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3D-snippets / [ask] how to make 3D explosion
« on: 2010-Nov-10 »
i want to make 3D game with glbasic, but i dont know how to make cool 3D explosion or even 3D particle in glbasic.
any one can help me? ( + sample code will be help alot  :nw: )

( sry for my english )

Off Topic / where to publish my game
« on: 2010-Aug-02 »
where to publish my game ( via publisher )? with easy to get in.
my game genre is 3D platformer adventure. this is my 1st game.
so any one, can help me?

sry for my english

Does anyone has experience for augmented reality with glbasic via iphone?
what sdk n how to use at inline? any worked? or any idea?

sry for my english

Tutorials / need help for my RPG style game
« on: 2010-Jun-18 »
hello all, i newbie here.

i create 3D RPG style game with glbasic.
the style is point n click movement, but still in progress now.
i got some problem with X_SCREEN2WORLD syntax.
i very clear at X_WORLD2SCREEN syntax, n i got right return value with that,
but not from X_SCREEN2WORLD syntax. this syntax give me wrong return value.

i know, X_WORLD2SCREEN syntax is for converts 3D coordinates to 2D screen coordinates, and
X_SCREEN2WORLD syntax for converts 2D screen coordinates to 3D coordinates.

only with X_SCREEN2WORLD syntax i got wrong return value. is that bug or what?
or maybie all of u have sample code for that? or alternative code or something?

pls help me...


( sry for my bad english, i'm from indonesia  =D )

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