. The author is currently writing an easy to attach API for 3rd party language bindings too.

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