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2D / Picture Loading Support
« on: 2013-Aug-06 »
i asked in a previous thread for help when some greyscale jpg/png picture formats were crashing glbasic instantly with no hope for trapping/recovery, i suppose im asking if theres any chance in the future of there being better support for loading pictures/sprites so that glbasic does not crash or that we can somehow trap/deal with the error.

heres a quick link to 1 of my personal learning projects for glbasic, seeing if i could create more than just a game (i'm also ofc making a game as well but wanted to try more variety), an attempt at something a tad more serious, so atm it reads news from the BBC News site, again tho the only thing stopping something like this is the rare chance it reads a thumbnail/picture and just bombs immediatly.  Same applies to a comic reader i made, which works just fine but crashes amazingly often due to the qty of greyscaled pictures.

I understand its not an issue for media purpose made to our apps, and this only affects people attempting to load/use media that are beyond our control and we cannot enforce the correct picture/sprite format.

GLBasic - en / netwebget variant
« on: 2013-Jun-24 »
NETWEBGET is pretty useful, i have been downloading images this way for 2 of my practice/test apps to then load using loadsprite, however is there a way to have the usefulness of NETWEBGET but having it download direct to memory instead of local storage so that MEM2SPRITE can be used straight after.

it just seems that potentially saving lots of images to internal storage then loading from storage takes a lot of time and keeps hammering your storage for read/write access, i thought that a sort of NETWEBGET direct to memory then using MEM2SPRITE would be faster and save wear/tear on your storage, esp as many of the downloaded images dont really need to be kept.

I know we can already NETWEBGET text/etc straight to a string/mem, doing the same with images would be pretty useful.

hey there, back again with another dumb question/problem.

sooo my last query/problem was because of me using some dodgey images as part of an app scrolly menu system, ive since abandoned that currently and made my menu function a toggle for images or text, this is now twice as handy as i can reuse my code for my current game im creating along with attempts at less gamey apps im experimenting with such as the comic/txt/ereader type app i mentioned in my other "im stuck" thread.

so far, no problems, GL Basic is doing what i want perfectly, i have a nice smooth vertically scrolling menu now, and im about to do the same for a horizontal equivalent, everything is working just as planned...... that is until i run my test build on my android devices, they dont seem to fill the screen like they do on all my other non android devices.

Its strange as 1 of my cheapo android tablets does idd fill the screen but everything else does not, its mostly the phones not doing what i want.

as an example ive linked a picture to a webOS phone and an android phone, both have resolutions of 480x800, obviously 1 is physically larger than the other but if you look at what both display onscreen, the android phone does not match the webOS phones display which it should as their displays are identical but clearly the app appears to have a lower "resolution" but stretched to fill the screen.

im not sure whats gone wrong, is there something im missing on the android side to make it use the entire screen properly?  is glbasic somehow not retrieving the correct device resolution?

the detection means im using to pull the device res is probably wrong?, im getting the app to check GETDESKTOPSIZE and GETSCREENSIZE, and if the screensize is less than the desktopsize im setting the screensize to the desktopsize.

if theres any glaring issues im not yet aware of on the android side that can cause this weird onscreen shrinkage does anyone know how i can correct this.


GLBasic - en / Loadsprite load failures
« on: 2013-May-21 »
hey there, im testing making apps of interest to myself atm as a means of learning my way around GLBasic, all seems well so far, with my apps working fine on android/windows/webOS etc, however my current app pulls images from the web to use as a thumbnail picture and i lay some text/spiel inside the thumbnail at the bottom.

All seems normal so far, however after a while i noticed i started getting the following messages in the debug window....

*** Unhandled exception ***

after much testing i found that gif images gave me such an error so i just blocked gif's being loaded for now, however my issue now is with some jpg files, nearly all of them work but the odd one pings the above error whenever LOADSPRITE attempts to load them and i crash immediatly.  (loading the offending image into gimp and resaving as png or jpg fixes the issue but isnt a solution, it only helps confirm the problem)

is there any way around this given that im trying to load images out of my control on the web?  if not is there a way to somehow trap the error so i can load an alternative locally stored image because atm im kind of stuck with a fatal crash, if i cant find a way around this i'll likely have to dump the thumbnail idea and make a text based scrolly menu instead of pictoral thumbnails which is a bit rubbish.

cheers for any help.

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