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Is it maybe because I started the game from scratch?

When I first loaded Seuck I went direct to make the sprites, animations, background, hello message, levels then I saved the game several times during the process in the projects file,  after testing and re-testing, I created a standalone to post it here, then created the sound files loaded them in seuck but they didn't work in game or test mode. I can hear them when I load them and outside seuck. I am sorry to bother.

Actually I read that thread and I tried that but didn't work either.

Where do I download the latest version?

I got it here

I got SEUCK Build 8.

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I made a sound file for when the player fires, I load SEUCK, load the game, I click on sounds, click on sound 1, click on import, look for it in my computer (I put in in projects folder), then push play, I can hear it, click on OK. When I test the game I can not hear the sound or when I build it. I even moved the executable one directory up, outside of the 'projects' directory, but it does not work.

I can see in the projects folder, that the new sound file was created with the SEUCK1 after the name.

I also changed the compatibility to windows xp sp2 and administrator rights, but still does not work.

I also changed the sound file specs to match like the other in the projects folder (pic attached).

I am running Windows Vista Home Premium, dual core each core at 2.8 gb, 32bit, 1gb memory

Can somebody please help me?

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Feedback / First attempt to make a game. . . .
« on: 2009-Mar-09 »
First I am new in the forum, I just found this software 3 days ago and I love it. This is my first attempt to make a game. It does not have sound and is only one level. Please give feed back so I can make it better.  =D . Watch out for that fuel tank. If you are not able to download it, just e-mail me, I will gladly send it to you.

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